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Would you like to Boost your account and get free tiktok followers? Do you prefer to get fans? You are in the right place! TikBooster is the perfect app to get free tiktok fans & likes for your account.

No cost, you can boost your Tik Tok (Musically) account and get real followers & likes & fans. Try our secret tool! No real money or coins needed. 👌🏼 👌🏼 👌🏼

Sounds easy? It is! You have the opportunity to be famous, like an influencer, thanks to our secret tool. TikBooster will allow you to get tiktok followers, tik fans and likes, you only need to play a game, and share our recommended hashtags to boost your Tik Tok profile in 24 hours.

We are a community for 2M users who would like to help you to increase your visibility, giving you hashtags to share, and Boost Tictok profiles thanks to our free TikBooster tool. Today, to be famous in Tick Tok, you need to be more popular, try our app and be the next influencer.

Come on 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 & Download ⬇ NOW! Boost your profile, be famous! 💯

How to use TikBooster:

✔️Open TikBooster app
✔️Enter your Tiktok username (we do not need your password)
✔️Choose how many fans and likes would you like to win.
✔️Share the hashtags we provide only to you.
✔️That's it! Your account will be boosted in the next 24 hours

If you like this app, and receive your tiktok followers, please give us a rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, your feedback is really important for us. It will help us to maintain our service active and free for all of people who would like to boost likes and boost fans for Tic Tok.

Main features:
🚀Totally safe, We do not need your password, only the username!
🚀Totally free, why are you going to buy tiktok followers? you don't have to buy followers in other apps. Try Tikbooster to earn 1k followers and more in 24 hours.
🚀 No Registration Required, boost Tiktok in 1 minute.
🚀 Browse trending hashtag categories to find hashtags on a specific topic. Grow organically.
🚀 Grow your popularity.
🚀 Unlimited opportunities to increase tiktok fans & likes.

👉Is free TikBooster followers & fans & likes?
Yes, you only need to share your hashtags and boost your account for free. However, you might have to come across ads placed by us to continue and maintain the service. Hope you can understand us.

👉Am I going to receive all in 24 hours?
Yes, it is possible thanks to Tikbooster free app. However, due to lot of services we are processing at the same time, we could have some delays and we can not promise 100% it will work immediately.

👉How many times can I try to use TikBooster to Boost my tiktok?
A lot! Please be patient receiving your fans. Be you can be sure that you will boost your profile.

👉What happens if you do not receive nothing?
It should not happen, but we can have some delay due to a lot of boosts applied. Please repeat the process and try again. You will receive your 5000 followers if you try.

👉Do you need my password?
Of course not, please never give your private data to 3rd party tools like us. We only need your username in order to share it to our community. It is very easy. Try our free app and enjoy!

We hope you can enjoy our app, we are really pleasure to help you being the next influencer and being more famous around the world. Sounds easy, and it is.


TikBooster is 3rd party app and is not affiliated, in any way, to TikTok app / Musical.ly.
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