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How to Make Money Doing Nothing at All in 2023

To make money doing nothing at all is possible if you generate some passive income sources for you that would generate wealth for you even when you are sitting idle.

To consistently make money doing nothing at all would require a lot of effort in the beginning but once the passive income source is established for you then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the inflow of wealth into your life.

Let us discuss some of these ways in detail and try to understand ways to make some extra money by sitting idle and enjoying life.

20 Legit Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing at All

All of us wish to make money sitting idle but the sad part is we put little to no effort into achieving financial freedom. The goal to achieve this might differ from person to person.

Some wish to gain financial freedom, while others are looking for a debt-free life. Some want to travel the world while others want to spend on luxury. Make sure you have clear goals before jumping on how to make money doing nothing at all.

1: Earn Money with Book Writing

Earn Money with Book Writing
Earn Money with Book Writing

Do you have the skills to write a book? Are you fascinated by storytelling and book writing? Can you put a few of your efforts in writing your first book?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you must start now. Selling books can be the best source of income that you could generate for a lifetime.

A: Selling Books Directly

This is an extremely popular method of selling the books as the author not only gets the advance from the publication but will also be paid a royalty on the sales of the book in the future.

This makes it an extremely lucrative option for all budding entrepreneurs and book writers as the initial handwork will pay off the rewards for a lifetime.

If you are linked with a traditional publication agency, then they will be paying you around $2 per book sold and you need to ensure that your sales are on an upward track to get a continuous inflow of money in your account.

However, if you are a self-publisher and wish to sell your books using Amazon, then you might end up paying them around 5$ per sale or promotion based on the price margin for your book.

The huge market potential on the platform has made Amazon Kindle an extremely popular choice for all the new self-publishing authors and budding entrepreneurs.

B: Sales Based on the Book Content

Most of professional authors do not entirely depend on just book sales but their major revenue comes from a model where they monetize their book content.

If you are successful in selling book copy based on its content, then there is a huge opportunity to earn income while sitting idle in the future. Let us understand this with the below examples;

  • Teaching or Consulting work
  • Speaking gigs
  • Product Sales and Pre-sales
  • Tours, travel and special events
  • Crowdfunding

These are some common ways to monetize the book’s content and earn a lifetime of income sitting idle.

C: Selling Books with Promotional Products

Do you know about up-selling and cross-selling marketing strategies? Are they good at sales? If the answer is Yes, you will make much more money than any average author.

Selling promotional products or advertising affiliate products via your book is another excellent way to add more income to your money source. You may start by selling coffee mugs, t-shirts etc. on websites like Zazzle, CafePress or Etsy.

Using websites like Vayable you might offer your readers travel and tour packages to their dream places at affordable prices and this would add on to your passive income source.

Many new authors who have decided to become self-publisher often head their way to platforms like Indie go where they start crowdfunding campaigns to gather money for book publication.

Most of authors nowadays have their website and social media accounts where they promote their products or service or even provide the community with special coupons or discounts where they earn affiliate commissions based on sales.

Others often start giving consulting by arranging workshops in various places and teaching the upcoming authors about their experiences and learnings. Several authors often sell their courses on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy to the users.

2: Earn Money by Creating Apps

Earn Money by Creating Apps
Earn Money by Creating Apps

Are you good with coding? Do you have an idea for a mobile application? Do you think about the viability of your product?

If you are thinking about any of the above points, this would be the perfect section for you where we have tried to explain how to make money doing nothing at all.

You must know that it takes hours of coding and months of work to develop an app that is up to industry standards.

Before you start investing your time, money, and efforts, you must know how difficult it is to make an app and generate revenue from it.

Let us look at different ways to make money with mobile apps and then leverage it to make wealth sitting idle.

A:  In-App Purchases (Google Play Store and the Apple App Store)

Both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store enable the publishers to make revenue using in-app purchases, making it an extremely important strategy to make money using apps.

There are different models inside the application that allows you to make passive income online, such as you may adopt a strategy to trigger in-app purchase for consumable items.

Other app developers might sell non-consumable products, which are a permanent solution to people’s problems. While some others adopt the subscription-based model, one of the most converting products under this category.

