The Five Best VPNs for Kodi


For the first time Kodi offered DVD posting services almost 2 decades ago, in 1997. There were many changes since then. Today the Kodi’s video streaming service, which is one of the best and most common services of its kind, has almost 70 mln.

subscribers worldwide. Thanks to smart branding, video subscriptions marketed by Kodi are extremely popular. For the young audience Kodi is one of essential status symbols.

The company managed to acquire exclusive distribution rights for some original series (including “The House of Cards”) and gain a dominant position with solid retention prospects for short and medium term.

However, due to the licensing restrictions of the creators which must be strictly followed by Kodi, the content is not globally or universally available, and the prices are considerably different.

By way of example, when Kodi started its operations in Australia, it offered hardly more than one thousand unique titles. In the States the collection comprises over 7 thousand unique titles. In the UK the choice of original content is very limited too as compared to the U.S. market, but the cost of service is higher.

And we should not forget about geo-blocking. This means that Kodi accounts can be inaccessible, for instance, when the users are travelling abroad.

best vpn service for kodi can be required, if this service is not available in your country, if more content is needed or at a less expensive price, or if you want to make your account globally accessible.

Thus, Kodi unblocking is a highly relevant task. There are lots of VPN services, and the optimal choice might be far from evident. Please find below the profiles of five best VPNs for unrestricted Kodi access.

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