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How to Live with No Income in 2023 (A Helpful Guide)

How to live with no income is a serious question that has crossed the minds of millions of people at least once in their lifetime. Money is something which is an essential requirement for surviving in today’s world.

To live with no income, one should have the correct mindset and support from the family members so that the individual is not alone while surviving in such a crucial situation.

Mental stability and physical balance are the topmost priority, without which a person may not be able to survive if he or she is not earning any income. Here, we will cover the methods of surviving if someone is stuck in this challenging phase of life.

11 Legit Ways to Live with No Income in 2023

For completing the transactions, the barter system was used many centuries ago when two people who were looking for something used to exchange the commodity with each other so that their requirements were fulfilled.

After modernization, the countries came out with their currencies which were then used for making any transaction.

For completing the transactions, the barter system was used many centuries ago when two people who were looking for something used to exchange the commodity with each other so that their requirements were fulfilled.

After modernization, the countries came out with their currencies which were then used for making any transaction. Everything in the world began to be sold or purchased by the medium of currency.

People started working in different professions like manufacturing, finance, production, agricultural activities, haircutting, making clothes, equipment, etc. All of them did so to earn a quick income to purchase the things they needed.

If a person is not involved in any kind of money-making activity, then he or she will face a tough time ahead in the future as he or she will not be able to meet the expenses and will finally end up in a very difficult situation to survive.

 So it becomes very important to either go on or indulge yourself in money-making activity or learn some quick and easy ways so that they can live without income.

Below are 10 of the most straightforward and time-saving steps which, if followed religiously, can help individuals generate money or sustain life without income.

The steps have been explained in great detail as we have written them after hours of research done from meaningful books and various authentic online sources:

1. Creating New Income Sources

Creating New Income Sources
Creating New Income Sources

One of the best ways to live with no income is by generating new sources of income that the individual has not tried before even a single time.

By doing so, a good amount of money can be earned with the help of which the daily and essential services and products can be purchased easily so that life goes on hassle-free.

New sources of income can be easily created if one has specific skills and talent hidden in them, which can be leveraged at the right place at the right time.

This world is full of hard workers and followers, but very few people can understand their true potential and the incredible skill set which is present only to them.

If a person can identify the strength hidden in them, then they will be able to create new income sources that can solve the problem of living without an income.

In the meanwhile, when they do not have any income, they can cut their expenses by reducing their consumption of everything to half resulting in lesser bill payments and more savings.


The perfect example of earning from alternate sources can be understood if suppose a person who used to be a teacher in primary school and by chance lost his or her job can generate income from alternate sources by teaching the students who are located nearby the area where the teacher is living.

He or she can provide additional tuition to these students and tie up with coaching institutions as part-time teachers so that some income keeps coming to them.

This world has very few people who are willing to help someone when they are stuck in a problem. One has to find solutions to the problems on their own and work accordingly as it is rightly said that on the earth every man is on his own.

Everyone in this world is not fortunate to get a government job where they will receive a pension till their death and can lead a happy and prosperous life after retirement.

Most people work in the private sector, which does not provide pensions, and every person has to plan accordingly during their working tenure to live a happy life after retirement.

No one has a trust fund set up by the name which will help them in the situation of crisis. Most people will only have the option to cultivate the sources of income from which they are earning.

This requires understanding the various skill sets and the methods with the help of which they can create passive income and then gradually take the steps required to fulfill the dream of getting a passive income.

You do not have to make much effort for this particular income. The correct definition of passive income is that income that a person is earning while he is asleep or watching movies or even is not present at that particular time when the money is being earned.

Some of the best ways to earn passive income include internet marketing and blog articles. Internet marketing is one of the best and booming methods of earning additional money so that one can easily live without income.

Just by generating proper images for the articles and getting traffic on the website, one can earn with the help of affiliate royalties by generating revenue for the company and a part of the commission for themselves.

The simplest example of the same is when a person establishes a website and gets millions of visitors in a day.

At the same time, the website owner partners with an advertising agency that agrees to pay you for advertising on the website as it will be viewed by millions of visitors every day which will further help in generating passive income.

Another way of earning passive income is by writing articles and blogs for the people who are running their websites. With the help of a mobile phone or laptop, one can quickly write articles with the help of which they get paid for every word or article length and generate side revenue.

2. Rent-Free Living

Rent-Free Living
Rent-Free Living

Another method that is used by most people all around the world when they have to live with no income is by cutting out on expenses with the help of saving on housing.

Housing is another area a person must worry about throughout his life as the living expenses have to be met. This informative article has tried to cover some of the brilliant ideas that will help you get housing services without even spending a single penny.

We can understand this particular statement with a very simple example: if a person has enough friends in his or her circle, they will allow you to stay with them for a few months.

