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How to Make Money at 18 Without a Job in 2023 (Informative Guide)

For surviving in this world which is full of competition and changing dynamics with every second, finding a stable source of income becomes very necessary so that people can fulfill their basic needs.

Millions of people search about how to make money at 18 without a job as this is the right age where a teenager becomes an adult and is putting his/her first step in the world of earning.

In this informative article, we will cover the simple and time-saving steps that will provide excellent opportunities for generating income at the tender age of 18, along with securing their future with constant savings.

17 Legit Ways to Make Money at 18 Without a Job

Earning money is not very difficult when you have special skill sets and a degree to back it up. If you want a decent job, a graduate or postgraduate degree is necessary because the hiring company wants a theoretically and practically sound employee.

This helps in ensuring that the work which will be delivered by the individual will be of good quality and, at the same time, above the industry standards average. if you want to check 25 Legit Ways to Make Money Without a Job in High School and earn money easily.

Also, at the same time, the individual has to keep in his or her mind the fact that it is very important for them to indulge in fair earning or income sources because this is the age where the majority of people are bound to deviate from the track or path in life.

Many illegal practitioners try to capture people who are 18 years of age and lure them into their business because they are young minds who can be easily molded and converted into criminals.

So proper counseling from the parent’s end is required at this particular age because this age is the maker or breaker for an individual.

If the individual can pass this particular age with proper knowledge, education, and experience gained from the right businesses, then he or she will definitely get success in life and at the same time be able to make money at 18 without a job.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most intelligent and legit ways of making money at 18 without even having a proper job.

These methods are discussed in great detail and arrived at by our team of experts after rigorous research and life experiences of famous people all around the world.

The intelligent and legit ways of earning at the age of 18 are as follows:

1: Blogging

The first way to make money at 18 without a job is by starting a blog. With the advancement of technology and internet penetration, the majority of the people have now got access to Wi-Fi and Smartphones, which has resulted in the increased use of social media platforms and enrichment with the people who are even sitting far away in some other country.

Free downloading of movies, increased number of readers for reviews, online purchasing and other related e-commerce facilities increased drastically.

People are now becoming dependent on the online sources when compared with the traditional and offline sources. People like to read about particular gadgets, watch the news on the go, sitting in the cab or walking on the road, or sitting in the park.


So starting a personal blog or contributing to an already existing blog is one of the best ways of earning at the age of 18 without even having a stable source of income or a permanent job.

In a recently published article it was found that the majority of the bloggers who are newcomers in this particular segment are below the age of 25. People are now leaving their permanent Jobs or stable sources of income and moving towards blogging because the earning opportunity whenever a person starts his or her personal blog is enormous.

The blog works on the concept of organic traffic diversion to your particular website using various platforms like social media, business pages or even with the help of backlinks.

The main thing that the individual has to do is think of a legitimate topic on which he or she can start writing a blog. The topic should not be very niche and at the same time should not be very common.

If the topic chosen is very common, then it will be very difficult for the person to bring organic traffic on their particular website as already many websites or blogs will be present on the online platforms who have provided ample amount of information, images, videos, text and many other things regarding the same.

So, the differentiating factor in this particular segment will be very difficult. On the other hand, when a person chooses a topic which is not very common than ranking their particular website or blog is comparatively easy as very less information or data is present on the online platforms.

While publishing the articles on the blog, the individual should take care of the technical aspects like Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, follow ups, subscription form for the visitors, meta tags, HTML tags, image tags, keyword density and other such digital marketing terms so that the article becomes wholesome from the reader’s point of view and as well as from the ranking point of view.

If an individual is able to rank a blog in a matter of a few months, then it becomes very easy for the individual to make money at the age of 18 without a job as one-time investment and hard work on the blog will result in passive income generated by the regular visitors of the website or the blog.

For generating revenue with the help of the blog one has to apply in different ad networks and get the approval with the help of which constant revenue generation is insured when any visitor comes on the website and Clicks on the ad present on the screen.

The concept of publishing a blog is now becoming very common not only in western countries like India, China, USA, Russia, Australia and others, but even in small and developing countries where the internet facility is not very common.

This is because of the wide reach of the blog and at the same time the intensity of the earning opportunities.

We will definitely recommend all the people who are 18 years of age for starting their own personal Blog by gaining some prior information regarding the same so that they are able to generate a stable source of income.

2: YouTube Channel

Another wonderful recommendation from our expert team to make money at the age of 18 without a job is starting your own YouTube channel. YouTube is a platform which has the widest reach when it comes to the segment of social media platforms because all the latest news, videos, current affairs, movie trailers, songs and much more are directly released on this particular platform by many big companies and production houses.

Even various brands release their latest advertisement campaigns first on this particular platform and then roll them out on televisions and other platforms.

