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How Much Can You Earn as an Uber Driver in 2023?

To understand how much you can earn as an Uber driver, one must know that it all depends on when, where, and how often is the Driver driving an Uber cab. These can help you to understand the earnings well.

With numerous options and endless opportunities available to understand ways to earn as an Uber driver, one must also understand how one can maximize their earnings.

Let us discuss some of these ways to make money as an Uber driver and maximize your profits and remunerations in detail.

5 Legit Ways to Earn as an Uber Driver

There is a lot of information available on the Internet that provides information about how to earn as an Uber driver, but these all are in bits and pieces.

We have refined a list for you to identify the ways to earn as an Uber driver that could yield maximum earnings.

  • Standard Trip Fare
  • Surge Fare
  • Cancellations
  • Other Earnings
  • Promotions

Now, let us discuss these ways in detail and gain more awareness on how to implement them to achieve maximum profits and leverage the earnings these can generate for us if we drive for Uber.

1. Standard Trip Fare

Depending upon the city, you are driving an Uber, and standard trip fares are charged. These can be categorized as how much one can earn as an uber driver with a base fare plus how far and how long you drive.

Note:  It is very important and critical to understand that uber pays on an hourly basis to the Driver of the car, and the per minute and per km charges may vary from city to city.

Are you thinking about what makes a standard trip fare?

Don’t worry we have covered in detail the standard trip fare for you to understand better to earn as an uber driver;

  • Upfront Fares
  • Post Trip Fares

Let’s decode how uber is coming up with an upfront fare for the customer and how one earns as an uber driver through them.

Now with the upfront fares, one knows the exact cost of the trip before requesting a ride. This fare includes a base fare, rates for the distance traveled to the route, and how much time it might take to reach there.

It also encounters any current demand for rides in that area. A customer is charged an upfront fee on agreeing to take up a ride from the providers.

There are possibilities of an increase in fare if you think of going to a different destination against the one you had earlier made.

Fares can also be charged if some extra stops are taken midway along the route or if the trip took much longer than expected.

When the service provider does not display the upfront rates to its users, they are liable to get the minimum fare, and the fees depend on the distance covered by the rider in a given amount of time. (Also Known as Post Trip Fees)

One always will get a receipt showcasing any difference in fare as mentioned earlier as an upfront fare.

2. Surge Fare

You might be surprised and happy to know that one can earn as an Uber driver through surge fares.

Let us decode how the surge fares help you to earn as an Uber driver and how the customer connects with the Driver in case of a huge rise in demand in that area.

As a driver, you might observe that in the app, there is a heat map that shows when and where the demand is high, which helps you to maximize your earnings on top of the standard trip fare.

Sometimes, too many people ask for a car, and there are not enough cars on the road to help them all. There are several different examples of this, such as working hours, sudden climate changes, or some national events, etc., which might cause a sudden surge in Uber demand.

When this kind of situation arises, there might be a sudden increase in the demand for riders, and the Uber system is devised to earn a significant sum of money with the system.

The Uber app will notify the Driver whenever the fare is increased due to the surge in pricing. Some of the clients often pay more to the riders while the generic audience prefers to wait for some time till the prices normalize.

How are surge fares helpful for drivers?

When the fare surges, you will be notified of the number of times the fare price has increased. For example, you could see options like a surcharge of 3x has been charged over the regular price based on the urgency.

Since rates are updated in real time based on demand, fluctuations will change rapidly. Peak fares are also specific to different areas in the city, so some communities may also have peak fares that other communities do not have.

All the customers who are using the application to book their rides will be liable for the surge charges based on the situational factors of the area. The location of the customer determines the fare increase during the journey.

 How can the Driver identify the surge?

When the demand in a particular area increases, the vicinity will change color. You can zoom in on the colored area of ​​the app municipal map to see the current fare surge.

Depending upon various conditions while booking, the range of colors varies between dark red and light orange. Light orange areas indicate smaller multipliers and dark red areas point to larger multipliers.

When deciding whether to accept a trip in the app, the Driver will see the markup price that will be applied to the probable trip.

3. Cancellations

Yes, you might sound surprised if I say cancellations can also help you earn as an Uber driver.

Cancellation is annoying for both the customer and the Driver, which is why a cancellation fee is charged to ensure that the Driver is reasonably compensated when traveling.

If the customer cancels the ride within 5 minutes of booking, they will not be charged for cancellation.

If the customer cancels the ride after 5 minutes, then a cancellation fee for the canceled cash trip will be automatically included in his next cash trip, and the Driver will be compensated for that.

Before canceling the cash trip, the customer will receive a notification to make sure that they are aware of the cost that will be added to their next trip

After completing the next trip, the total fare the customer will pay will include that fare plus the cancellation fee of the previous trip.

If a service taker is continuously canceling trips multiple times, then the company has the power to charge him a cancellation fee for the inconvenience provided to the rider of the cab.

In this case, customers should use another payment method (such as a credit or debit card) to clear the debt. After the debt is cleared, the customer can request a ride with Uber as usual.