After you spend, say a month or so with one friend, you can shift with your luggage to another friend’s house and then repeat the process until you can find a stable source of income and then rent out a place for yourself and your family.

If a person has a personal home and then has lost the job, in such a situation, they can rent out a part of the house which will help them in generating some extra revenue which will be paid by the tenant who comes to live in the house.

With the help of the rent they receive, the people can live their lives, enjoy the necessities essential for survival, and lead a happy and prosperous life.

The rent here will act as a passive income because the house has already been purchased by the owner years back and just because they are giving shelter to a person in their house, they will be generating income without doing any physical or mental work.

The passive income also gives mental satisfaction to the person who is earning it because without any effort, if someone can get the monetary benefit, it provides a lot of peace and calmness to the mind.

Some other solutions to the housing problem are also present, which we will be discussing further.

If a person can find a house that has been abandoned a long time ago and is destroyed, then they can contact the owner if he is wanting to renovate it and by the time, make a deal that he lets them live there for free. 

In return, they will take care of all the belongings that are present in the house.

They can also help with all the work required to get the house restored and back in proper condition.


By following the above-mentioned ideas, one can easily live for one or two years without paying even a single penny from their pocket. You will get a free house to live in, while the owner of the house will get free labor and can easily complete the renovation and caretaking part.

The people who want to live with no income can also consider living in the woods by the means of camping. But one should always keep in the mind the fact that camping on private property can be a very problematic situation.

One needs to have the owner’s permission before setting off the Campsite. But this problem can be easily tackled if you are ready to move away and wander from place to place without setting the camp permanently at one particular place.

One can also promise the landlord to keep the property clean, provide security for the house, and ask the owner to let them stay for free after verifying your background and completing all the formalities.

Please stay with us till the end of the article as in this informational and detailed article, we have tried to cover one of the best techniques with the help of which a person can live with no income and tackle the problems and stresses which are present in his or her life.

3. Choosing the Food Selectively

Choosing the Food Selectively
Choosing the Food Selectively

The human body requires specific amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, lipids, fibers, vitamins, and water in the correct quantity so that the body can cope with the heat and the changing temperatures present in the environment.

Also, if an adequate diet is not taken, then this can result in the formation of certain deficiencies inside the body, which can result in various chronic diseases and, finally the failure of organs. So, it is always recommended by doctors to take a healthy and balanced diet every day.

Another fantastic method to live without income is carefully eating food items. Human beings have the tendency to eat food items that are not healthy and, at the same time, cost a lot of money.

When the companies say that these food items are loved by the people, the company started producing more and more junk food which was even costlier to purchase.

If a person has the correct mindset and self-control, they would survive this difficult time by carefully cutting out on food expenses and purchasing only those items necessary for themselves and their family members.

Food is something without which human beings cannot live but, at the same time, consume the majority amount of the portion of income.

A person cannot sustain more than three to four days without food but can still live without other luxuries like Netflix or car, TV, refrigerator, and air conditioner.

The person should also be able to understand the fact that what type of food items are necessary for him or her because the body needs a certain amount of nutrients and proteins every day so that it can provide the necessary energy for doing the daily routine work.

Practical Methods to Reduce Food Expenses

Let us understand how a person can cut out on food expenses.

1.     The first way of putting out on the excessive food expenses is by indulging in agricultural activities and growing the necessary food items yourself.

2.     Depending upon the type of food which you like and also the food grains which are readily available in the market, one can perform organic farming in their house or farmhouse so that the vegetables can be quickly grown without incurring any cost and would result in helping the person to live with no income.

3.     If a person is non-vegetarian, then they can indulge in raising chickens and other flesh-producing animals in their farmhouses so that at the right time, they can get the supply of eggs, cheese, milk, chicken, mutton, and other valuable items.

4.     The bottom line regarding the reduction in food expenses is that there are some places where a person can quickly get food items without even putting money, like in holy and religious places and charitable trusts.

5.     Also, the people can involve themselves in hunting activities by going into the wild area to get the appropriate food items for themselves and their family members without even spending a single penny on food and contributing to living with no income.

Stay with us till the end of the article as we will be covering some of the most effective methods that one should follow in his or her life when they are facing the problem of living with no income.

These intelligent ways are tested by some of professionals and experts in the field of finance and are proven to be worth a try.

4. Reduction in Entertainment Expenses

Reduction in Entertainment Expenses
Reduction in Entertainment Expenses

Reducing the expenses which are related to entertainment and leisure, the most important thing is self-determination and the ability of the person to stay away from all the fleshy appetites present in the world.

The world is at the brink of a technological revolution that has generated cut-throat competition in almost every field and domain.

Because of this particular competition, the daily routine of the lives of the individual has become so rigorous and tough that they feel almost drained out when they return to their homes after a tiring day.