The earning possibilities by the means of a YouTube channel are immense. Thousands of people are earning with the help of YouTube channels by sitting at their homes and posting videos related to the targeted segment.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel

The investment for establishing a YouTube channel is zero as it is absolutely free to make.

The only factor is that one has to create such a channel which caters the lives of the people in such a way that it is not common with any other channel present on the YouTube platform and at the same time provides content which is unique and latest according to the market standards.

It has been revealed by a survey that people prefer YouTube than any other platform for streaming online videos and other latest news.

This is because of the fact that the YouTube platform is managed by the world’s biggest company Google who has an amazing work force, which is capable of managing and improving the quality and the visual aesthetics of the website.

The individuals who want to make money at 18 without a job should focus upon making videos which are not very long in size and at the same time have very good picture quality.

This will result in catering the exact needs of the people and at the same time not consuming more minutes which will further reduce the video switching part.

Money can be earned using the YouTube platform by uploading regular videos on your YouTube channel and gaining subscribers.

When a certain number of subscribers are achieved, you can contact the YouTube management team for monetizing your video.

When you are successfully able to gather a fair amount of subscribers for your YouTube channel and also are able to get the approval of monetizing video, then YouTube will put 1 or 2 advertisements in front of their videos.

So any viewer who wants to watch video will have to first go through the advertisements and then proceed to the video.

The payment which YouTube makes is based on the number of subscribers and the likes which the video gets along with the number of views.

The YouTube payment strategy is also different for different types of advertisement which are displayed before the video.

If the advertisement which is displayed before the actual video is unskippable, then YouTube pays much more money when compared with an advertisement which is skippable.

This is because of the fact that it is a human tendency due to which the individual does not want to see an advertisement and just wants to proceed to the main video.

So by making an advertisement which cannot be skipped by the viewer the companies are paying more money to YouTube who in return are paying more money to the channel holders.

So, with the help of an authentic and legitimate YouTube can a person can earn lots of money even if he does not have a stable source of income and can further convert this particular channel into his full time job if he or she has the right idea in the mind and the required skill set for the same.

3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the most famous ways to make money at 18 without a job.

With the increase in technology and smartphones becoming cheaper, almost all the people are able to afford a device which has an internet connection in it. This has resulted in tremendous increase in the online shopping

Various online shopping platforms are gaining popularity because of the ease of product selection and also the various options to choose from which are offered by the sellers.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Also, price comparison is available on different websites from which the buyers can choose, compare the features, compare the prices and the type of the model of the product they want to purchase.

With the increasing online shopping affiliate marketing has increased which is another way of earning income at the age of 18 if you do not have a job.

In affiliate marketing, the user has to register with one of the E-commerce websites so that he or she is able to sell the products of that particular website using his own referral link.

If any buyer purchases the product using this particular referral link, then the website has to pay some amount as Commission to the person who has made this affiliate link.

With the help of affiliate marketing thousands of people are earning millions of dollars annually as they are able to sell many products using their personal referral link.


We can understand the concept of affiliate marketing with the help of the example which is given below. This particular example was published in a journal a few years back in the United States of America.

Few years back a person named Peter who was living in New York registered with so that he could earn some money with the help of affiliate marketing.

After registering with the Amazon domain he used to make the referral links of the products which were sold on Amazon and then used to share those links with discounts and coupons on various social media platforms and chatting groups.

People used to purchase a lot of products from Amazon using the links which Peter provided and these platforms because these were the discounted links which were not easily available.

As a result of affiliate marketing some commission from each of the products which was purchased using the link generated by Peter was given to him in the form of revenue from the Amazon company.

He was able to generate so much revenue that his story was shared in the local daily newspapers and magazines and was covered by the media houses.

He said that he was able to earn somewhere around 100000 dollars in a span of 14 months only.

The main thing which one should keep in mind is that affiliate marketing is a passive income which is done in the form of a side business and not a full time earning source.

But for a person who wants to make money at 18 without a job this method can prove to be very effective and fruitful.

4: Content Writer

In the present scenario, abundant information is available on every sector and domain whenever we search the related keyword on the Google search engine.

A lot of websites appear as soon as we hit the entire after typing the keyword which shows the search result related to that particular keyword. The content which is most relevant and often referred by the people is ranked above the other websites whose content is not found relevant related to the keyword.

In such a way websites are able to generate revenue by applying in the various ad networks and at the same time diverting organic traffic on their blogs with the help of social media platforms and other backlinks.

Content Writer
Content Writer

But whether it be a website or blog or even any social media post, people or the readers will only like it if the quality of the content is proper and at the same time is not very complex to understand.

This can only be done with the help of authentic and good quality writers who have a fair amount of knowledge about the topic and at the same time use the correct vocabulary and lay man language for writing the article.

Ensuring that the article which you are going to publish on your website or social media page will be able to catch the eyes of all the people is very necessary otherwise all your hard work and the investment of funds will go into the drain.

