The Best WordPress Hosting in 2019

The Best WordPress Hosting Provider
The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

The Internet has become part of our daily life. Internet users are growing like a skyrocket. In the same way, websites and blogs are growing. So here discuss Best WordPress Hosting Provider.

Managing a full-featured blog is challenging for the owner. Thanks to the CMS platforms like WordPress. It gives us a hustle-free way to manage your blogs and day to day activity.

The demand for text content was on-trend in the last few years. The rise of video platforms like YouTube reduces demand. You don’t ever think that the text-based content is dead. It is still in trend.

Google serves millions of text-based contents every day. Thousands of new blogs are created each day using the most popular CMS platform. WordPress claims that it powers 32% of the web. Now you can imagine the power of this platform.

When someone is intended to build a website or blog with WordPress, there is a need for hostings provider as like all other.

The Best Managed Web Hosting in 2019

As the demand of the WordPress platform is increasing, the hostings providers are building specialize hardware only for this.

There are gardens of companies that are providing the best WordPress hostings. But how to choose a good Cheap hosting provider among them?

Don’t worry, I have collected some of the best hosting providers out there. So let’s get started.

What Is WordPress?

Before going to discuss long on best cheap WordPress hosting providers and all, let’s start from the root. What is WordPress first? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that simplifies the process of managing, editing, and publishing content on the web.

WordPress is not a monolithic kind of application. It is made of with the help of different programming languages. WordPress is written in PHP programming language. Some other contributors are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Then comes to the next part of our discussion, what is WordPress hosting?WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been specially optimized for better performance and security. This type of hosting also includes one-click installation to make the set-up process easy. Some hosts automatically update the WordPress software version when needed.

Is WordPress hosting is mandatory?

No. WordPress needs minimum requirements PHP version 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 or higher to run WordPress. This simply means that every hosting provider is technically capable of handling a WordPress site.

You may have the doubt that why should we go for the WordPress hosting separately?

The normal hosting is different from WordPress hostings. As the name suggests, WordPress hostings are specially designed to host this type of sites. As the owner of this type of hosting you can get some advantage.

Mainly, there are two types of WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is often shortened to “WordPress hosting”.

As the name suggests, your site will “share” with other websites in a server. Your server is still performance-optimized especially for WordPress but you just won’t have it all to yourself.

Shared WordPress hosting
Shared WordPress hosting

You will also get one-click WordPress installer with the plan. Some shared WordPress hosts provide the option of pre-installing WordPress. Some hosts also provide automatic WordPress update.

The shared hosting plans normally start at $3-4 per month.

Managed WordPress hosting

In managed WordPress hosting everything related to your site is taken care of by the hosting provider. You do not need to monitor server configuration, uptime, security settings.

If shared WordPress hosting is considered as a 3-star hotel, managed WordPress hostings is a beachfront view 5-star resort.

Managed WordPress hosting
Managed WordPress hosting

In addition to everything offered by the shared WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting offers:

  • Faster speeds: Managed WordPress hosting offers improved hardware components which lead to a speedier WordPress site.
  • Server-side caching: Caching is one of the most important things you can do to speed up your site. Typically you need to have a plugin to handle it. But managed WordPress hosting gives you better caching.
  • Better security: You will get firewalls specific to WordPress. It also regularly scans malware.
  • Staging sites: Many managed WordPress hosting provider offers staging sites. It allows you to make a clone of your website so that you can play with them and there is no effect on the live site.

Managed WordPress hosting is generally more costly than shared WordPress hosting. But it is justified after seeing the above features.

Best WordPress hosting providers

To choose the right hosting provider is very imported. So I have tested and collected some of the best WordPress hosting providers.

1: Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most trusted brands in the field of hosting. It is also officially recommended by WordPress organization.

Bluehost claims that it owns 2 million websites. Their last 1-year average uptime is >99.99% and page load time is 406ms. This simply means only 1 hour of downtime in a year.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Providers
Bluehost WordPress Hosting Providers

Bluehost is commonly known for its budget plans. It has 24/7 customer support and always ready to solve your queries. They also provide unmanaged WordPress hosting that costs some extra dollars.

Their basic plans cost $3.95 per month. It includes 50GB website space, Free Domain for one year, Free SSL, etc. This is one of the cheapest WordPress hostings. Bluehost offer high-end server setups specially optimized for WordPress with custom PHP-FPM and NGINX configurations under the hood. They also provide security via Sitelock.

2: SiteGround

SiteGround is also the best WordPress hosting provider and the official recommendation of WordPress.

It hosts more than 800,000 domain names worldwide. SiteGround gives an average uptime of 99.99% and the load time of 714ms. Siteground has developed an in-house pro cache technology called Supercacher. It makes your WordPress blog ultra-fast.

Siteground WordPress Hosting Provider
Siteground WordPress Hosting Provider

They provide best level WordPress speed and security solutions to loads your site as fast and make secure as possible.

They provide managed WordPress hosting in low budgets. The StartUp plan can host one website, costs $3.95 per month. It includes 10 GB web space and all the essential features like free SSL, WordPress auto-updates, etc.

Their customer support team is also very good. You can communicate via call, live chat or email.

3: HostGator

HostGator is also the best WordPress hosting provider and a well-known name in this space. HostGator claims that it owns 10 million domains around the world.