They then look for various means of entertainment and relaxation to forget life’s tension and worries and sleep peacefully. They also want to forget all the things and recharge themselves so they can start the next day afresh and again participate in the world’s hustle.

A person can easily reduce the expenses which are made related to the entertainment industry. Many people worldwide believe in spending hundreds of dollars or pounds monthly for entertainment.

They also like to go to movie theatres to watch the latest released movies and even buy popcorn and candies while watching it. This expense comes somewhere around $15.

Some of people also like to spend on books and internet services for streaming life movies and videos. It has been noted in a survey that the average cost of entertainment for a middle-class and regular person every month comes out to be around $350.

So, it is always recommended to reduce the amount of money spent on the entertainment category first as the deduction in the spending in this particular category will not hamper the lives of the individual.

If a person is an avid reader, then he or she can opt for the Amazon Kindle program, which provides unlimited access to thousands of books for just a charge of $10 per month.

The only requirement for this particular entertainment is a Smartphone or Tablet. If you still do not want to spend $10 on reading the books, then you can go to a regular library present in the schools and colleges where an ample amount of books is present and use the same without paying even a single penny.

One can also borrow books from their friends or family members and return them after you have completed reading it.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the individual’s thinking and how he or she wants to reduce spending so that they can learn how to live with no income.

Another example of a deduction of entertainment expenses can be the boycott of watching movies and theatre plays. As a replacement, one can purchase local subscriptions of movies and TV shows which are very cheap compared with the price of the movie theatres.

So, it is highly recommended that one should avoid eating out in restaurants and watching movies so that a good amount of money can be saved from the income and the necessities can be easily met.

Pro Tip

Entertainment is believed to be an essential part of the life of human beings as they want something with the help of which they can break the monotony and dull routine which they have been following every day for the past many years.

When they return from their working places, they want something with the help of which they can divert their mind from the stress and tension giving targets or the formalities of the office.

When a person does not have enough money for entertainment services, then he or she can borrow some books which contain interesting stories or pictures so that they can easily divert their mind and can also involved in playing outdoor sports which require zero investment.

5. Reducing Transportation Expenses

Reducing Transportation Expenses
Reducing Transportation Expenses

With the increasing technology and various competitors coming into the market in every segment and domain, it has become very difficult for the middle class and the low-income people to sustain their income as they have to judiciously use the money for accumulating the basic items which are needed during the month.

One of the most basic requirements in the present world is the means of transportation. Without transportation facilities, a person will not be able to move from one place to another, reach his or her workplace on time, attend various community gatherings and functions or even rush to the hospital during the time of an emergency.

The rich and have heavy pockets can afford their means of transportation like a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, but the main problem is for those in the middle-income group.

If you are rich enough and own a personal car, then you have to worry about the regular expenses which will be incurred due to the regular filling of gasoline, maintenance of the spare parts, renewal of insurance, pollution fee, and other related expenses.

If you do not have a permanent job and are willing to live with no income, this personal vehicle will add to your liabilities rather than provide relief.

The money that a person can get by selling off this car can help him in surviving several months or even years to come without any income if they do not have a permanent job.

But, this money will eventually go out of stock, and again, you would need some means of transport and material, which you can trade off and get some money.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the easiest ways to travel to the basis of your need and desire and at the same time do not pay even a single penny for availing this facility.

Ways to Tackle Transportation Problems

1. Method One

The first method of transportation without paying even a single penny is by using a bicycle. Bicycles are a fast means of transportation that is powered using manual power.

It does not require the expenses of gasoline or petrol and at the same time helps maintain physical fitness and increase the stamina of the person using it.

In reality, a person cannot reach his destination as fast as he would have reached using a car, but still, the expenses which he or she had to incur for using a car were much more when compared with the bicycle.

Also, the expenses which are present due to insurance, maintenance of the spare parts, and pollution charges are entirely absent when a person has shifted to a bicycle from a vehicle.

The cost of using a bicycle is a little more than $20, and it is readily available in almost every part of the world. If you have shifted to a new city, it will take a little time to memorize the city’s roots, but once you are well acquainted with the map, you can zip through the city in no time.

2. Method Two

Another way of transportation and living with no income is by using the bicycle to earn money. The person can enroll himself or herself in courier delivery services present in the significant parts of the city who is willing to hire bicycle courier delivery boys or girls.

By enrolling yourself in this particular activity, one can easily tackle the problem of living with no income and earn a decent amount of money with the help of which they can fulfill their basic requirements and necessities.

Also, if they cannot purchase a bicycle, they can try running or jogging with the help of which they can reach and cover the distances located nearby and at the same time maintain their health and increase their stamina of the body.

6. Reduction in Clothing and apparel

Reduction in Clothing and apparel
Reduction in Clothing and apparel

With the increasing income and the western culture taking control of almost all parts of the world, clothing patterns and design have changed significantly compared to the past many centuries.