So it becomes very important to focus on the keyword and maintain its density throughout the article so that it is able to rank in the first page of Google.

At the same time one should also use proper images which are related to the concepts or features provided in the article so that the article does not become unknown for the readers.

Proper image tags should be used so that even the images are able to rank in the first page of Google and generate a lot of revenue.

It should also be kept in mind that if the content of the website or the blog is eye catchy then maximum people who will see the link will click on it and try to open it for finding the content which is published inside.

The job of a content writer is a passive job because it can be done even after someone is returning from his or her 9 to 6 job every day because it will take only one or two hours for performing the task which will provide him additional income for meeting his monthly Essentials.

If the right skills of writing are present in an individual, then he or she can also apply at various freelancing companies which are looking for part time content writers.

These organisations are ready to pay good amounts every month or even on contractual basis depending upon the number of articles and blogs that you are writing in a month.

So our team of experts will definitely advise you to become a content writer if you want to make money at 18 without a job.

5: Invest in Property and Real Estate

Investing in real estate is something which has proved to be one of the best ways of earning money. Real estate should be something which is not very cheap and at the same time is capable of reaching a lot of money when it is sold off.

Investing in real estate for property at the right time can result in generating tremendous returns.

Invest in Property and Real Estate
Invest in Property and Real Estate

Our experts tested the same personally and have come to this particular conclusion that if you want to double or even triple your wealth then what you can do is invest your money in properties and real estate wisely while keeping some portion reserved in your savings for future and emergency use.

By doing so you will see that after a year or two the money which you have invested in the real estate has increased and multiplied twice or thrice depending upon the market scenario.

But the right real estate should only be chosen if you have prior knowledge of investing in real estate or you can consult your parents or any other relative working in the same field.

Consultation is very important because higher amount of money is involved in this particular investment and it should only be invested after all the properties have been evaluated and factors like the nearest market to the property, the quality of the roads in the vicinity, the type of neighbourhood, location from airport, bus stand, or railway station.

Good real estate property is considered to be the one which has 24 hours of water supply along with rare electricity cuts.

Also the availability of malls and theatres near the property can add as a factor which can increase the property’s price in the future. So the investment in such kinds of properties has always proven to be beneficial for the investors.

So all the people who do not have experience and even the teenagers can easily make money at 18 without a job.

It is also important to conduct surveys and know about the areas present in the city which are able to fetch the maximum rent.

By the help of this factor it will be easier to gain monthly returns in the form of rent from the tenants who will come to live in the property you are purchasing or taking on rent.

In this way a constant and stable return can be insured at the age of 18 even if you are not having a permanent job.

If the property was taken on rent or purchase is very big in size, then the money which will be invested in the form of maintenance of the garden, the rooms, houses, plants and which also has to be given to the caretaker in the form of monthly payment will be very much higher.

So the right decision about the size of the property and the monthly maintenance spend has to be taken before coming on the actual purchase decision so that the person does not have to suffer in the future regarding the same.

The decision taken should be such that it helps the individual save and helps him or her make money at 18 without a job.

We hope that till now you would have liked the article as the ideas which are provided by us for making money at the age of 18, even if you do not have a permanent job are the best present in the market and practically experienced by our professional team.

6: Baby Sitting

In the majority of countries when a baby is born then the newly married couple face a tough time in managing all the activities of the baby and at the same time manage their occupation.

The work life balance gets completely disturbed which gives rise to a lot of tension and discussion in the environment of the house.

This further makes a very negative impact on the health of the person and also results in fights which result in a very bad decision. So many couples are looking for someone who can babysit their newly born child or even children below the age of 10.

Baby Sitting
Baby Sitting

A child who is less than 18 years in age can definitely work as a babysitter in nearby houses or colonies.

Apart from going to school or college he or she can definitely take out three or four hours from their schedule and babysit the child present next door so that they are able to earn some additional income for themselves.

Babysitting the child is not a very difficult task as all the items which are required for taking care of the baby like the food which it consumes, the clothes to wear, the diapers, etc. are all present in the house.

But it should also be kept in the mind that what are the special requirements of the baby. If the baby’s parents tell you to provide the baby with some special food and medicine at any particular time, then it should be taken into account and provided at the same time that is mentioned by the parents so that no health issue occurs with the baby.

The babies are very fragile and sensitive and should be handled with great care so that your parents are happy with your babysitting and are willing to pay you salary on time.

Also apart from babysitting, if possible, you can also ask them to do certain odd jobs of the house like dishwashing, dusting, cleaning the rooms and washing the car so that you are able to on more amount of money in the form of side income and ensure that your pocket is full during the time of weekends.

This will also ensure that fun and entertainment elements are always present in your life.

If you are able to perform properly at one particular house, then on the nearby houses which have children who are less than 10 years of age will be ready to offer you the job of babysitter.

