Ever came across restricted websites which you cannot access while attempting to download a game, movie or any other content? Well for your knowledge these websites are locked and restricted by the producers or the government to tackle piracy of the data.

But with the help of a simple VPN application, you can tackle this problem and have freedom over the internet. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is quite popular application nowadays. Due to geographical restrictions of servers and websites in many countries, people have started using VPN. surfshark is best. Read surfshark vpn review

With the help of VPN, one can bypass the current server and access the internet from any other remote server around the world. This application is very helpful in bypassing the locked websites to download games, movies, and other application. Not only on Android smartphones, but people can also use VPN on their PC web browser.

VPN used as a plugin sets your geographical location of the current browser to match the different IP address of the world through the other VPN location to prevent location spoofing.

VPN is a simple application which can be used in your current internet browser and as a plug in.

How to use VPN on the browser and as a plugin –

  1. Download any type of VPN software on your computer from the internet. For more effective and reliable use, buy a paid version of VPN. After downloading, launch the VPN software.
  2. Most of the VPN software runs automatically on your browser and do not require any manual configuration. However in case of some VPN, one needs to manually configure TCP overrides. Now open the browser, go to setting and click on add extension VPN.
  3. After selecting the desired VPN country server, you are free to surf restricted websites. Do not forget to turn on windows firewall for safety and security. Using VPN as a plugin is quite easy. Almost 90% of the browser comes with VPN. One just needs to enable it.
  4. There is an option of “Use as a plugin” under a setting section of browsers like Opera, Google Chrome etc. Using VPN as plugin reduces the chances of DNS too and blocks the internet traffic flowing out from the VPN tunnel in case your connection drops under any circumstances.

Some of the best VPN applications for plugin extension are –

  1. Nord VPN Proxy extension
  2. Express VPN for Opera and Google Chrome
  3. Private Internet Access VPN
  4. ZenMate VPN
  5. Safer VPN

VPN used on the browser as a plugin helps users unlock sensitive information. With these plugin extensions, your browsing activity remains safe and invisible from the Internet service provider and local networls.

The user can watch the content of any country easily without getting caught. Using VPN as a plugin won’t make your computer lag and helps to connect the best service possible.

For more security, you may be asked by the browser to disable WebRTC. VPN should be used in public places in case you want to connect your internet from wi-fi and public hotspots.

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