Changing Lifestyle to Promote Long-Term Weight Loss

Long-Term Weight LossHealthy and safe weight loss is usually achieved through gradual lifestyle changes. If you are trying to lose weight your goal would be to make those healthy changes, permanent, bearable and enjoyable, in order to be able to stick to them in the long-term.

Sudden changes that may lead to quick weight loss are often too harsh to undertake for longer periods and often may trigger psychological barriers thus leading to denial, while on the other hand people who are committed to long-term weight loss and lifestyle changes are usually more successful at reaching and maintaining their desired weight. ( try pro ana tips to loss weight  )

Although each individual must assess which areas of his/hers lifestyle mostly contribute to excessive weight gain, here are some common steps that are usually beneficial for the majority of people who are putting considerable weight loss efforts:

  • Reduction in total calorie intake
  • Reduced fat intake
  • Increase in physical activity
  • Change in eating habits

All of the above steps require behavioral lifestyle changes to be implemented successfully.

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