So this particular key is what you can do this you can accumulate all the children at one particular place and involve them in playing games and also teaching them short poems and rhymes so that they also become busy and do not disturb you very much.

By doing so men can generate a lot of side income with the help of which the movies parties and friendships can be easily maintained at the age of 18 and also some money can be given in the household savings so that the parents are also happy to see it and get the feeling that yes your child is on the right track in life.

But following all the steps one can easily make money at the age of 18 without even having a permanent or stable job.

Please stay with us till the end of the article as we would be providing many more interesting and intelligent solutions for earning money at the age of 18 even if you are not having a permanent job.

You can share these ideas with your friends and family members so that they also benefit in the same way you have leveraged our informative article.

7: Do Odd Jobs in Nearby Houses

In the above topic we have covered that one should know how to use the nearby region in a much better way as ample amounts of earning opportunities are present in that particular area where you are currently living.

The people who are living nearby are the best option which can provide you with an authentic and reasonable amount of work as they already trust you for the same.

Do Odd Jobs in Nearby Houses
Do Odd Jobs in Nearby Houses

So if babysitting does not work out for you then you can get involved in other odd jobs which are required in the house so that you are able to generate a good amount of money for yourself.

With the increasing competition and the thirst for uplifting the standard of living very quickly, both the partners in the house are working day and night so that they are able to secure their future and as well as save ample amounts of money for their children.

They want to secure their children’s education and send them to one of the best schools and colleges in their city or country.

But in this race of upgrading themselves, they have forgotten the fact that they are not giving time to their own children. So, because of this they become restless and come to the solution that they will put the children in crèche.

They also think hiring a babysitter as a solution. So here lies a wonderful opportunity where you can cash in and apply for a job in that particular house so that you are able to perform the dual purpose of a babysitter and as well as an odd job performer.

After they have left for their workplaces, you can complete the remaining work in the house like washing the dishes, painting the house, maintenance of the house, maintaining the garden of the house, washing the clothes, making food and many other such works.

So by performing all these tasks at that particular house you will be able to get a salary which is equivalent to 3-4 salaries for which you had to work in more than three or four houses and invest a lot of time and energy.

So with the changing scenario one should understand the fact that hard work is not the only key for becoming successful and the need of the hour is smart work.

By becoming smart one can easily make money at 18 without a job and can contribute to their family household and monthly expenditures.

8: Graphic Designer

With the increasing technology and the shifting of businesses from offline to online channels, the demand for graphic designers has increased tremendously.

Many people and companies are looking for part-time graphic designers who are willing to contribute in meaningful ways for their businesses by providing visually aesthetic logos and videos for them.

Designing a logo or video requires some skill sets and wonderful imagination so that you can produce something which has not been produced till now and at the same time is meaningful and useful for the company.

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

The video or the logo should be designed in such a way that it complements the product and services which are being offered by the company for their valuable customers.

If a person is just a beginner and does not know how to design high-level graphics for logos and videos, then he or she can simply search for the same on the Google search engine.

The result page will display many websites and tutorial videos with the help of which they can quickly learn high-level designing of logos and videos.

People who are living in the United States of America believe in becoming freelance graphic designers as they study or pursue their main job for education during the daytime and provide their services to organizations by designing videos and logos in the nighttime.

By working as a freelancer, they can make money at 18 without a job.

This particular job is not permanent and can be considered in the form of a temporary job which helps them to earn their pocket money and at the same time contribute some portion in the household expenditures so that the overall savings of the house can be increased.

The graphic designers can earn more than 1500 Dollars every week even if they are not involved in full-time designing for various organizations or companies.

The demand for graphic designers around the world is increasing tremendously because every online company wants to improve and consolidate their presence on various social media platforms and business journals by creating visual aesthetic logos which have the capability of capturing the eyesight of the viewers at a single glance.

They want that their logos can create an everlasting impact on the minds of the customers or potential customers.

This will further contribute in less brand switching by the potential customers and will boost up the revenue even more and further contribute to improving profits for the organization and as well as for the individual graphic designer.

So if you are 18 years of age and want to earn some extra money in no time then you should definitely learn the skills of a graphic designer and simply work from home and earn a lot of money.

9: Providing Social Media Services

Social media has become the maker and breaker of the image are not only at individual levels but also at the levels of organizations and companies.

As a result, the companies are now focusing more and more on the fact that they should consolidate their social media presence in order to rope in more clients and even reduce brand switching.

In such a scenario, improving the social media presence has become a key for organizations.

Providing Social Media Services
Providing Social Media Services

For the same purpose, companies are constantly looking for fresh mines and skilled individuals who are willing to contribute in the favour of the organization in a much better and more meaningful way than full-time employees.

