Master of Politics

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[Game Story]

A peaceful and livable xx country
The people are diligent and good,
I was called a country of miracles
Now, due to the global economic crisis, oil shock and multinational terrorism,
The national crisis is here!

Dot game falling into the old memories ■!
- The dot quality is low? NO!
- Emotional graphics that only dot can feel!

■ Virtual Presidents!
- Choose a president of various personalities
- Raise the stats of the presidents and run the government.

■ dozens of different random events
- Hurricane hits, fires, Nobel prizes, discovery of historical sites, etc ..!
- Instruct the chief of the guard and the chief of the secretary.

■ 12 mini-games for state administration!
- Play mini-games to realize various policies.
- Run your country through mini-games

■ Over 100 different common sense quizzes!
- Do common sense quizzes and expand your finances!
- Enriched finance can handle a variety of tasks.

■ If the administration fails ...? Political responsibility is essential
- Various bad endings such as impeachment, wardrobe, coup!
- Can I finish my political mission and finish my term safely?

■ Offline free play
- Go to paid games that require data!
- A simple free offline game that does not require data

'Helos', which is getting harder to live,
Become president to decide the fate of the nation
Finish your 60-month term safely!

※ This game is an indie game with ending.
※ This game is a fiction, all institutions, characters and events appearing in the game are fictitious,
Even if there is a real or similar part, it is entirely coincidental
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