Campaign Manager - An Election Simulator

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Can you win the White House? The fate of the 2020 U.S.

Presidential Election is in your hands in this election simulation game. Biden vs Trump for the ultimate prize: President of the United States!

Choose your candidate and navigate the tricky political landscape of the electoral college. Will you play as Democratic candidate Joe Biden? Or will you chose the Republicans and see if Donald Trump can win another 4 years as President?

Or chose a previous election and replay history! Can you win as Hillary Clinton in 2016? Or what would it take for Romney to upset Obama in 2012? Replay elections all the way back to 1992.

* Advanced election simulation model using real-world polling data, population demographics, and historical voting trends.
* Play historical campaigns dating back to 1992. Gore v Bush, McCain v Obama, Clinton v Dole, Clinton v Trump, and many more!
* Launch television, radio, internet, and ground campaigns in any state you chose.
* Choose how to handle events, including debates, disasters, and scandals.
* Hire volunteers to make a lasting impact in those tough battleground states.
* Improve your campaign staff to gain national benefits and help set your focus for the national debate.
* Watch your money and be on the lookout for fundraisers so you can keep spending.
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