Various branded companies and design houses have been established which provide expensive clothing lines, various kinds of design patterns, and quality of the cloth.

People spend thousands of dollars on clothing in a year from their valuable income. Wearing good quality and expensive clothes gives a feeling of satisfaction and also is considered to be a symbol of pride and prestige when you are visiting any function or corporate party.

People have made it a habit of judging people based on the clothes which they are wearing and also the shoes or other footwear.

As a result, people are always looking to increase their expenses in terms of clothing and other related appearances so that they can show their status and get fame in public gatherings.

But, this particular segment can be easily cut short when someone is trying to live life with no income. Costly and expensive clothes and footwear are not necessary and are just one need of the person.

If a person is not wearing expensive clothes or footwear, they can easily survive in the world if their constant source of income has stopped. A major chunk of the income of a middle-class person is spent on purchasing clothes and other related apparel.

By purchasing clothes and footwear which are not of premium quality, one can easily save more than 70% of their income and utilise this particular amount of money in purchasing other items of necessity.


The various alternatives, instead of purchasing expensive clothes and matching footwear from big showrooms, are in great detail below.

Follow these alternate options so that you can save a major chunk from your income or the existing money present in a bank account:

1.     The first way of saving a good amount of money is by reducing the money spent on clothes and footwear or if possible, almost stop purchasing new clothes and footwear.

This habit will initially take time to develop as a person who constantly spends money on purchasing new clothes and footwear every month will feel a lot of discomfort in the first place.

But, self-determination is the key to success, and here also, the determination of that person and the internal voice and motivation will reduce the expenses related to fashion.

2.     The second alternative for saving money is by purchasing clothes and footwear only at the time when they are required and very necessary. By doing so, the money saved can be efficiently utilized for purchasing the necessary items that human life cannot sustain.

3.     The third alternative is using or borrowing clothes from your relatives and friends which are of no use to them.

Borrowing the close from your loved ones will not require additional effort as they already know you, and no formality is present between you.

So, the clothes which are of no use to them can help you much better, and the footwear can also be borrowed from them.

4.     The fourth option is posting on various social media platforms about the requirement of shoes or clothes and writing donations in the bracket.

Many people worldwide believe in Charity and helping the people who are more in need than them. Many people will approach you, ask for your home address, and safely deliver the package.

7. Reducing the Use of Costly Electrical Appliances

Reducing the Use of Costly Electrical Appliances
Reducing the Use of Costly Electrical Appliances

With the advancement of technology, the way of living is changing with every second. The people’s standard of living is going up and so is the use of electronic gadgets and luxury items.

Air conditioner considered a luxurious item a few decades back, is now believed to be a necessity and is found in every 8 houses out of 10 houses. Refrigerators are standard in every house, and so is television.

All these electrical appliances provide entertainment and leisure to the people so that they can get a break from their tough and monotonous routine.

All these electronic items consume a lot of electricity and result in tremendous bills that must be paid at the end of every month. The people who can earn a good amount of money from their business or jobs can meet the bill before the due date but those who do not have a proper source of income strive very hard to re-pay their bills.

So, it is always advised to the middle-class people or even those who are not having a stable source of income that they should cut out on the expenses which are made because of the excessive use of costly electrical appliances.

Instead of using an air conditioner, people can use table fans or ceiling fans to provide cooling effects. The electricity consumed by air conditioners and central cooling is way more than compared with the ceiling fans and table fans.

Also, the use of other appliances like mixer grinders and hand blenders can also be reduced so that the electricity bill comes well in the limit, which can be quickly paid by the person.

Also, if the electrical appliances are used very less, than the cost which was earlier incurred for the maintenance of these appliances and also for repairing the spare parts will be reduced and gradually be ruled out.

The money from the income or the savings saved can be utilized for purchasing necessary items needed for properly sustaining life.

People can also use traditional methods of cooling the water like using earthen pots and even use water sprinklers.

By cutting out the electrical expenses, one can save thousands of rupees in a month and can judiciously learn to live with no income.


Various alternative methods can be used as a replacement for electrical appliances. Some of the methods are given below:

 1: Instead of using air conditioners, one can use table fans or ceiling fans with a sprinkler in front.

When the table fan is turned on, the tiny droplets of water will be released in front of the ceiling fan or table fan and thrown in the form of a shower on the people sitting in front of it.

This will provide a cooling effect to them, which is equivalent to that of an air conditioner.

2.     The second alternative method of getting cold water for cooling things is collecting the water released from the air conditioner’s vent and then using that water to cool other necessary items.

In this way, the electricity is being consumed to get the cold water while water conservation is also taking place.

