18 Reasons to Consider Your Pet Cat as Your Best Friend

Cat as Your Best Friend

Most people say dogs are best friend to mankind’ and go on chanting the amazing qualities of dogs. But that does not mean that other pets like cats are less than dogs in providing love and joy to their owners.Though cats are sometimes notorious because they poop on sand, scratch your furniture or meow for hours without any eligible reason but still they are much better than dogs in many ways. Along with giving you company and love cats also entertain you and remain with you consistently in any situation. Though dogs also offer such things to their owners but as friend they cannot replace cats as cats can never let down you.

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Anyone who has a cat cannot resist to love her like a friend after establishing a bond with her. Cats can make you feel special due to their loving nature and their ability to read your emotions. They like to be near you whenever you are around them. Though dogs are usually considered best friends of humans but cats can also be perfect friend of anyone if he loves her by heart.

Everyone who has a best friend may not necessarily have a human as his best friend. Most of the people find their best friend in the pets including dogs and cats etc. People who consider cats as their best friend normally do not know why they so much love their cats. Some of them even do not know why they find a best friend in their cats. Some reasons are briefly discussed here under that can help you to understand why your cat is your best friend.

1- Cats are Super Smart: It is an open secret that cats are the smartest of all animals in this universe. They impress humans with their quick learning abilities and fast to get your message. Cats always entertain you. They keep humans on their toes and sometimes make them laugh loudly through their funny activities.

2- Your cat is always cutest: No cat can actually be cuter than your cat. Frankly speaking, for you any other cat cannot come close to the level of cuteness of your cat.

3- Your cat will always remain near you: She will always embrace you in any condition whether you cry or laugh.

4- Your cat will love to have selfie with you: You may be doing something wrong if your selfies on Instagram do not contain selfies with your cat. You certainly need to re-assess your life in such condition.

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