B: Monetize with Ads

Ads are one of the most popular ways to make money using apps and the entire global market is driven by ads. You will find the das on almost 80% of apps available online.

In-app ads are a great way to monetize the application using affiliate products or services and gain commission from the advertisers based on your audience size and location.

Some of the common ways to monetize with ads such as Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPM) and Cost per View (CPV).

If you are looking for partners to help you monetize the app, then you can use options like Google AdMob and Flurry application. Most of the ad monetization channels support both iOS and Android applications.

You may also check their ad campaign types like banner ads, video ads, native ads or intestinal ads. Try to identify the one with more options as you can leverage it to generate more income over time.

C: Earn with Freemium Monetization Strategy

If you could create a 2nd version of your mobile application, you could definitely benefit from the fermium monetization strategy. This means that if the application users like your app, they might pay a premium to get additional features.

This feature involves an upgrade option for the users where they pay some extra amount to enjoy the additional benefits like ad-free experience, bonus rewards or priority customer service.

There are several examples of apps that have adopted this model such as YouTube Music or MX Player where the free version shows ads while the premium version is ad-free with tones of other benefits.

3: Earn Money with a Micro-Niche Static Blog/Website

Earn Money with a Micro-Niche Static Blog/Website
Earn Money with a Micro-Niche Static Blog/Website

You can start earning by writing a blog either as a part-time job or as a full source of revenue and discuss different ways to make money doing nothing.

Now we try to understand the different ways by which we can monitor our website but before beginning, we must first create a site and create website. We need a good domain name and an excellent hosting account to get hold of the website’s traffic.

Once you have purchased the domain and posted it on the hosting account next we need to establish WordPress settings on a website. The next task would be to post a static block page on our website that could be monetized differently.

Now let’s try to understand what are the different methods to monetize the blog or website especially when it is a static one.

A: Start selling a digital service

The most common way to earn money with a blog is by selling your products or services.

Services are one of the easiest methods for monetization as the perfect service will be one that follows the following criteria i.e. it should be easy to understand, should be helpful for the users, and should satisfy their needs and requirements.

An excellent example of a service blog would be the one that sells online article writing services and online Digital Marketing services.

B: Create an online e-commerce platform

You can easily convert your website into an online E-Commerce platform where you would be able to connect buyers and sellers.

All you need to do is establish a website so that buyers would offer their products on the platform and then get traffic on your website so that people could get what they want quickly.

You may also list some of your old products and items of people nearby you in the initial phase so that you could get the initial traffic quickly. Next step would be to get hold of some external vendors and make them list products on your website.

Once this is done, get in touch with some digital marketers who could help you get traffic on your website.

This would help you generate some terrific revenue amounts, which you could use the letter to build it to the next level and spend more on digital marketing efforts and brand-building activities.

C: Create an online community blog

An online community blog could become a highly great source of income especially when you want to do nothing at the latter place. To do so first you need to create a registration page on your website where people can log in and signup.

Once people have logged into your website now provide them with various group pages and other facilities so that they could interact with one another based on their interests and likings.

To further enhance the ability of your member’s membership site you can make it a micro-niche site related to specific domains. This might be related to trending styles like yoga, lifestyle, personal finance, relationship advice etc.

D: Create a single-page software

You can create a single-page software where you could provide a solution to specific problems of people. This may offer services like

  • The current date and time.
  • The age of people is based on their date of birth.
  • Create a calculator that provides calculations based on the inputs given by the users.

You have numerous options that you could include in your single-page software and earn additional income by doing nothing at home.

E: Create a Directory Portal to earn money

Many bloggers prefer to create a directory website which has a much similar model as that of a membership website.

Directory website has all the latest information about any particular industry such as the number of people in that industry, the average salary of people in that industry and the nearby places and locations that one can visit.

They may also include additional information like the nearby restaurants, tourist places and other related places for people. Directory websites are an excellent way to collect leads for various travel and tourism-related business owners.

You need to create a specific form to collect the database of people visiting your website and then you would be able to sell the database to the related business owners at a very good price.

4: Become a Professional Content Writer

Become a Professional Content Writer
Become a Professional Content Writer

If you want to make money doing nothing, becoming a professional content writer could be an ideal choice.