The companies are looking for freelancers to work for them because freelancers are not considered to be a part of the organization and at the same time the cost to the company of the freelancers is very less when compared with a full-time employee.

The company is saving a lot of cost when they are hiring a freelancer because the cost to the company of things like transport expenditure, breakfast and lunch expenditure, employee provident fund and many such other expenditures are removed, which directly boosts the revenue of the company.

So if the individual has the right skill set and knowledge of digital marketing, they can definitely start providing their personalized social media management services to organizations and companies by contacting them.

They can ask their preferences and provide them with specialist articles and content to be published on their social media pages or websites. This will help them attract a good amount of organic traffic, further resulting in increased revenue generation.

Apart from that they can also design Strategies and marketing tactics with the help of which their products and services are known globally and trusted and praised by everyone.

The social media pages and business journals should be handled in such a way that it creates an everlasting impact on the customers’ minds and converts the potential customers into permanent customers of the company.

If you get the chance of becoming the social media manager of any particular company, then you should come up with interactive and fun filled programs and campaigns that after seeing them the people talk about their particular product and believe that the product and services offered by you are definitely superior than what the competitors are offering at the same price.

This will further contribute in increasing the customer base and finally more revenue generation from the same segment.

As a social media marketer, you can also help the companies in improving their followers for subscribers on various social media platforms so that they are able to by all these online platforms and at the same time increase your customer base day by day.

If you can successfully make the business profitable using all the digital marketing techniques, then a large chunk of the deal will come your way in the form of commission from the companies and which will definitely help you in making money at 18 without a job.

10: Washing the Cars

In this world which is moving towards fast-paced development and progress, human beings have indulged themselves in the rat race of becoming the pioneers of status symbols in the locality where they are living.

In such a world car is considered to be a status symbol and an epitome of pride and prestige for the people.

Washing the Cars
Washing the Cars

The companies have also understood this particular feeling of the individuals and have come out with various types of cars which range from pocket-friendly monthly installments and go on till expensive and luxurious cars which can only be offered by the people who have a very handsome salary.

But purchasing a car is something which everyone can do according to his or her own pocket and needs. The only thing which matters is that they cannot take out time from their busy schedule for the maintenance and repair of the car.

They work 5 or 6 days a week and at the weekend want to take out their car and go for a long drive or even watch their favorite movie. So they are not able to take care of the vehicle in a proper way.

By releasing this particular need, they have understood that they need someone who can frequently wash their car and at the same time maintain all the parts of the car along with the paint in aesthetics and the tires of the car.

So here lies a wonderful opportunity for all you youngsters out there so that you can make money at 18 without a job.

You just have to spot the houses which are located nearby your place which has one or two cars and the owner does not have enough time for looking after them.

You can make a list of all such houses and then visit them one by one and propose your idea of maintaining the car and frequently wash them on their behalf if they are willing to pay good amounts of money for the same.

You can create your own packages with various types of offerings.

For example, you can tell them that you are available on Saturdays and are willing to wash their cars 4 times in a month which will cost them $20 per wash.

If they want to add certain services like taking the car for maintenance or even cleaning the car from inside, then some additional cost will be included and added to the total.

If they want frequent watches and maintenance of the car, design another package for certain situations so that you can do an extra by working on weekdays.

You can also help the owners of the car by completing the paperwork of the car which is due for pending from long time as they are not getting enough time from their busy schedule to go out there in the officers and complete the paperwork.

Every task which is added apart from washing the car will fetch you additional money which will further help you in generating a good amount of income and make money at 18 without a job.

11: Taking the Dog Out for a Walk

Dogs are considered to be the best friend of human beings. They are the ones who put a smile on the face of human beings and they return from a dull and monotonous hard working day from their offices or other places.

They are very loyal and always wait for their master to return home so that they can play with them. Apart from the playing part they are the ones who keep the house and the property safe at the time when the owners of the house are away.

Taking the Dog Out for a Walk
Taking the Dog Out for a Walk

There have been many cases in network sites in America and other parts of the world where the dogs have proved their mettle by saving a lot of ongoing thefts and burglaries by biting the thieves or even scaring them away.

All these factors add up and have contributed in giving dogs the name of a good boy. All they need in return is a good diet that contains food of their liking and a fixed time every day when they are taken out for a walk so that they can poop easily and become happy again by wiggling their tails.

But again, the problem is that the owners who are working and busy with their schedules cannot take out time for their dogs.

They come back from their workplaces late in the evening. Till that time, the time which is considered to be perfect for an evening stroll has already passed. Also, the fatigue and tiredness overpower the body, resulting in the procrastination of taking the dog out for a walk.

If such behavior is repeated time and again, then the dog starts becoming irritating and also becomes dull because all they ask for is a good meal and a small walk out of the house.

So here again lies a wonderful opportunity to make money at 18 without a job by making a list of all the houses which are present in the vicinity who own a dog or two and are not able to take out time from their busy schedules to take them out for a walk.