Customers’ standard cancellation fares are Rs 50, 80, and 100 for uberGO, uberX, and uberSUV, respectively.

In case a customer cancels the ride service within 2 minutes of accepting the trip, the Driver will be paid the standard cancellation fare or the actual time and distance the Driver spent instead.

4. Other Earnings

One might be thinking about how someone can earn as an uber driver through different other ways.

Let us reveal these ways that might help drivers better understand how they can monetize more.

While waiting for the customers, drivers can also make money on the pick-up of additional passengers on the Pool and make the money on short trips.

This Pool feature is known as UberPool. With UberPool, drivers driving in the same direction choose to share a ride.

Uber looks out or matches the best route to meet multiple riders on the UberPool journey. This means more driving time and less time waiting for the next travel request.

The earning opportunity with Uber is not only limited to car driving as one can also enroll for the Uber Bike, Uber auto, and Uber shuttle services which can be also enrolled for in the same way as Uber cabs.

The earning opportunities with Uber services are unlimited, it is just the fact that the individual should be active, full of life, and enthusiastic

These become a very interesting way to earn money instead of driving to one location, Drivers can earn more by dropping off different customers off at different locations.

5. Promotions

The ultimate goal as an Uber driver is to earn more money by completing as many rides as possible.

But, have you ever imagined that there are some bonuses too if you reach the targets, yes these are the promotions for the drivers to earn more money and boost them.

 One might find that there are In-app promotions based on where the driver app expects the most demand in your area can help you plan and set goals to maximize earnings.

Reach the set number of trips

If a driver can complete a certain number of trips within a limited time, he can earn extra money.

Example: If the Driver completes 20 trips in a week, one can earn an extra Rs. 3000.

Drive during peak hours

Traveling in certain areas during peak hours can be paid as extra money to the Driver. Hence he also finds it better compensated.

Example: Completing 5 consecutive trips, the first trip starting from 4 pm to 6 pm in the city center, the Driver can earn an extra Rs. 500.

If the Driver is over-enthusiastic and wants to drive more when compared with the other Uber drivers, then he or she can earn a good amount of money and a lot more than the other drivers as the overtime of the service will result in catering to more drivers which will further result in more revenue and increased profits.

Uber Business Model

Thousands of people have doubt in their minds about how much you can earn as an Uber driver when you are involved and are linked with the Uber company.

The Uber company works on commissions given to the drivers according to the length of the trip they have taken and the duration for which the ride was on.

The money is transferred to the Driver’s account at the end of every month, and the company deducts some portion in the form of commission. The range of this particular Commission varies from 15 % to 30%.

The company also involves Surge pricing, where the company charges a higher amount for the trip when compared with the standard pricing of the trip. This is done to maintain the balance between the higher demand and supply.

If you want to earn as an Uber driver, you should wait for the Surge pricing and go to the Surge region to earn the extra money.

They also charge a cancellation fee if the ride is canceled from the customer sent, and it is also deducted from the Driver’s performance if they have canceled the ride.

The multiple ride options that are available in the Uber app have different price ranges. Uber gives the option of foldable hatchback rides, luxury Sedan rides, SUV rides, and even Uber choppers.

Depending upon the pocket of the customer, they can easily choose from the above-given options and reach their destination without wasting any time.

About Uber

Uber is a world-famous transportation on-demand service that has revolutionized how people used to travel from one place to another within the city and even intercity.

With the help of this particular business model, it is now possible for people to simply book a taxi on the go using their smartphone or laptop with the help of the location.

This particular company is one of the very few companies present in the world which has been valued at over 71 billion dollars.

This company has received a lot of equity funding worth more than 23 billion dollars and is currently present in more than 633 cities worldwide. It was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

The headquarters of this particular company is situated in San Francisco, present in the United States of America.

This particular company has more than 50 million users worldwide and almost 7 million registered drivers. The company’s business model is perfect for the Driver to earn a good amount of money every month as they charge between 15% to 30% of the monthly revenue.

The average number of daily Uber trips taken by people worldwide using the Uber app is close to 1 million.

Since it was founded in the month of March in 2009, Uber has come a long way by getting billions of dollars of equity funding and at the same time, becoming one of the leaders in the public-private transportation providers segment.

Calculation of Driver’s Pay by Uber

The calculation of the monthly payment of an Uber driver is done using a model that is fixed for all people around the world.

According to the Uber company, for calculating the Driver’s pay, they sum up all the bookings, including the trip fares, cancellation fees, promotions, referrals, and rewards, and at the same time, the various tools that are paid by the Driver every week.

This particular amount is noted by the company. Then any takeaway like the over fees and the fees of the vehicle along with the device’s subscription is deducted from the collected amount. The remaining amount is deposited in the personal bank account of the Driver.

The Uber drivers make somewhere around $20 per hour on average. This result was given out by the technical current study research. This average value can be different from one Driver to another as the intensity and duration for which every Driver is working is entirely different, and also the pay scale of the company is different in different countries.