Initially, you need to gather clients and write good quality content for them. This would be the most difficult phase as there is huge competition in the market.

To easily pass this phase you can provide work at a relatively lower price than the market standards and this way you would be able to create your client portfolio.

Once your clients trust you and you have built a good relationship with them then you could start increasing the price.

Over some time, you would be able to create a very strong database of clients and a good market reputation. Once you have achieved this place, your next task would be to create a content writing agency.

In this agency, you can hire some freshers and teach them your skills. Once they are trained, your next task would be to give them the projects from your clients.

To be a premium content writer you need to be capable enough to write for websites, blogs, social media and news channels. A well-proficient person in any of these skills could earn a decent income while working from home.

Anyone who has a strong command on the English language can be a good content writer. Even if your English is weak and you have a strong command of your local language, then you may get in touch with any local or new blog website and ask them to give you some work.

The online business is growing at an exponential rate and therefore, you need to start working from day 1 to earn and make your place in the digital world. Content writing fits in this place and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Let us discuss some of the most popular ways to help you make a career in content writing service;

  • Select a low competition niche.
  • Post quality content on your blog.
  • Create your profile on freelancing websites like Fever and Freelancer.
  • Approach clients with the link of your blog and start working with them.
  • Start guest posting and build your online portfolio.


This way you would have a very strong portfolio of work experience to share when you look for big work like a 1-year agreement with websites. Later you can create your content writing agency and hire a few others to work under you.

To get an idea about the rates and charges that various content writers are asking you must do a little research on all the freelancing websites. Start taking orders at a low price initially to gain experience.

Once you gain relevant experience and clients start trusting you, you may increase your price every half-yearly or quarterly based on your performance and client reviews.

Thus, make sure you grind yourself in this process and improve continuously to become the best version of yourself so that earning is high and your work is best available in the market.

Once you have created your presence in the market then, many clients will approach you due to word of mouth and you will get numerous orders. Make sure you maintain your content quality and build long-term relationships with all the clients.

This will ensure that you keep earning even if some issue arises or something goes wrong because they have been trusting you for a long time. Just focus on quality content and timely delivery of submissions.

Thus, you would have established a successful professional content writing business without doing much work later. This could be a very profitable monetization strategy for you and a great source of passive income.

5: Earn Money with a YouTube Channel

Earn Money with a YouTube Channel
Earn Money with a YouTube Channel

YouTube can be a great way to make money doing nothing at all. It is a great platform to earn money and has grown exponentially over the past few years. It has become the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Do you love to edit videos? Are you in love with photography and video editing? Do you have a passion for the camera? Are you looking for an ample opportunity online?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then this article section is specifically for you. You can make videos of your genre and start earning from YouTube.

You will easily find content on the following niches;

  • Motivational, Prank and Funny Videos
  • Cooking, Health and Hygiene Tips
  • Product Reviews
  • Relationship Advice, Life Lessons and Goals
  • Educational Lessons and Tutorials
  • Photoshop and Editing Tips
  • Make money tips

YouTube platform has almost all the niches covered; therefore, this would be your best chance to show the world what you have. You can only beat the competition with high-quality videos and consistent efforts.

Your videos must be engaging with the audience. You need to learn YouTube marketing and SEO tricks. You might need to learn how to edit and upload videos.

To improve the YouTube SEO, take care of the following things;

  1. Write SEO-friendly Title Name.
  2. Include the focus keyword in the meta description.
  3. Add relevant tags to the video.
  4. Make the video thumbnail clickable and informative.

To get wealth on the platform, you need to consistently post quality content on your channel and interact well with the audience in the form of YouTube Stories and replying to the comments.

You may also collaborate with other YouTubers and grow well as a community. Apart from this you can give Giveaways, Rewards and organize small meet-ups for more engagement on your channel.

Monetization on YouTube is extremely easy, and the best part is that the platform is free for all content creators and users. Therefore, you need not spend a penny to earn from the platform.

Some popular YouTubers face the camera and talk to share their experience, while others use video editing and other tools to make their videos livelier and more engaging.

Thus, you have numerous options available, and all you need is a good strategy and consistent efforts to win this game. Now, the tough question comes: how to monetize YouTube channels and make money?