You can reach these houses one by one and put your idea forward about taking care of their dog while they are away and providing him with proper meals and playing with him so that he remains active and happy.

You can also promise them to take care of the house and other belongings in their absence so that they remain tension free in their workplaces and can work with full efficiency.

But we would like to recommend that before you start taking care of any dog who is present in the vicinity, you should be careful about the fact that you do not have any kind of allergies from animals as this can prove to be fatal in the later stages of life.

Also, before you enroll for such services, you should make a background check about what all injections have been already given to the dog and what all injections are pending so that you have a fair amount of idea about the dog and make sure that no kind of disease is in the picture.

By enrolling in such activities, your metabolism and physical fitness will definitely be at its best because you also have to run after the dog to play with them and keep yourself and yourself active and fit at the same time.

Also if you are an animal lover then this particular activity will not look like work to you as it will be counted in your fun and playtime and at the same time will result in awarding you a good amount of money for your personal expenditures.

Our experts have created this particular method to make money at home without a job as one of the best for all the youngsters out there.

Please stay with us till the end of the article as we will be providing many more exciting and intelligent solutions for earning money at the age of 18 even if you do not have a permanent job.

You can share these ideas with your friends and family members so that they also benefit in the same way you have leveraged our informative article.

12: Become Uber Driver

Becoming an Uber driver is something that is a very simple and effective way of earning money when you do not have a stable source of income.

In fact, this method is adopted by the majority of the people who are living in the United States of America and even different parts of the world to earn some additional income to meet their monthly expenses.

The only thing required for enrolling yourself as an Uber driver is that you should have a car that is capable of traveling more than 150 kilometers in a day and at the same time is competent enough to provide a luxurious and safe ride to the clients.

Become Uber Driver
Become Uber Driver

The car should also be visually appealing and should not be damaged from the outside so that the rider feels that he or she is sitting in their personal car itself.

Also for applying for the position of an Uber driver, you should be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a proper driving license of four-wheelers approved by the government of the local state.

The company will also test your driving skills before proceeding forward and awarding you to work with Uber as a part-time or full-time driver.

If you can fulfill all these requirements of the company, then you will be able to work as a part-time driver with the company and a good amount of money for yourself and as well as for the company.

The Uber company has a beautiful structure where every ride deducts around 15 to 20% of the charge in a form of commission for themselves and rewards the remaining 80% as the driver’s payment. They disperse the salaries of drivers at the month end.

So depending on the time that you can invest in the form of an Uber driver, the opportunities of earning good amounts of money are present in front of you which you can exploit to the extent till you want.

It has been noted in a survey that if you can drive an Uber Cab for around 3 to 4 hours every day, starting from the evening till Midnight then you will definitely earn somewhere around 700 to 800 dollars.

So even if you take out the expenses of gasoline and the repair of the car still you will be able to earn around 400 to 500 Dollars in a week which will come out to be somewhere around $2000 a month.

One can also perform the dual task of delivering the items and other essential commodities while dropping the passengers to their destination. In this way, the candidate can earn some additional bucks by investing the same amount of gasoline and time.

The candidate can also provide cab services in areas which are very busy and at the same time have passengers who’s paying capacity is much more when compared with the middle-class people.

This will result in increased income and at the same time will boost your personal savings.

So, we will definitely recommend you enroll as an Uber driver if you can meet all the requirements of the company and at the same time want to make money at 18 without a job.

13: Delivery Services

The delivery of essential commodities and services is something that has gained a lot of importance and dominance in the majority parts of the world.

Many companies have entered this niche market where they provide transportation services, pick and drop services, and movers and packers services.

These companies are in contracts with the logistics companies who have specialized drivers for the deliveries, which are of long distances and local delivery boys and girls for the intra City sales.

Delivery Services
Delivery Services

You can easily apply in such companies as many companies are present in every town and city for the local deliveries.

The companies are always open for hiring delivery boys and girls for making the home delivery of groceries, eggs, bread, milk, butter and many other such things daily in the nearby neighborhood and also to some far away distant places.

Depending upon the distance covered in a day and the number of deliveries successfully made, incentives can be earned by the individual apart from the fixed income which the company has agreed to pay upon the completion of the month.

Talking about the Indian market, players like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats, Dunzo and many others have emerged in the last three or four years.

They have only a food delivery application and over the time have modified themselves according to the need of the hour and the changing trends of the market.

They have now drastically increased their delivery individual workforce and are constantly recruiting new persons to cover the maximum ground of the respective cities.

They offer good amounts of incentives and weekly tasks upon completion of which they are given certain goodies and increment in their fixed salary. Also if they can break a certain threshold of the number of deliveries set in a day by the company, then they can also earn daily incentives.