It also depends on the type of vehicle that you are using and whether you are involved in a night shift or are driving during only the daytime.

It has been found that in Los Angeles, the average rate for an Uber driver is around $17 per hour and in San Francisco, it is around$24 per hour.

At the rate of $20 per hour, a person needs to work at least 10 hours per day on average for a period of about 5 days a week so that he or she can make a total of a thousand Dollars.

But, it becomes too difficult and complex a process for the Driver to perform the duty 10 hours a day and that too continuously. The best and the most professional Uber drivers can make a lot of money without applying much effort compared with the other drivers.

We can understand this with the help of an example that was published in a business journal a few months back. The example quoted a driver named Nick who was working in the United States of America and earning more than $1,000 in a span of 7 days.

He shared his driving experiences on the YouTube channel. In his experience, he quoted that he just used the traditional way of driving and capped his focus by working at least 10 hours a day and even working on weekends.

By doing so he could earn more than $1,000 in a week quite easily and ended up paying all his debts in a span of 5 months.

Break-Even Point for Uber Drivers

To get to the break-even point, the Uber driver has to drive for almost 3 to 4 hours a day. According to the company’s calculation, the Driver who enrolls for the Uber Cab services needs to drive a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of as many hours as he or she can to achieve break even.

The company calculated that by driving for such duration daily, the Driver can easily make out his or her petrol spending, maintenance of the car, and the commission that he has to pay to the company.

It was released in 2018 by the company itself that over 80% of the drivers they recruited were earning somewhere between Rupees 1500 to Rupees 2500 in India.

This figure was obtained for those drivers who are driving for at least 8 hours a day which roughly comes out to be around 190 rupees to 2300 rupees per hour. This particular income is excluded from the fees which is charged by the parent company.

It was found out in a survey that in the metro cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune, a driver has to travel and work between 3 to 4 hours a day so that he can cover around 20 km on an average in an hour.

This will result in spending about rupees 1.5 to rupees 3.5 per kilometer on diesel and petrol.

How Much Can You Earn as an Uber Driver in the US?

Below are the Uber drivers’ earnings in Different cities in the United States of America.

1. Boston

In the city of Boston, the median Uber earnings per hour are somewhere around 19.5 dollars, while the earnings per 40 hours of the week are calculated to be 763 dollars. So on this basis, the annual income of an Uber Cab driver comes out to be 39645 dollars.

2. Chicago

In the city of Chicago, the median earnings of an Uber Cab driver are calculated to be somewhere around 16.3 dollars, while the earnings per 40 hours of a week come somewhere around 649 dollars.

On such a calculation, the annual income of an Uber Cab driver in the city of Chicago comes out to be somewhere around 33697 dollars.

3. Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the median Uber earnings per hour of an Uber cab driver is around $17, while the earnings for 40 hours of a week come out to be $670.

On a similar basis, the annual income is calculated to be somewhere around 35,320 dollars.

4. New York

In the city of New York, the median Uber earnings per hour is very high and is estimated to be around 31 dollars per hour. The earnings per 40-hour week come out to be somewhere around 1215 dollars. This makes the annual income to be somewhere around $64000.

5. San Francisco

In the city of San Francisco, the median Uber earnings of an Uber Cab driver is somewhere around 23.5 dollars, while the earnings per 40-hour week is somewhere around 940 dollars.

This makes the average annual income of an Uber driver in the city of San Francisco to be somewhere around 4892 dollars.

6. Average

The average Uber earnings per hour in the United States of America is somewhere around 20.7 dollars, while the earnings per 40-hour week average is somewhere around 826 dollars.

This makes the average annual income of an Uber Cab driver in the United States of America to be somewhere around 42952 dollars.

Comparison of Uber Pay versus Minimum Pay in the US

Given below is the comparison of the average minimum wage jobs versus the average Uber driver jobs in the United States of America.

1. Boston

In the city of Boston, the average earning per 40-hour week of an Uber Cab driver is somewhere around 763 dollars, while the minimum wage job of a working person in Boston is somewhere around 444 dollars.

2. Washington DC

In the city of Washington DC, the average earning per 40-hour week off an Uber Cab driver is somewhere around 711 dollars while the average ending of a minimum wage worker in Washington DC is somewhere around 530 dollars.

3. New York

In the city of New York, the average earning per 40-hour week of an Uber Cab driver is somewhere around 1214 dollars while the average earnings of a minimum wage worker in New York is somewhere around 416 dollars.

4. Overall Average

The overall average of earning per 40 hours a week of an Uber Cab driver in the United States of America is somewhere around 826 dollars, while the average earning of a minimum wage worker in the United States of America for or 40 hours a week is somewhere around 433 dollars.

Requirements of an Uber Driver

One can easily make more than $1000 in the span of 7 days when he or she is working with uber. But before a person enrolls himself or herself with the Uber company, they should meet some of the basic requirements that the company requires for you to get selected for the position of Driver.