3.     The third method is to use rucksacks which are made up of jute or any other water-absorbing material.

These are dipped in water and then placed on the walls of the houses during the summer time so that the water evaporates and takes away with it the heat of the house and makes the walls cooler than before.

This method is being used in various villages present in India and other parts of the world during the summertime and has resulted in a tremendous reduction of electricity bills.

8. Creating a Diversified Spending Plan

Creating a Diversified Spending Plan
Creating a Diversified Spending Plan

One of the simplest and most effective ways of tackling the situation when you want to live with no income is by having a diversified spending plan.

A spending plan should be made in such a way that all the redundant expenses should be immediately removed and the money saved should be either kept in the bank or used for purchasing only those items necessary and needed for proper survival.

As the funds are limited every month, it becomes very important to clear the idea of reduced consumption in your head so that the additional money saved can be utilized for survival in the upcoming months.

One should note all the expenses necessary during the month and estimate the approximate budget that has to be incorporated using the money left in the bank or in cash.

Try to cut short the budget by removing the things without which this particular month can be easily survived and also reduce some percentage so that it becomes a habit of surviving with lesser material when compared with the previous months.


The list for making a diversified spending plan can be made by segregating all the categories on which one has to spend the money. Given below are the different categories along with the expenses which are to be made in each category:

1. Housing Expenses

The first category is the housing category, which involves expenses related to repairing the house and the furniture used in the house.

Apart from it, the expenses which are related to plumbing, gardening, and many more can be controlled and written down. Only those expenses should be kept on the list without which a person cannot survive.

2. Automobile and Transportation

The second category is the automobile payment and insurance category, which can be easily handled and manipulated according to the need and desire.

Also, the traveling expenses are different for every individual as some have to travel long distances for work or entertainment-related purposes and some have to travel significantly less.

Accordingly, insurance payments, spare parts payments, repairing payments and gasoline payments can be handled and reduced by using bicycles and walking for nearby distances.

3. Cell Phones and Credit Cards

The third category is the payments which are related to cell phones, loans, and credit cards. All the credit cards should be immediately closed if you want to live with no income, as all the cards incur monthly expenses for maintenance which is useless and adds up to the expenses.

The payment of the loans can be managed and handled judiciously by saving the money in other categories and accommodating for the monthly installments.

4. Health Insurance and Medicines

The last category is the health insurance category. Health Insurance is a very important part of life as life is unpredictable, and one should always be ready to handle the various diseases and hospital bills that can come them.

By making a diversified spending plan, one can tackle the problem of income shortage and live a life that is hand to mouth and can ensure his or her survival along with the family members for the next few months.

9. Enrolling in Domestic Help Platforms

Enrolling in Domestic Help Platforms
Enrolling in Domestic Help Platforms

A few centuries back, it was very difficult for people to survive in the world if they did not have enough resources and money. With the advancement in technology, the rich people got richer, and the poor people got poorer.

Gradually, society started building trusts and other helping societies that used to care for all the people who needed assistance. For those who want to live with no income, these trusts and other helping societies are one of the best methods for properly ensuring their survival.

The only thing the individual has to do is reach out to these organizations by telephone, call, email or with the help of social media platforms and tell them about your condition.

If they find that your condition is genuine and you need help and have also not been involved in any kind of forgery, theft or wrongdoing, then they will help you without delays and will not expect anything in return from you.

Many people worldwide are getting help from such organizations to ensure their proper survival and are getting benefited. These organizations provide them with food, shelter, and other basic requirements like proper water and clothes.

These organizations also ensure that the people with no income to live are also medically fit and provide them with basic medical facilities and medicines.

In this world where people believe that Evil is winning over the good, these organizations are proving this particular statement wrong and are selflessly devoting their time, money and other resources for helping the ones who need the resources.

Steps to contact the Organisations

Steps to contact the organizations which provide free medical assistance, food and shelter to people who are trying to live with no income is not very complex. The time-saving steps to do the same are given below:

1. The first step is to search for the organizations providing these facilities to poor people. The premium organizations can be easily found using magazines and newspapers.

One can also search about them online as abundant information is available on various websites.

2. The second step is to contact the organizations using email or phone numbers and tell them about your situation and the problems that you are facing. One should be open with them and tell them the exact situation without exaggerating the problem.

3. The third step is to give them the list of the essential items that are required by you or your family along with any medical assistance or special medicines that you need.

4. The fourth step is done by the organization’s end, where they run a quick background check about the individual and his or her family members to verify that do they actually need all the items or are they faking it.

If the background verification check is successful, then the organizations proceed and provide them with the basic amenities and utilities.

5. One should never forget that this particular step can only be done if you really need items and have lost a stable source of income.

If by any chance, they find out that you are faking and telling lies to them, this can result in registering a police complaint against you and at the same time, removal of all your civil rights.