If you are willing to earn a good amount of money and are comfortable traveling long distances on a two-wheeler or even a four-wheeler, then you can apply in the Intercity deliveries of these particular companies.

Intercity deliveries are where you have to take certain goods in a car or van to the nearby states and cities in a radius of 150 to 200 kilometers.

Usually, these deliveries take a day or two and the traveling expenses, boarding and lodging expenses, and food expenses are covered from the company’s end.

The only requirement for applying for a particular job is that the person should be physically fit, should know how to drive a car or two-wheelers and is willing to offer his or her services for a minimum 4 to 5 hours a day.

So, the opportunity of ending when one is willing to enrol himself or herself as a delivery service agent is immense and with the help of these monthly expenses can be easily made by the individual and the problem of how to make money at 18 without a job will definitely be solved.

14: Tuition Teacher

One of the best ways of earning some incentives and income is by becoming a tuition teacher for the students of the middle section or pre-primary section.

Nowadays it has become a trend that both the parents are working and are busy in their workplaces. They leave the houses around 9:00 in the morning and return in the late evening hours.

As a result, they are exhausted and completely tired when they return and are not in a situation to teach their children the various objects taught in this school.

They can also not help them in their studies and assist them in their project or homework.

Tuition Teacher
Tuition Teacher

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for the child to cope up with the studies and maintain the balance between the studying hours and playing hours.

To ensure that their child is performing well in their studies and as well as in extracurricular activities, it is very important from the point of view of the parents that they provide ample amount of guidance and assistance to them so that it results in the holistic development of the child.

So to tackle this particular problem the parents are always looking for someone who is similar to the age of their children or even a bit older and tackle them in just the way in which the parents would have done.

This will help in increasing the morale and confidence of the child, which will further result in improved grades in academics and also actively taking part in various extracurricular activities.

The parents therefore are always searching for tuition teachers who are living in the nearby area of their house so that the management of the studies and extracurricular activities can be easily done.

If a student has the correct skills and is academic this sound, then he or she can definitely apply for the position of a teacher and provide home tuition to all the children living in the neighborhood.

But before applying, they should take care of the fact that their subject command is sound and they themselves do not face any kind of doubt while they are teaching the students as if this happens so then it will create a very negative impact on the parents of the children.

When you are teaching the students who are living in the nearby houses, this will act as a word of mouth publicity.

Suppose in the beginning if you are teaching two or three houses then if the parents of those children are happy with your teaching they will spread the word about you to their relatives and friends which will further improve your customer database as they will contact you for providing home tuitions to their children as well.

So, with the help of networking and marketing, more and more clients can be created, and the person can earn money at 18 without a job.

15: Marketing of Companies

Another very interesting method of earning money at the age of 18 if you do not have a stable job is by distributing the Pamphlets of various local businesses and coaching centres in your nearby area.

Many new start-ups and businesses arising divide a which want to serve the customers much better and increase their market share by giving tough competition to the competitors in the same segment.

Marketing of Companies
Marketing of Companies

All these new companies and businesses are looking for people with the right skills and ability to promote their products and services in the nearby markets.

They want to hire young people because it is not physically possible for them to go out in the market and sell their products by themselves.

So they transfer this particular issue to the 18 and 20-year-old boys and girls who are young, dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic about promoting the product and services and in return, gain incentives for the same.

One can not only distribute the company’s pamphlets but can also involve in other related marketing activities like organizing campaigns for the companies, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.

They can also organise road shows on the company’s behalf by telling the USP of the business to the people with the help of a loudspeaker or by personally taking the process to the houses.

The shops and businesses are ready to pay almost $5 for the distribution of every 500 Pamphlets. It hardly takes an hour to do so.

So one must grab this particular opportunity with both hands if it comes your way because it does not require anything to be invested apart from one hour of time and a little physical strength.

16: Mow the Lawn

The greenery of plants and trees, along with the rush of green bushes of flowers, is loved by all. But maintaining all these things in your own Garden and at the same time removing the additional lawn becomes very difficult as all this requires an investment of time which is not present with the people as they are working in Corporates.

Usually, people leave their homes around 9 o’clock in the morning and return in the late evening hours.

Mow the Lawn
Mow the Lawn

As a result, the energy from their bodies is completely drained out and they are not left in a situation to perform the task of keeping their plants and trees up to the mark and healthy.

So these people are looking for certain individuals who are willing to take care of the garden and at the same time remove the excess lawn with the help of the lawn mower.

Giving water to the plants at the correct time and also removing the wild bushes which grow in between the original plants is something which is required very frequently so as to enjoy the long life of the plants and flowers.

In such a case the owners of the Gardens are looking for individuals who are willing to invest their time and effort in taking care of their lawn and the plants present in the personal Garden.

They provide all the equipment and the necessary fertilizers which are needed to be put in the soil so that the proper growth and sustainability of the plants in the garden is insured.