Given below are the basic requirements that one must fulfill to get the job of a driver:

1. Age of the Applicant

The first requirement is the age factor. A person who is 21 years in age and above is only eligible to apply for the position of Driver with uber.

2. Experience of the Applicant

The second requirement of the company so that the person can earn as an Uber driver is that the applicant must have at least one year of driving experience in and around the region of the United States of America.

This will ensure the safety of the customers and at the same time maintain peace and harmony on the roads of the country.

3. Basic Experience Age

The third requirement is that if a person is less than 23 years in age, then he or she should have a minimum experience of 3 years in the case of driving.

4. Condition of the Car

If a person wants to apply for the position of an Uber Cab driver, then the condition of his or her car will be tested by the company’s technical staff.

They will check the model of the car, and if it is in proper working condition and can be used to cover almost 200 kilometers daily without any breakdown, then they will approve it.

They will also check that the car is capable of giving a good amount of average so that the diesel or petrol cost is easily managed by the Driver.

They will also check the car’s documents and whether it has insurance. Only after checking all these parameters the officials of the Uber company give a green signal after which the Driver can register himself or herself under the Uber services.

5. Permanent or Part-Time Employee

The Uber company also looks into the matter of whether the applicant who wants to register himself or herself under the name of the Uber Cab services is a part-time or a permanent employee with any other organization.

If he or she wants to enroll with the Uber Cab services as a part-time driver, then the pay scale and duration of the service hours may vary from the business model if he or she enrolls for a full-time driver.

A full-time driver of Uber Cab services gets more benefits and charges when compared with the part-time Driver because the full-time driver has the ability to bring in more revenue for the company, which will result in a greater Commission for himself.

7 Ways to Earn $1000 Per Month as an Uber Driver

Making $1,100 in a span of a week is not at all a difficult task when you are enrolled with Uber as a driver. The only thing that the Driver has to put in is his or her driving skills and patience along with hard work.

Earning a good amount of money by driving the Uber Cab has been followed in the majority of countries all around the world. People have made it a temporary as well as permanent profession for sustaining their lives and supporting their family members.

Given below are some of the simple and easy steps with the help of which one can easily make more than a thousand Dollars in a span of 7 days:

1. Proper Preparation for the Day

The first step is to prepare for the working day appropriately. Enjoying your safety and comfort is necessary whenever a person is starting his or her day. It is very important for the Driver to dress in attire in which he or she is absolutely comfortable.

If a person is wearing clothes that are of proper fitting and at the same time are made up of material that is compatible with the surrounding temperature and environment, then they will not feel even a single minute of discomfort while driving, which is necessary for keeping their focus on the road.

Also one should prepare a small bag in which all the essential items like medication, spray, deodorant, ointment or handkerchief can be kept as all these things can be needed or required by the Driver in any part of the day.

They should also prepare a small tiffin box in which edible items that do not get rotten during the daytime are kept along with one or two water bottles to remain hydrated throughout the day while driving.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Working hard and driving throughout the day does not mean that a person should sit in his or her car for the entire day and do not take any breaks in between.

If a person wants to improve his or her performance and at the same time ensure that they or can perform the driving formalities throughout the remaining part of the day, they or should take regular breaks so that they can refresh themselves and do not feel frustrated and tired.

Brakes are very necessary not only in the profession of driving but in every segment and domain because if a person does not take time off from their regular routine, it becomes very monotonous and results in the deterioration of performance and losses to the revenues of the company and as well as for themselves.

Various research has been conducted all around the world regarding the fact that breaks are considered to be a good break.

It has been found out that Uber drivers like to choose and take breaks at specific locations which are present in the city in which they are driving because it helps them to gather back the lost energy and refresh their minds.

They also choose the place according to the availability of restaurants and food which is not costly so that it is suitable to their pocket and as well as refreshes them.

3. Working During Morning and Evening Hours

Getting up early in the morning and starting a day before the other drivers can result in earning more bucks compared with the other drivers who are operating in your city.

When you can get up early in the morning, you can definitely pick up and drop off various school and college-going students and people who are regular office workers as they are in search of cabs and autos early in the morning.

It has been found that people like to skip the early morning traffic and take Uber cabs to reach their destination on time.

The statistics which are maintained by Uber have indicated that the peak time for the drivers is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. in the morning. If your Driver wants to make maximum money and more than 50% of his daily income, then he or she should definitely drive in the morning hours.

One can also think of taking people back from school or college and their working places from the afternoon till the evening.

During this particular time, surge pricing is on which results in more revenue generation for the company and as well as for the Uber driver which helps them in getting some extra bucks for themselves and as well as for their families.

Because of this reason, many people have switched to earning as Uber drivers.

The earning opportunities when someone has enrolled with the Uber app are immense as the pay scale of Uber is higher when compared with the other cab service applications present in the market.

It has been noticed in a survey which was conducted amongst all the cab drivers that the pay scale of the Uber app is much more when compared with other similar apps and has resulted in the switching of companies and coming to uber because of the same reason.