10. Saving Money in Bank Account

Saving Money in Bank Account
Saving Money in Bank Account

A person who is facing a shortage of money and has to live with no income should always try and save the remaining amount of money in his or her bank account.

It has been observed that if a good amount of money is present in the hands of an individual, then he or she is likely to spend more than what is required. Self-determination is something that comes into the picture but is very difficult to achieve.

A person facing a money shortage can take on this particular issue very effectively by opening a fixed deposit in the bank, which has a fair amount of lock-in period.

When the money is already invested in the fixed deposit, taking out will result in a penalty and a loss of money which cannot be born by the person as he or she is already living with no income.

So, as a result, the money will be safely deposited in the bank account and the interest can be gained on it which will be very beneficial in the future months to come.

People should always believe that saving today will only result in a bright future as everyone will grow old and require medical assistance and monetary support to secure their old age and free from any problems.


We can understand the situation with the help of an example.

Suppose a person has $1500 with him or her. He tries to keep only 300 with himself or herself and the rest is deposited in the bank account for future use.

300 cash left in the hand of the individual, he tries to purchase only the essential items which are required for leading a life without any problem and still saves some portion from the money.

In this way he is able to spend one month in only $300 which would have been very difficult if all the money was in his or her hand.

Also the money deposited in the bank account will increase day by day due to the interest which is given by the bank.

So it is always advisable for people who have lost their job or a stable source of income to deposit 80% of their savings in a bank account to gain interest on it and increase their wealth daily so they can easily live with no income.

11. Other Expenses

Other Expenses
Other Expenses

Apart from these 10 types of expenses, which can be reduced for utilizing your income to the fullest, one should also consider some other miscellaneous expenses which are bound to happen because of unforeseen circumstances.

Many things are not in the hands of human beings and happen by accident or by the will of God. For example, a person cannot decide the time of any natural calamity or disaster like heavy rainfall, flood, landslide, earthquake, tornado, war or other such destroying things.

So, one should always consider such expenses. Otherwise, a very challenging situation will be created in front of the individual because of the shortage of money.

To live with no income is a very difficult task but the cutting of expenses is majorly the game of strong self-determination and control over your desires and needs.

If a person can do so along with his or her family members, then this can result in drastic changes in their daily routine and lifestyle, which would further contribute to reduced expenses and improved savings.

One can also think about the various accidents like the house on the property catching up fire or any mishap happening in the kitchen.

For such situations, the insurance should always be done well in advance when the individual has a stable source of income because if everything is lost by chance due to an accident, then the insurance money cannot be claimed.

Qualities to Imbibe to Live with No Income

When a person has a stable source of income and is enjoying his daily working routine, then the person’s mindset is entirely different as he is not at all thinking about his future and the problems he would be facing in the next phase of his life.

But, for adjusting in the conditions when a person has to live with no income, various qualities along with self-determination have to be imbibed and made part and parcel of the lifestyle so that a good amount of reduction can be done in the expenses.

The list of all the qualities, along with their brief description, is given below:

1. Nurturing the Mind

The first quality a person should learn to live without income is nurturing their mind. It is considered to be mentally exhausting and stressful if a person is broke.

A person who has lost his or her stable source of income will definitely be going through a phase of anxiety and depression which can further hamper their health.

So, it becomes very important that a person always remembers the good things that have happened in their life span to restore mental balance and faith in humanity and God.

One should always be thankful for what he is still left with because if they keep their calm and try to look around, they will be able to find many people living below their standard and still surviving in this world.

In such a situation, one has to nurture the mind by reading quality notebooks and watching motivational videos to improve mental balance.

Pro Tip

An individual’s mind, which is full of tension and stress, can be nurtured by regularly indulging in meditation sessions.

The Silence present during the time of meditation helps break the shackles of the stress and creates a new space where the important things in life are taken into account and happiness is provided.

By this, the individual will become self-sufficient to live with no income and also come out with alternative solutions for finding a stable and permanent source of income.

2. Taking Help from Families

One should feel free to ask for help from your friends, family or any other person.

In the situation where a person has to live with no income, it should be kept in mind that helping one another is one of the best ways to tackle the situation as if someone is helping you today, you can also help them back when the tables have turned.

If someone is offering you their help in the tough times, then you should graciously accept this offer to break the shackles of the problems and bring your life back on track.

But one should not forget the favors someone else has done on them and return them as soon as the condition improves.

Pro Tip

Taking help from family members or friends is not considered a sin or shameful act. If in the hour of difficulty, a family member or any relative is not able to help the one who is in need, then this relationship is considered to be something that is toxic and is only present because of materialistic benefits.

Talking on the terms of humanitarian grounds, a person should selflessly help their relatives and friends when needed because the tables might turn at anytime and the other party could also end up in the same situation.

3. Never Giving Up Attitude

Never giving up attitude is something that a person requires when he has to live with no income.

