Gujarati Suvichar 2020

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The ગુજરાતી સુવિચાર is also including the Gujarati Quotes.

Gujarati Suvichar 2020 is a best app to learn life lessons from various famous and inspirational personalities & Quotes.

Sometimes self-motivation is mandatory to overcome our desperation. Gujarati Suvichar helps you to show the importance of belonging to life and take you out of odds. Make your device long lasting valuable by installing this application.

This application consist of the exquisite and user friendly gujarati quote collection in gujarati language with in-app post making features and share it. You can also make your own collections of gujarati post.

In this app large collection of Gujarati Suvichar of Indian Famous People
The Gujarati app has Suvichar from well known people across the globe and teaching important life lessons.

This app provide you to Good Thought in Gujarati Share these Heart Touching lines of Suvichar with your friends or Loved Ones or in your Circle through which one can realize the importance of life. Because imagination is more important than knowledge.

Gujarati Suvichar 2020(ગુજરાતી સુવિચાર) app is provide a great collection of all latest suvichar or quotes in Gujarati Language. We provide largest collections of status in different categories.

Gujarati Good Morning Message app to inspire and keep motivational your life and share them on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and others. Sharing is also made easy with the WhatsApp share button and create image of message with various background colors options, so that your can easily send these as SMS or message to your friends and make them inspire and motivational.

Features of Gujarati Suvichar 2020:
- Simple and easy get inspiring suvichar.
- Easy to copy and paste to save and share.
- Add quotes to your favorite collection and share photo quote to your favorite one.
- Cleaner user interface and simpler navigation make the browsing even more enjoyable.
- User Friendly App.

This app contains Gujarati quotes from various personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Chanakya, Dhirubhai Ambani, Abraham Lincoln, Gautama Buddha, Dalai Lama, Kabir, Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel and many more... It contains the saying of different philosophers, monks, spiritual thinkers and writers.

Different Type of Suvichar are available in this app:
આત્મવિશ્વાસ, અભિમાન, સફળતા, સહાસ, નમ્રતા, ખુશી, ગરીબ, ચિંતા, સુખ, દુઃખ, દાન, દયા, જ્ઞાન, સત્ય, અસત્ય, મનુષ્ય, જીવન, ચારિત્ર્ય, શત્રુ, મિત્ર, માં, ગુરુ / શિક્ષક, સુવિચાર, શિક્ષણ, સાજન, વીરતા, સંકલ્પ, સમય, કીર્તિ, માતૃભાષા, પરિવર્તન, શાંતિ, લોભ, ક્ષમા, કવિ-કવિતા, હાસ્ય-સ્મિત, કાલા-કલાકાર, ઈશ્વર, સંતોષ, વિશ્વાસ, વિવેક, વિદ્યા, સ્રી, સૌંદર્ય, મૂર્ખ, હૃદય, પ્રેમ, ધન, નસીબ, ધ્યેય, ધૈર્ય, ધર્મ, દોષ, હર્ષ, લગ્ન જીવન, પતિ-પત્ની, વ્યવહાર, પુરુષાર્થ, વાણી, ચાણક્ય નીતિ, નિરોગી રહેવાના, વિદુર નીતિ, મન, ભય, પ્રાર્થના, બુદ્ધિ, પ્રશંસા, પુસ્તક, પુષ્પ, પાપ-પુણ્ય, દુષ્ટ, લજ્જિત

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