4. Work on Weekends and Holidays

Working on the weekends and holidays is something that an Uber driver can do if he wants to earn the maximum amount of money.

Most drivers who are enrolled with cab services do not offer their services and duties on Saturdays and Sundays because they believe that working 5 days a week is more than enough, and they have to rest for two days.

But the fact is if you want to explore how much you can earn as an Uber driver, then you must work on the weekends as well as working on the weekend will give you an extra edge over their drivers.

Also, the number of drivers present on these two days is much less, so there are high chance that you will get maximum bookings with Surge prices.

This will again act as a bonus for the Driver and the company because if they were charging around 300 for a particular distance, the same distance will now fetch them around four to five hundred cash because of the Surge pricing.

The drivers can exploit this opportunity and offer their services for more than 10 hours a day, especially on the weekends, so that they can cater the needs of the people in a much better way and at the same time get twice or thrice benefits for themselves.

Also if an Uber driver has a lot of debts on him or her then they would be easily able to pay all the debts by working, especially on the weekends, as this money will be additional money apart on the five days which they are working in a week.

This money can be utilized on the whole for paying the EMI of the bank or giving the money to all those people from whom you have borrowed.

Another benefit of working on the weekend is that the roads are pretty much empty compared to the initial five days of the week as these two days are holidays for all the corporate and government sectors.

Very few offices are open on Saturdays and Sundays, and most people want to travel to any relative or for entertainment purposes on these two days.

So, it is expert advice from our side that if you want to explore being an Uber driver, you should definitely work on the weekends in double shifts so that the benefit gained becomes twice that of the weekdays.

5. Rent Your Spare Car

It is not necessary that if you are a person who does not have enough money to meet his or her monthly expenses, can only drive an Uber Cab. Many people are involved in driving cabs as a part-time job with the help of which they can earn some additional money so that their savings increase daily.

It is a trend in many countries that people with spare cars with them provide their cars to the cab services and other rental car providers on lease.

The car’s maintenance is done by the company that is taking it on rent from the owner and pay the owner handsome amounts for using their car every month.

In such a way, the car is maintained free of cost for the owner, and at the same time, he gets money for keeping the car, with the help of which he can easily pay their utility bills and other necessary expenses.

Lot of people living in foreign countries have the hobby of collecting vintage and costly cars. Uber and other such car rental applications have a special section of luxury cars where they provide such costly cars on a rental basis to all the regular passengers for special occasions.

The price charged by Uber for such services is very high compared to the normal cab service. The customer pays a hefty amount to the Uber company for using the Vintage car and the company further pays some part of that payment to the car’s owner.

Providing the car on a rental basis to the car companies also helps people stuck in some kind of financial crisis and unable to meet their daily expenses.

By renting their car they can get a fixed income monthly, with the help of which they can easily meet their basic expenses and save some portion for future use.

The only thing which has to be kept in mind by the owner of the car is that the car should be in a proper condition to be driven for long distances and at the same time the paperwork of the car along with the name of the owner should be clear.

The Purchase date, insurance of the car, pollution of the car and other related things must be complete and kept in a file in the dashboard of the car.

6. Serving Posh Areas During Peak Time

Serving customers who are living in posh areas can help and result in better earnings as an Uber driver. The people living in the central region or the downtown areas present in a city have the capability and the pocket to pay a good amount of money compared with the normal middle-class people.

They are involved in jobs that pay them almost four to five times compared with the average salary of a middle-class person. So these people develop a habit of spending money without any constraint and regularly as they have to travel for their work and entertainment-related purposes daily.

If you want to earn more after becoming an Uber driver, then you should target these particular areas and especially during the peak hours as the fare charges are hiked up by the company, which will result in generating even more profits and revenues for the company.

So this will provide a win-win situation for the Uber driver and the parent company.

A famous example of the same was quoted in a newspaper where the Uber driver was interviewed by the local daily newspaper correspondent. The Driver said that the famous singer Nicki Minaj sat in his Uber one day and traveled to many places by hiring a cab for almost 7 hours.

The waiting time, driving distances, and the Surge pricing all contributed to an immense and whooping bill which was paid at the end by the famous star to the Driver.

The Driver was able to earn an amount equivalent to almost his 2-week driving revenue and, at the same time, got the excellent opportunity to spend a day with one of the most famous celebrities in the United States of America.

Many other examples and opportunities come in the way of the Uber drivers driving in different countries.

But this particular pattern of driving the cab during the peak hours in the city’s posh areas has always been beneficial to the drivers for making extra money and improving their weekly or monthly average earnings.

7. Use the Passenger App for Cab Spotting

Another method of improving the earnings ratio if you are an Uber Cab driver is by using and keeping a spare mobile phone with yourself with internet connectivity and looking for areas where fewer cabs are spotted.

By doing so the cab driver will be able to get the rides much easier and in less time.