When a stable source of income and money is lost, the financial problems cover the person from every direction, which results in mental and physical breakdown.

In such a situation, the person feels frustrated and regularly fights with their family members or even their near and dear ones.

Many types of ideas come to mind, which provokes the person to take steps that are not right but seem to be right because of the pressure of society and the accumulating bills.

Some people also might think that suicide is the only solution to tackle this problem so they can leave all the problems behind. But one should never forget that suicide cannot be a solution to any problem present in the world.

The person who commits suicide leaves this particular planet, but that particular person’s family members and near and dear ones have to suffer a lot after the demise.

A person should always strive even harder in such a situation and remain optimistic so that he can regain the strength and work for more hours so that he or she can repay every debt and get life back on track.

The never giving up attitude will also help in taking the steps and actions which are essential during this particular time as the stability of mind is very important to help you live with no income.

Pro Tip

Human beings should have a never give up attitude and irrespective of the situation in which he or she is stuck, they should understand the fact that suicide is not the solution to any problem in the world.

One should always think about the family members and their near ones when the thought of suicide crosses their mind. They should also think about their children and their life partner before taking such a crucial step as after they are gone, no one will be present to support them financially and morally.

4. Prioritizing the Work

Prioritizing the work which needs to be done first has always been important irrespective of the situation in which a man or woman is stuck.

When proper priority is given to the work, then it results in solving the majority of the problems which are faced by the people.

When you can prioritize the work in the right manner, the resources which are utilized for completing the different tasks are reduced and optimum utilization of resources is achieved.

After that, everything falls in the right place and the individual has to invest a minimum amount of money in sustaining their life.

The top priority of any person has always remained good food, good clothes, and a good house to live in. If a person can get all three things, he is believed to have been successful throughout his life.

In the crucial time when a stable source of income is not present and it becomes very hard for the person to meet his daily expenses, the person should remember the time when he or she used to prioritize the work in the correct manner and repeat the same so that the optimum utilization of resources is achieved once again.

The priority list will also help in saving money as the things where the spending of money is inevitable will be in the top spot and the things which can be avoided will acquire the later spots.

With this, only those tasks will be accomplished which are in the top positions and the bottom tasks will be removed and the money which is saved from the redundant tasks can be easily deposited in the bank account, which will give interest in the form of profit.

Point to Remember

The point which should be kept in the mind by the individual is that this phase where he or she is facing income shortage is temporary and it will pass away after sometime.

One has to wait for the correct moment and strike the hammer when the iron is hot so that the result can be easily moulded into our favour and the benefits can be easily enjoyed.

5. Patience

Patience is the key to success. If the mind and body of a person are ready to wait for a longer period of time instead of getting instant returns from something, then they are ready to face any situation in their life.

Many times, people cannot comprehend that life does not work out properly in everything that we do. Sometimes we have to taste the defeat, while some other times, we taste the success.

When we get defeated in something, we become irritated and anxious, which results in losing patience and are provoked to take steps that are not correct and feasible.

This generally leads to the loss of material, money, and even relationships as all the decisions are taken in a state of anger.

If the mind is not calm and composed, wrong decisions are bound to happen because all the decisions will be taken in haste, further hampering the condition in which a person is living.

People forget that most famous and successful people in this world are patience driven and are not looking for instant benefits and results from the things they do daily.

They make a diversified plan and perform all the prioritized tasks first and the less important ones last so that the right resource allocation is done.

Patience also maintains the balance of the mind, body, and soul, improving decision-making chances as the mind is fully aware and conscious.

How to Increase Patience?

Patience is something that a person can learn by looking at other people who possess this particular quality. Learning patience is something that needs dedication and a little time so that it becomes a habit and is automatically implemented in future deeds.

Patience can be increased by increasing self-control, letting the other person complete his or her talk first, waiting for the committed deadline which is made to you by someone, removing the eager and anxious thoughts from the mind and at the same time getting involved in meditation practices.

6. Remove Pessimistic Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the first thing that appears in the mind of people when they are surrounded by problems and difficult situations. People are not able to comprehend the fact that what they should do when they are stuck in difficult situations.

The stability and the equilibrium of the mind and thoughts is derailed. As a result, the person’s positive attitude takes a back seat, resulting in only pessimistic thoughts.

In such a situation, a person should always back himself or herself up all the time if they want to get out of this situation and lead a happy life.

Removing the pessimistic thoughts and invoking positive thoughts is a slightly complex task to accomplish. The world is full of tension and worries which are present because of the competition in every segment.

If a person lives with fewer resources and has lost a stable source of income, then he or she should always try to avoid negative thoughts. They should also understand which person is spreading negativity in their life and stay away from him or her.

By doing so, they will be able to experience new energy forming in their mind, which will help them get ideas and the courage to fight with the situation so that they can easily live without income.

