10 Best Secret Chat Apps for Lovers in 2023

Are you looking for the best secret chat app for lovers? Then you have landed on the right post. We are living in a fast-moving digital world where communication has become easier. There are a lot of instant messaging and one-to-one video calling apps available for the fastest conversation.

But maintaining privacy in this world full of predators is so hard. Things are more critical among couples and lovers. Commonly used social media platforms might not be a great place to have intimate conversations and virtual romance.

So we decided to list some of the best messaging apps for couples. These apps will be helpful for keeping long-distance relationships and love affairs.

So let’s get started.

10 Best Private Chat Apps for Lovers

1 Signal


Signal is one of the most famous instant messaging apps in the world. You can securely communicate with other Signal users and your lover through text, audio, video, group messaging, and even file sharing. All the communications are secure and transmitted through end-to-end encryption.

Your chat history and other file sharing are stored on your device with encryption. So there is no chance of data breach and hacking. The app will notify the user when you send messages. If you send a chatting session at night, then enable the dark mode.

Diapering message is one of the most used features by lovers. Set the time and the message will be automatically erased from both your and the recipient’s devices. So no one can check your conversion if they get access to your device.

Signal app has over 100 million downloads and a 4.3 rating in Google Play Store.

2 Viber


Viber is another best secret chat app for lovers with a free instant messaging option. Stay connected with your loved one and keep your conversation going secretly. If you are searching for a private messaging app for personal discussion, then Viber would be a great choice.

If you messed up with boring text messages, then use audio and video call. The HD quality video streaming feature allows you both to have an intimate discussion while being safe. End-to-end encryption is available by default for all messages.

You can also make group video calls with up to 40 people. The diapering messages feature is available for 1-on-1 and group chats. Express your emotions using stickers and delight your loved one. Viber allows you to participate in public communities as per your interest.

The Viber app has over 1 billion downloads and a 4.1 rating in Google Play Store.

3 Silence


Silence is one of the best encrypted messaging apps to protect your privacy. Unlike other messaging apps, Silence uses SMS to send and receive messages. So no external service or internet connection is needed to function this work.

Your SMS will be encrypted on the device using Signal Encryption Protocol. No data is stored in third-party servers. So no one can access the data except the sender and receiver. Encrypted data stored on a local device is very hard to decrypt by an attacker.

You can use Silence as a replacement for the default SMS app. Powerful encryption technology gives lovers peace of mind while developing a strong relationship. This app also allows you to send media attachments with complete privacy.

Silence app has 100K downloads and a 4.4 rating in Google Play Store.

4 Between


Between is one of the best private apps for couples. Are you in a relationship with someone and want to keep your communication secret? Then Between app gives you an opportunity to form a closer relationship.

Communicate more romantically with an initiative interface packed with security features. You have to enter a password before opening a conversation. Share your emotions through GIFs, stickers, selfies, etc. This app creates a photo collage for different occasions while keeping all the photos stays in the device as it is.

The shared calendar is one of the interesting features available in Between app. It allows you to enter special days and events like birthdays, and anniversaries, so that both don’t forget. All the data would be synced to the cloud storage for easy accessibility. You can create reminders and share notes for special things.

Between app has over 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating in Google Play Store.

5 Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Wickr Me is another secure messaging app for lovers. Recently Amazon acquired this service and was impressed by the encryption technology used. It comes with an advanced end-to-end encryption feature to protect users’ privacy. This is one of the safest platforms where you can communicate with your loved one without hustling.

Wicker Me doesn’t require a phone number or email address to signup. The platform does not share any metadata with third-party services. In addition to that, Wickr Me never opens your messages and contact list.

If you want to chat with a group, then Wicker Me allows up to 10 users. In addition to text messages, you can also share photos, videos, voices, etc. Send self-destruction messages and attachments with a time limit. Once the time is over, they are permanently deleted from both the sender and receiver devices.

Wickr Me app has over 5 million downloads and a 3.9 rating in Google Play Store.

6 Session


Session is a private messaging app that mainly focuses on users’ privacy. The core is designed through blockchain technology with heavy encryption. The platform is based on decentralized servers with global routing. It is impossible to track message origin and destination.

No need to provide personal information like a phone number or email for account creation. So you can stay anonymous and keep the conversation going. It doesn’t record geolocation, network information, and personal chat history is never collected in the form of metadata.

The end-to-end encrypted group chats feature lets you connect with 100 users using the decentralized platform. It uses an onion routing system, to encrypt messages through multiple layers and pass through multiple individual nodes in the system. The combination of all the features provides a secure environment for lovers to have a frank conversation. Session app has over 1 million downloads and a 4.1 rating in Google Play Store.

7 Twinme


Twinme is another best secret chat app for lovers. The platform doesn’t ask you to enter personal information like mobile number, or email, to create an account. So you would maintain full anonymity while spending an awesome time with your friend.

Make one-to-one high-quality audio and video calls for free. Your contact can see you in the live video before accepting the call. All the conversation that happens in this app stays private. You can clear all the messages in one tap. Group chat and video calling options are also available in this app.

Twinme app allows you to create different profiles for different relationships. You can keep multiple names, and profile photos with ease. Customize the whole interface for your lover and have some healthy conversation. No advertisement will be shown on this platform.

Twinme app has over 1 million downloads and a 4.1 rating in Google Play Store.

8 Threema


Threema is another secure messaging app for effective communication. No phone number or login is required to use this app. It provides a high level of anonymity and makes it one of the most private messenger.

All the conversation made through this platform is end-to-end encrypted. Threema never stores user information on their servers. All the files are stored in local storage with heavy encryption. Some of the other features include audio calls, video calls, group chatting, etc.

Threema never shares your contact list with any third-party service. The agree and disagree feature lets you silently reply to any message. Each Threema user is assigned a random ID. So you can talk with your lover while being anonymous to the rest of the world.

Threema app has over 1 million downloads and a 4.5 rating in Google Play Store.

9 Wire


Wire is a very secure messaging app for users who cares about their personal data. It provides all the features you would ever expect from a leading messaging service.

All the messages in Wire are end-to-end encrypted and go through a secure protocol. All sent and received messages on the Wire app are stored in encrypted and stored on your devices. Share photos, documents, and videos securely with your loved one.

You can make group video calls and audio conferences on this platform. Add fingerprint authentication to the application to add an additional layer of security.

Wire app has over 1 million downloads and a 3.5 rating in Google Play Store.

10 Confide


Confide is a completely confidential and private messenger app. All the messages forwarded or received through this platform are end-to-end encrypted. This app helps you to make private chats and group chats.

Confide is equipped with a screenshot prevention feature. So no one can take a screenshot of your conversation history and use it as proof. The disappearing message feature automatically deletes messages once you read.

Spy protection is one of the cool features of Confide. Messages would be covered with clouds and you have to read messages line after line using your finger. So spy eyes can’t read the message from your device. The incognito mode allows you to send disappearing messages anonymously.

Confide app has over 1 million downloads and a 3.4 rating in Google Play Store.


So these are some of the best secret chat apps for lovers. You want to keep all the information safe from the prying eyes of people while you are in a relationship. Using the above apps, you can always keep the romantic conversation going with your loved one. The end-to-end encryption feature allows you to send private messages securely.

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