This will also help the Uber Cab driver improve his earnings as one after the other, he can easily spot those areas in the city where fewer cabs are present and just reach that particular area, get the ride and drive them to the destination.

Also, the company’s business model works on the policy that if any particular area has less number of cabs available, then the Surge pricing will automatically come into the picture, which will again benefit the Driver and the revenues of the company.

So just by keeping the spare phone with themselves with internet connectivity, the Uber Cab driver can change the average earning to a very big extent and can easily manipulate the answer of how much a person can earn as an Uber driver.

Qualities of an Uber Driver that can Help to Earn More

An Uber driver should have a lot of qualities with the help of which he or she can successfully earn a lot of money and at a much faster pace when compared with other drivers who are working in the same profession.

One should always be aware that if a person is ready to move out of his or her comfort zone, it can result in tremendous profits and revenue generation, which can be shared mutually with the company and for the betterment of the Driver himself.

Many people start the profession of Uber driver by enrolling with the company and do not give their hundred percent. They just register themselves for namesake and only perform their duty for 2 to 3 hours every day or only on weekends so that they can earn a fair amount of money.

But, if you want to successfully become a rich Uber driver, then you have to work every day without taking holidays and that too for a reasonable span of time so that all the expenses which are incurred while driving like the consumption of petrol or diesel, the repairing of the car, the tire maintenance, the maintenance of the spare parts are managed.

Also, the overall maintenance and service of the car can be easily managed and still, sufficient profit is left in the pocket of the Driver.

Following are the qualities that an Uber driver must have so that they can become successful and earn quick bucks in no span of time:

1. Never Giving Up Attitude

The first quality that an Uber driver should have is the never giving up attitude. This is a quality that is not only needed in the profession of a professional driver but is required in each and every domain, irrespective of the sector or the type of job.

The never giving up attitude always helps in pushing your boundaries and limits and taking you out of your comfort zone, which improves the results and also the improvement of your skills and how you look towards the certain problems which come in your way during your life span.

In the profession of an Uber driver, one has to remember that they have to face traffic jams and the uncertainties of the atmosphere and temperature daily.

It becomes mentally exhausting and tiring after a certain period of time. This results in irritation and stress in the Driver’s mind and further invokes the feeling of giving up.

In such a situation, the Driver should never forget the motive due to which he or she started this particular profession and should make his/her mind strong by controlling the feelings and becoming self-determinant and continue working in the same profession so that the constant flow of money and stable income is insured.

By never giving up, one can also teach a good lesson to their children or other family members and act as a role model for them if I can do this all day, then why can’t you?

2. Patience

Another important quality that a person should have if you want to earn as an Uber driver is patience. This particular quality is something that helps in gaining the long-term benefits from all the settlement and hard work that you have done over the past few months or years.

Thousands of people worldwide who start the profession of an Uber driver are in for instant profits and returns, which is impossible because many other drivers are already present in that particular city.

This results in creating tension and frustration in the minds of the people that why they are not able to generate enough revenues and profits and are even not able to meet their break-even point.

It should be kept in mind by the professional Uber drivers that the instant returns in this business are not seen quite frequently and one has to wait for a few months and work hard day and night so that they can get the break-even point and then reap in the profits regularly.

Patience also results in saving the life of yourself and as well as the customers who are sitting in your vehicle as if the mind is fresh and tension free, then the driving can be done hassle-free, which will result in keeping the complete focus of the Driver on the roads and avoid any mishap or accident to happen.

3. Street Smartness

Another essential quality that will help you in increasing the amount that you earn as an Uber driver is street smartness. The majority of the people who are working in different domains and segments are just hard workers and are repeating the same set of activities that they have been performing from the past many years.

All of this contributes to the dull and monotonous routine and finally creates frustration and irritation in the workers’ minds.

Adding an element of smartness in the different tasks done by a person daily will improve efficiency and make the work duration worthwhile.

An Uber driver can implement innovative techniques in his or her driving, which can improve the driving performance and the revenue he or she is generating daily.

The Driver can improve his or her driving skills so that the customers who are sitting in the back seat feel safe and at the same time confident that they will reach the destination well on time.

Also the Driver can use the help of smart technology and gadgets like tablets and smart music systems inside the car which can be provided to the customers during their journey so that they are entertained and at the same time well informed about the city, in the case of tourists.

The diver can also keep water bottles in the backseat of the car, which can be provided to the customers during their journey as all these small gestures will add to the improved rating of the Uber driver, which will further be reflected in his or her incentives.

4. Hygiene and Aesthetics Lover

An Uber driver should always be an aesthetics and hygiene lover. During this coronavirus pandemic, the awareness and the need for sanitized vehicles that are completely safe to travel and, at the same time, germ-free has become the need of the hour.

As the virus and the diseases are spreading globally, almost all the companies providing rental car services have started providing sanitizers, seat covers, glove boxes, and many other such hygienic items along with the car so that the customers do not feel even a single percent of discomfort during their journey.