Pro Tip

The positive thoughts and flow of energy can be easily regulated in the body and mind of an individual who is stuck in the scenario of living with no income by getting involved in regular yoga asana and meditation.

The meditation will help create positive energy, which will fill the body’s void and improve digestion and blood circulation, further leading to the generation of positive and new thoughts in the mind.

7. Last Resort

If all the interesting and intelligent ideas provided above in the article cannot help you live with no income, do not worry as life is not at all predictable and always has something new and unpredictable in its store for you.

You never know when the tables might turn, and the sun will rise and shine bright again. Stay hopeful and cheerful every time and every second because life is short, and one has to live it to the fullest so that in the end, no regrets are present in the individual’s mind.

Every person in his or her lifetime has to face a scenario that is full of stress, tensions, problems, and ups and downs.

So it becomes the responsibility of the people who are present around the individual to back him or her up and give them confidence that yes they can survive in this world full of competition and problems and again gather all the resources for leading a happy and successful life.

One should also keep in mind the fact that the ideas which are mentioned in this article can or cannot prove to be useful in the situations which are faced by you.

If you cannot find a solution using this particular article, do not worry as the last option is to leave everything and sell off the remaining resources, collect the money and then pay the debts.

After this, shift to anyone of your in-laws or close relatives and stay there for a few months while helping them in their daily routine and cleaning of the house. Meanwhile, try to find a decent job with the help of which you can get some income.

In a few days, you will be able to find a job for yourself, and everything will start returning on track.

Always stay positive and cheerful in your life as life turns out to be positive for those who radiate positive energy in all directions.

8. Health and Related Issues

In this time of stressful situation, it becomes very important for the person to keep himself or herself physically and mentally fit. One should not sit at home all the time as this will increase weight and obesity, which would further contribute to developing chronic diseases like hypertension, blood pressure, problem in breathing, and much more.

Staying healthy is the only way of surviving this particular situation as if the mind, body, and Soul are physically and mentally fit, then the person will be able to think of various solutions to tackle the problem and get out in the world to face it with the right attitude.

To ensure proper health and stamina, one should perform regular exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, walking and running.

One can even indulge in performing traditional exercises like picking up stones, using logs of wood as dumbbells and other similar exercises, which will increase the stamina and structure of the body.

One should not spend additional money by going to the gym as the overall purpose is to live without income.

A proper diet should be ensured, containing sufficient amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Junk food and other fancy stuff should be avoided as it will save money and will also not affect the health.

Proper water intake should be done with the person drinking at least 5 to 6 liters of water daily.

Proper health results in proper brain functioning and improves hand-eye coordination, which further results in the increased efficiency of the individual.

With the help of this stability, the person can come out of his or her comfort zone and find solutions to the problem so that side income can be generated and the necessities of life can be fulfilled.

It is rightly said by some professional chefs that the path to the heart and mind of the body is through the stomach. So, if satisfaction is achieved with the help of good food, all the problems can be tackled quickly and a happy life, which is entirely on track, can be ensured.

FAQs (People Also Ask)

1. Which Human qualities are essential to learning to survive with no income?

To live with no income is a task that requires a lot of patience and self-determination. Apart from these, the ability to prioritize the work and never giving up attitude are some other qualities that one can learn for this challenging survival scenario.

2. Why do people hesitate to ask for help from their known?

Most people hesitate to ask for help from their family members, friends, near and dear ones, colleagues, or any other person they know. This is because where money is involved, the trust factor comes into the picture, which is something with which people do not like to play or hamper.

3. What general habits can be changed to reduce expenses?

To reduce expenses, the individual can change his or her eating habits by not consuming costly food items and stop the unnecessary purchase of clothes, shoes, and other luxury items. This will result in a tremendous reduction in expenses.

4. What is the best way to use the cash left in hand to live without an income?

The best way to use the cash in hand judiciously so that it can run for a longer period of time for living with no income is by keeping only 20% of the cash with yourself and depositing the remaining amount in the bank which will reap in interest.

5. What can be the reasons behind living with no income?

Many reasons can contribute to the situation of living with no income. It can be the loss of a stable source of income, family issues, transfers, any chronic disease to the person, theft, accidents, fire damage, and many others.

Final Verdict

When a person is earning in full swing and has a stable source of income, life seems to be pretty easy. But when this stable source of income is lost, everything becomes problematic, and chaos is seen in all directions.

Living with no income needs proper planning and self-determination so that the resources can be used judiciously and the wastage can be eliminated.

In this helpful article, we have tried to cover 11 intelligent ways in which a person can learn to live with no income and easily survive for months in the future with the help of the limited resources which are left with him.

We hope that you would have liked the article and would definitely implement some of the ways in your life to save money and get life back on track.

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