Cleaner for Wechat-1tap sweep wechat useless waste

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Have you experienced lag, slow performance and excessive storage loss? These are common problems when a software became too big.

Therefore, a sweep is necessary to empty your phone’s burden.

Therefore, we introduce Cleaner for wechat, a professional yet unique system cleaner that sweep clean your wechat junks!

This app sweeps useless junk, excess residual and cache files to free up storage. Cleaner for wechat runs a deep, innovative analysis on wechat wastes and provide user the option of what to remove and what not to. Thus keeping your Android phone at optimal state while making the app load quicker, since the excessive waste are swept out of your device!

Why Cleaner for wechat is a MUST-HAVE app?
The target app is ubiquitous, as one of the most popular app all round. Upon its sweeping domination of It’s communication market, wechat may have an Achilles’ heel: it’s powerful functions generate a lot of useless data and wastes, occupying storage space and RAM more than many app combined. Therefore, we invented Cleaner for wechat just to sweep these problems away!

Professional junk diagnostics mechanism
Our Signature analysis system can thoroughly identify, reach and remove wechat wastes. With permission, Cleaner for wechat scan every functions of wechat and detect where these functions create “folders for junks”. This unique detection mechanism helps analyzing junks more accurately, as it goes straight to the root of the problem.

Innovative waste removal system

Our cleaning system not only sweep away unneeded data trashes, but also provide what to delete to users. Wanna delete only half of the images in wechat? No problem! Wanna make sure what to be swept away? We got you covered. Right now, a list of files will be provided to the user before doing the advanced cleaning. You will have an option of checking and selecting what to delete and what not to. The choice will always be yours!

Light weight:
Of course we have no evil, but that should be a standard for security software. We also occupie only a tiny amount of space. In the end, we want to make Android cleaning right!

Cleaner for wechat multi-Languages support

As of now, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Hindi, German, Thai, Malay, Turkish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The reason we choose these language are because of the size, but we care more than size. Tell us what language do you need, and if possilble, we will add it in our next update! Stay tuned for more!

Help us improve Cleaner for wechat!

Note: This is for wechat only. For questions & inquiries, please leave a message below and I will get back to ya!

Contact us:

Whatsapp: +8615321893007
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