Smart Driver who wants to earn as an Uber driver is the one who implements the safety and hygienic principles inside his or her Uber Cab by installing hand sanitizer, hand gloves, water bottles, air purifier, and other such disinfectant items inside the cap and providing the same to the customer during their ongoing journey.

This will help in gaining the customer’s trust and, at the same time, provide him comfort that it is entirely safe to travel in this particular Uber Cab.

Also if the interior of the Uber Cab is pleasing to the eye, then it automatically improves the traveling experience of the person, which is reflected in the ratings which are given by the clients after the ride is over.

Just after the ride is over, there is a feedback form that appears inside the application where the customer rates the driving performance of the Driver as well as the condition of the car and the hospitality they got.

If the Uber driver can provide all the facilities correctly, then he or she will definitely receive a 5-star rating in all the categories, which will improve the overall rating of the Driver and help him in getting more and more clients in the coming future.

5. Linguistically Sound

An Uber Cab driver is the one who is involved in the transportation of the local people of the city and as well as the one who are new to the city or even the country.

In such a case, there are many instances where the customer does not know to speak the local language spoken in the area.

The major problem faced by tourists when they are trying to travel to another country, where the language spoken in their hometown is not spoken, then the linguistic barrier which provides a lot of hindrance during their travel and stay.

In such a situation, these tourists are always looking for someone who can act as a guide or interpreter to get the feeling that they are present in their home away from home.

So if the Driver can speak multiple languages, then he or she can cater the exact need of the customers and even book them for the whole day as they will also feel a sense of belongingness and comfort while talking to the Driver.

One example regarding this particular instance was mentioned in the story, which is shared by the Uber company itself which said that the Driver, who was living in New York present in the United States of America, had been driving an Uber Cab from the past five years.

Over this period of time, he learned 4 to 5 other languages apart from English. This resulted in catering the clients’ needs in a much better way as he got a lot of recommendations and 5-star ratings from his clients.

This also resulted in gaining a lot of incentives and rising and emerging awards from Uber company.

He also offered his services to the client throughout the day, resulting in less effort and more revenue generation.

Track and Reduce the Expenses

For an Uber cab driver, it is very important to track and reduce the expenses that occur on a daily or monthly basis while driving the Uber Cab.

The person should be able to understand that already many expenses related to driving the car, maintenance of the car, completion of the paperwork, toll taxes, and any other money that is saved for accidents are inevitable and have to be saved and kept aside.

So the Uber Cab driver can cut short his or her personal expenses by keeping a track of them every month and try to reduce the same so that the saved money can be incorporated and invested in some other portion that requires an investment.

So if you want to save and earn as an Uber driver, then it becomes very important and necessary to track your own expenses daily.

The various expenses like the investment on gasoline, the coffee breaks throughout the day, and other such related expenditures during the working hours should be tracked and written now.

After writing down all the expenses, the proper analysis should be done and inferences should be drawn out with the help of which you can minimize your cost.

We can understand this using a simple example where if you start noting down, you will find that a person is spending more than the required money purchasing coffee or tea from the shops.

If a person spends $4 a day on beverages, then it does not seem like that much. But if we calculate it on a more extended duration basis, then it will come out to be somewhere around $1000 in a year which is spent just on the beverages.

What the individual can do in this case is that he or she can switch to cheaper options like homemade coffee or tea which can be easily made by them in the morning and stored in thermoset bottles so that they remain hot and warm throughout the day.

This will also be healthier than the coffee and tea which is served in restaurants and other outlets.

The habits of the Uber Cab drivers differ from person to person. It is possible that a driver has a habit of drinking alcohol or consuming cigarettes during the time he or she takes a break during their working hours.

This helps them reduce the stress and fatigue that they are experiencing because of excessive driving throughout the day. But they should understand the fact that they are playing with their health and at the same time also increasing their monthly and yearly expenses by purchasing 3 to 4 cigarettes a day.

Again, if you look at this particular expenditure, then they are spending around $5 a single day on small amounts of beer and cigarettes, which then again accumulated to be more than a thousand Dollars in a single year.

To tackle this particular problem, the Uber driver can use nicotine-free chewing gums with the help of which the bad habit of smoking can be reduced, and at the same time then, health will improve while cutting short expenses and increasing savings.

Taking Care of Self Health

Choosing the right and healthy options is very important from the point of view of an Uber Cab driver because if they suffer from fever or any other disease, they have to take their day off.

This will result in a loss of revenue for that particular day which would further contribute to overall decreased profits for the company and as well as for the Uber cab driver.

To avoid such circumstances, the Uber cab driver should follow a proper diet plan where the edible items they are consuming throughout the day should provide them all the necessary carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats, lipids and fair amount of water so that their body is able to process them and provide an adequate amount of energy for performing the daily tasks without any hindrance.

It is a human tendency they like unhealthy food and drinking options much more when compared with healthy options. This is because healthy food is not tasty when compared with junk food.

Also, drinks containing sugar and pressurized carbon dioxide are preferred because they produce a tingling effect in the individual’s throat while swallowing, which provides excitement and addiction to the person.