Their last 10-month average uptime is 99.97% and loads time 421ms. Their servers were offline for only 3 hours in the last 10 month. They claim that your site will load 2.5X faster due to their supercharged cloud architecture.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Provider
HostGator WordPress Hosting Provider

The starter plan can host 1 website costs $5.95 per month. It provides 1 GB web space and can handle 100k visits per month. With all the plans they provide free SSL certificate, $100 Google Adwords credits and some additional security tools.

They have also 24/7 support team ready to solve your queries. Their technical support team is also responsive.

4: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is also a best WordPress cheap hosting and known for its faster page load speed.

They claim to be 20x faster loading than their competitors. All the plans of A2 hosting come with pre-installed WordPress.

Their last 10-month average uptime is 99.91% but the load time 392ms. Means their servers were 8 hours of downtime in the last 12 months. The faster load time makes angry people happy because they don’t want to wait for pages to load. A2 Hosting uses caching technique, which stores the data in a visitor’s web browser. So they don’t have to request information each time from your website.

A2hosting WordPress Hosting Provider
A2hosting WordPress Hosting Provider

The Lite plan can host 1 website costs $3.99 per month. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, free SSL & SSD and anytime money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, you can’t get the turbo speed with this package. You can get it in higher plans.

A2 provides 24/7 customer support through their phone line, live chat, email, and ticketing systems.

5: InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001. Now it has a consumer base of 300,000 domains.

InMotion provides uptime of 99.94% and load time 790ms over the last twelve months. This means their servers were 6-hour downtime in the last 12 month.

Immotion WordPress Hosting Provider
Immotion WordPress Hosting Provider

One of the drawbacks of InMotion Hosting is that there is no instant account access for international customers. They take time when attempting to verify a new account. But it is only a one-time process.

They provide various plans in the different price range. The WP-1000S can host 1 website costs $7.26 per month. It includes a free domain, 40 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

They also provide 24/7 customer support through the call, live chat, and email.

6: DreamHost

DreamHost is also the best cheap WordPress hostings provider and one of the oldest members in the space. It has a huge customer base of

Their last 10-month average uptime is 99.90% but the load time 724ms.

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Provider
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Provider

The shared starter plan can host 1 website and costs $2.59 per month. It includes fast SSD Storage, preinstalled SSL certificate, daily backup, etc.

Their customer support is fare. You can call or email to get support.

7: iPage

iPage is also the best WordPress hosting provider and also an old member of this space. Now it hosts millions of websites worldwide. This is quite unknown to the rest of the world but it is not hidden at all.

Their last 10-month average uptime is 99.98% but the load time 831ms. The uptime is quite good but the loading time is quite long.

iPage WordPress Hosting Provider
iPage WordPress Hosting Provider

The WP starter can host 1 website and costs $3.75 per month. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain for one year, etc.

Their customer support is also fair. You can get a call or email support.

Best WordPress Hosting Comparison

We have listed the best WordPress hosting provider above. Let’s compare this side by side.

Hosting Company  Cost  Load time  Uptime Support
 1. Bluehost$3.95/mo 409ms  >99.99% 5/5
2. SiteGround$3.95/mo 714ms  99.99% 5/5
3. HostGator $5.95/mo 421ms  99.97% 5/5
 4. A2 Hosting $3.99/mo 392ms  99.91% 4/5
 5. InMotion Hosting $7.26/mo 803ms  99.94% 4/5
 6. Dreamhost $2.59/mo 724ms  99.94% 4/5
 7. iPage $3.75/mo 831ms  99.98% 3/5

It is always recommended to go with a web host whose uptime is 99.95% and up, and their load time less than 700ms.

Things to look for in your hosting company

You have seen all the best WordPress hosting providers out there. No, you may be intended to purchase one of them. But wait. Consider these things before going to choose any hosting provider.

Speed and performance: This is the most important thing in any hosting. Google is also considering page loading speed as a ranking factor. It swipes out the slow sites. Check the hardware components if you can.

Pricing: It is also another important factor to check. When you are going to buy a WordPress hosting, make sure your budget. Then compare the prices and the features of different hosts. If you have spent some extra dollars for some much-needed features then don’t hesitate.

Additional features: To choose the right host is important but also see the additional services and features. Many web hosts provide a bunch of additional tools and services with the best cheap WordPress hosting providers.

Security: Security is the number one priority in the online world. So your web host should provide the necessary protection from the data theft and malware.

Support: Excellent customer support is essential for any hosting provider. If any bad happens to your website then your host should be ready to support.

WordPress-friendly hosting: WordPress has its own special requirements. WordPress ideally needs some basics requirements like PHP 5.6 or greater and MySQL 5.5 or greater to avoid security flaws. Make sure that your host proves this to you.

Final thought

These are the best cheap hosting providers. If you are intended to build a website or blog on WordPress site then it is not necessary to have a WordPress cheap hosting. This is not mandatory.

But the plus point is you will get a platform specially optimized to run WordPress. You will get better performance as compared to normal hosting.

Before going to choose any host, check the above things like speed to pricing. Then you will get more clarity about the hosts.

So after reading the guide, what hosting you are going to choose? Feel free to tell me and let me know in the comment.


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