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The app was designed to streamline voting by a group of people in one physical location, for example at a meeting/conference/congress or during a class by passing a device from person to person.

The goal was to create a tool that is simple and fast to use, while also providing security and reliability. Registration or internet connection are not required. We may add additional, advanced functionalities in the future, but this will remain the core purpose of the app.

Currently, the app supports two voting modes, called In Favour/Against and Single Choice. The former is suitable for voting on motions/resolutions/proposals that can be either accepted or rejected (abstention is also possible), and was added to simplify the setup process as much as possible, while the latter allows the user to define multiple options to choose from, which can be used for example to elect officers.

To ensure integrity of the voting process, without sacrificing secrecy, the user may prepare and upload a list of verification codes - this way only authorized people will be allowed to vote and no one will be able to vote twice - just give each participant their own unique code and the app will check if it matches one on the list you uploaded.
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