An Uber Cab driver should also follow a proper exercise plan because he or she has to sit in a sitting position for more than 10 hours in a single day. Sitting in the same position for such long durations can result in developing back pain and even some postural deformities.

So it is highly advised that all the people who are involved in the profession of car driving should maintain their bodies by performing meditation and flexibility exercises daily.

There have been many cases where Uber Cab drivers who are found consuming a lot of junk food and at the same time were not involved in meditation along with the flexibility exercises were not able to perform up to the mark.

These people themselves accepted that all this resulted in decreased profits and revenues for the company and for themselves.

So, it becomes the duty of the Uber Cab driver himself or herself that if they want to earn as an Uber driver properly, they should follow healthy eating habits and drinking habits to avoid the large hospital and treatment bills.

At the same time, they should be on duty every day so that no loss of revenue occurs.

Key Learning from Uber for Other Businesses

Uber application is an 11-year-old company that has expertise in providing transportation on-demand services to people all around the world.

The company provides different types of transportation modes depending upon the traveler’s pocket capacity and the location from where he or she is trying to book a cab.

Given below are the various plus points of Uber with the help of which one can easily earn quick bucks and improve their lifestyle:

1. Solutions for Real Problems

Building solutions for real-world problems is something that can be learned from the Uber company as they are currently the pioneers of providing transportation systems for all the people present around the world.

Over the years they have gained expertise by transporting people on land using different types of cars which vary in price and have also recently started their intercity Chopper services in some parts of the world.

2. Constant Innovation

The second learning from this particular company is that it doesn’t hesitate to innovate its existing models and ideas.

The company’s founders have understood that the competition will grow in the coming future, and they can only manage to stay ahead of the competitor companies by continuously innovating their products.

So, they keep on adding new features in their applications for the best of the passengers and also provide frequent discounts and offers so that brand switching does not happen.

3. Reduced Overhead Costs

The company has the major advantage that the infrastructure cost which is borne by the company is very low as the majority of the work is done by the hired drivers.

The company remains in contact with the drivers through software in which all the data is saved.

The Uber company has very few offices present all around the world and the maximum work is done through the online portals itself which results in a reduction of infrastructure cost.

4. Scalability of the Business

Uber is an 11-year-old startup. From the point of view of a Startup, it is very important for them to keep on innovating and at the same time think about scalability in the coming future.

If the company does not have plans to expand in the coming months or years, then it will definitely be defeated by the competitors who are offering similar kinds of products and services to the clients in the same market.

This will result in a gradual reduction in the market share of the company and after some time the company will lose out on the majority of its clients and go bankrupt.

But in the case of Uber, it built a scalable business model from the start itself so that it could sustain in the long run in the cutthroat competition of startups.

They have their platform in such a way that it has become very easy for all the segments of the company to enter the market and serve different types of users simultaneously.


1. How much money can you earn as an Uber driver?

On average, after becoming an Uber driver, one can easily earn around $1000 in a span of 7 days if they religiously devote their time in driving the Uber cab every day and keep full focus on the road.

2. What qualities should an Uber driver have for earning quick bucks?

To earn quick bucks, the Uber driver should be courageous and brave. At the same time, he should be hardworking and have the ability and skill set to drive a car for more than 10 hours daily. He should also have a thirst to earn money and the never giving up attitude.

3. What are the major problems faced by an Uber driver daily?

The major problems which are faced by an Uber driver daily include the horrific traffic jams which occur in various parts of the city, at different peak times and also coping up with fatigue and irritation due to the workload and tiredness.

4. How can the Uber Driver feel comfortable while driving the car?

The cab driver can feel comfortable while driving the cab by wearing clothes in which he or she is perfectly comfortable and also ensuring that they are carrying ample amounts of drinking water and other edible items with them, which can be consumed on the go.

5. Can anyone register to become an Uber driver?

Anyone with a valid driving license and driving experience of more than 3 years can apply to become an Uber driver. Also, they should be more than 21 years of age and should not have any active road accidents or other cases running on them.

Final Verdict

How much you can earn as an Uber driver is a question that thousands of people worldwide want to make a career as a professional cab driver.

Uber is an international company that has been operating for the past 10 years in various parts of the world. By becoming an Uber driver, one can easily earn around $1000 per week on average if he or she is willing to drive the cab for almost 10 hours a day.

On average, people can earn more than $1000 a week as an Uber driver if they are willing to sacrifice their weekends and drive the car for more than 10 hours a day.

This profession has ample opportunity for everyone as the need for public transport is always present and will increase in the upcoming years due to the spread of various diseases and the precaution and fuss of sanitized and hygienic vehicles.

If this process is followed religiously, one can even end up clearing all their debts, purchasing their own car, and saving a lot of money in their bank accounts. Uber payment schemes are very flexible and one of the best present in the segment.

We hope that after reading this informative article, you have gained an ample amount of knowledge about how much you can earn as an Uber driver.

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