This provides a wonderful opportunity for all those people who want to make money at 18 without a job as they can easily take out one or two hours from your busy schedule in a week and to their houses and take care of the person’s Garden.

They just need to wear gloves and masks when working and ensure that all the wild branches and grasses are removed using the equipment so that the plants can grow freely.

You can also charge additional money from them if they want you to frequently mow the lawn using the lawn mower. Moving the lawn mower is a very difficult task because it requires a huge amount of human body force and simultaneously is a very tiring process.

Similar types of work can also be done during the time of winter when the garden and the roads are covered with snow.

The snow can be removed from the nearby roads and in front of the house which are present in your neighborhood. You can take the contract of doing so by talking to all the house owners in the area and asking them to pay you weekly or monthly for removing the snow and cleaning their vehicles.

People believe in the fact that removing the snow is a process that is very time-consuming at the same time requires a lot of human effort. But the reality is that if a proper team is made then the turn button every member of the house can easily remove the snow for 15 minutes every day, which can save a lot of money.

So this opportunity can also be exploited if you want to earn at the age of 18 if you do not have a regular income.

It was published in an article that for doing a similar kind of work, people are charging around $100 for a week per house for which they work and removing the snow.

We definitely recommend this particular method to make money at 18 without a job.

17: Provide Assistance to Elders

Many people are present in the society who are living on their own and are more than 60 years in age. At this particular age, the hand and leg coordination does not work properly as it used to do when they were thirty or forty years in age.

During this challenging time, they need someone who can take good care of them during the day or night. Also, they want their daily needs to be fulfilled, like bringing fresh groceries from the supermarket, cleaning their car, maintaining their house, and paying the electricity and water bills on time.

Provide Assistance to Elders
Provide Assistance to Elders

Also, as they are not well versed with the technology and gadgets, they need a young mind to help the mouth and slowly teach them how to use a Smartphone and laptops so that they can also connect with their family members in the absence of the child.

So here lies a beautiful opportunity to make money at 18 without a job for all the teenagers presents out there.

By involving in such an activity, you will get a good amount of money as you can become their helper on a temporary or even a permanent basis and assist them throughout the day so that they can sleep peacefully at night.

The only thing which they should keep in mind is that one should not try to block them because they are old in age as if by chance you are caught, a police complaint will be filed against you and legal actions can be taken as you were harassing the senior citizens of a country.

You can also take them out on long drives if you know how to drive a car so they can enjoy life in the later stages and feel young again.

Apart from taking them on long drives, you can also take them on evening walks in the nearby Gardens or even on the road by carefully holding their hand and guiding them throughout the path.

This will help them maintain their body fitness and simultaneously enjoy the life of the outside world as they are compelled to sit in their houses for the whole day.


1: How can we earn as an Uber driver at the age of 18?

For becoming an Uber driver at the age of 18 the basic requirements include a professional driving license, the skills to drive a car, a proper vehicle, and the inner motivation to drive the vehicle and invest your time.

2: Why do we need to earn side income at the age of 18?

At the age of 18, the youths have to bear a lot of expenses like academics, entertainment, party, and much more. So, to manage those expenses on their own they need to earn some money to sustain themselves.

3: How can I get rich without a job?

You can easily get rich by starting a small business in a niche market by carefully analyzing the market and implementing techniques that help in scaling the business to a great extent over time.

4: How can we make money in high school without a job?

One can make money in high school even without a job by mowing the lawn, removing the snow, babysitting, taking tuition, delivering goods and services, cleaning the cars, and helping maintain nearby gardens.

5: Why is it difficult to find a permanent job at the age of 18?

At the age of 18, it is difficult to find a permanent job because most of the jobs in the market demand graduation or post-graduation degrees that cannot be earned at the age of 18 years. So, instead of a permanent job, one can easily get a part-time job and earn quick bucks.

6. How can we earn as a babysitter at the age of 18?

At the age of 18 years, one can quickly become a babysitter of a child younger than him or her by taking care of him or her in the absence of the parents and providing him/her meals on time, and helping them in their studies.

Final Verdict

Making money at 18 without a job is a query asked by millions of people all around the world.

When a person is 18 years of age, he or she is in a dilemma from where can I get some extra income to meet their expenses related to entertainment, party, academics, traveling, shopping, mobile recharges, and other related expenses.

In this article, we have tried to provide some of the best and most legitimate ways of earning money when you are 18 years or above in age and at the same time do not have a stable source of income for a permanent job.

The methods we have provided in this particular article are personally tested by our experts and have shown tremendous results in most cases.

You can choose any of the given methods and try to earn some additional income for yourself and your family so that you can meet your additional expenses at the age of 18 even if you are without a job.

We hope that you would have liked our informative article. Please tell us in the comments sections which method you implemented and proved useful for you.


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