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PlannerSMM is the world's only fully functional and secure service for Instagram and TikTok to help you get more followers! With PlannerSMM, your social account will never be banned!PlannerSMM helps you get more followers and engagement with your Instagram or TikTok account!Stay focused on your content and let PlannerSMM grow your account❇️ Get Started in MinutesIntuitive and easy to use PlannerSMM marketing tool for Instagram and TikTok social media.

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❇️ Set your Growth on Autopilot
Forget about routine work. You create quality content and we help you attract more new followers that you deserve.

How PlannerSMM will help you get followers on Instagram and TikTok?!

1️⃣ Curiosity
Has it ever happened that a stranger liked your post and you go check his Instagram or TikTok account? The reason for this behavior is curiosity. Curiosity is exactly what PlannerSMM relies on when attracting real followers to your Instagram and TikTok.

2️⃣ What exactly does PlannerSMM do?

👤 Follows
Whenever you follow a person, he may visit your Instagram or TikTok account and follow you if he likes the content

❤️ Likes
When you like a user’s posts using liker PlannerSMM, he may visit your Instagram or TikTok account and follow you if he likes the Posts

💬 Comments
PlannerSMM gets followers on your Instagram and TikTok by commenting on other posts of other users.

👤 Unfollows
Sometimes you need to unfollow due to Instagram restrictions, PlannerSMM does this automatically. You can also start unsubscribing manually.

📈 Growth
Users receive notifications from IG and TikTok and check your page. Since you have an interesting gallery, they will follow you. We do the maximum activity on your behalf and you get the Instagram and TikTok followers you deserve.

🎯 Best Targeting Ideas
What ways do you know to get followers related to your business or your blog topic? Maximizing engagement and getting relevant subscribers was one of our goals, which we solved using the targeting system. PlannerSMM has 2 ways to get users' attention.

👤 Account Targeting
By targeting others’ profiles, the PlannerSMM will get their followers, by applying activities on their followers’ accounts. You can gain specific followers from any topic you desire by targeting others’ profiles

#️⃣ Hashtag Owners
By using this option, you can get followers who are using or following specific hashtags the PlannerSMM will interact with those accounts. This is a good way to gain followers on related topics

Other Instagram Automation Tools

📆 Instagram Post Schedule
✅ Unlimited Draft Uploads and Scheduled Posts
✅ Schedule Removal of Sponsored Posts in Advance
✅ Add Location and First Comment with Additional Hashtags
✅ Post Photos and Videos on Instagram via Desktop
✅ Automatically Add Watermark to Avoid Plagiarism
✅ Like, Reply or Delete Comments Straight from your Post

✉️ Instagram Direct Message
✅ Send Welcome Message
✅ Send Message to Followers
✅ Send Message to Non Followers
✅ Send 80-120 Message Per Days
✅ Put image on Message
✅ Sent messages list
✅ Multiple message in one campaign

Enter your personal data takes place on the official Instagram page loaded directly from their server, it makes it impossible to hack your page!

This PlannerSMM app is not an official application and we do not have nothing to do with Instagram. The name and trademark are the property rightholders Instagram!

If you want to comment, give feedback or any suggestions for PlannerSMM app, we are all ears to your words.

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