Although there are tons of different ways to make money from YouTube, we have listed 3 most used and most efficient ways that could help you make money quickly.

A: Monetize your channel with YouTube Ads

To earn money with Ads on YouTube, you need to get approval for Google Ads. It is an ad agency that enables buyers and sellers to interchange content and place ads on your YouTube videos.

When someone clicks on your ads or views them multiple times then your account gets credited some amount based on your target location and traffic.

However, to apply for Google Ads you need to qualify with the minimum requirements which are;

  • The YouTube channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • The channel must have completed 4000 minutes of watch time.

B: Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Efforts

If you wish to make money online, affiliate marketing via YouTube could be a great deal, especially when you have a channel where you review other products or services.

You can use this along with Google Ads to increase your revenue numbers to gain more profit.

Once your YouTube channel is ready, you need to join the affiliate networks that relate to your niche and then promote their products to your community.

Some of the most well-known affiliate networks and programs are the Amazon affiliate program, ClickBank, Share Sale, Commission Junction and Impact Radius etc.

C: Make Wealth with Paid/Sponsored Promotions

When you have a big YouTube community and a lot of people follow your tips and advice, you can promote sponsored products in which you can talk about the product or service on your channel.

People will get inspired by your tips, many of them will buy the product or service, and the company will give you a commission for their promotion.

We have personally seen many popular Youtubers that do a lot of sponsored product promotions on their channels and have earned a lot of side income from their community with this strategy.

6: Give Advice and Earn Money

Give Advice and Earn Money
Give Advice and Earn Money

Are you the one who wishes to advise people? Do you have a good understanding of the industry and the market? Can you guide people with the correct path and suggest to them some good career goals?

If the answer to the upper questions is yes, then you can make money doing nothing, just like giving your free advice. There are a lot of youngsters and people who are looking for some good advice and opinions.

You can express your views or opinions on various products and services and sell that later. If there are people for following your advice, then they will pay you if they find your advice valuable.

To incorporate this strategy at a bigger level you need to plan it in a stepwise manner.

First, you need to set a test market, which you can begin by giving free advice to people in your family or some of your friends. If you feel that your advice is valuable to gain some testimonials from them.

You can use these testimonials later to gain new clients. Keep on doing this until you have a sufficiently large and a database of a good number of clients.

Keep providing the best quality service and improve your efficiency at providing useful input to the users. If you are consistent in your efforts, then people will acknowledge you in the process.

Another way to earn money by advising people is white filling up survey forms. Many platforms offer a huge sum of money to the people who are filling the survey forms with full honesty and giving valuable inputs.

This is a big win situation for both the parties as you will earn money for giving your advice and the company would be able to improve their product or services based on your quality opinions.

Pro tip: Always opt for the survey that offers the highest amount of money to the users.

7: Earn Money by giving your Car on Rent

Earn Money by giving your Car on Rent
Earn Money by giving your Car on Rent

If you are someone who does most of his work while sitting at home and does not use his vehicle to a large extent, then renting your car would be an ideal option for you.

Many new online marketplaces allow users to list their cars and at the same time, allow people to rent them at an affordable price. Thus, acting as an aggregator between the buyers and the sellers.

Before you rent your car make sure that you have clarity in your mind about how much money you wish to earn by the rental service.

Also, make sure you have done the insurance and have all the necessary documents ready with you to avoid any discrepancies at a later phase.

Many car owners do not take care of their car as a result of which, they get less amount of money than they would have got if their car was in perfect condition.

Make sure you take out your car for regular maintenance services to deliver much higher performance than any other competitor in the market.

The next step would be to list your car to as many marketplaces as possible to get maximum sales and profits. Once you receive the car back, do check the car thoroughly in case there are any damages or issues.

Thus, if you wish to make money doing nothing at all then renting a car would be an ideal option for you.

8: Earn Money for Browsing the Internet

Earn Money for Browsing the Internet
Earn Money for Browsing the Internet

If you want to win extra money while browsing the internet, plenty of ways are available. All you need is a basic internet connection and the skills to search the internet.

With a good internet connection, you have plenty of options available, ranging from renting your home on platforms like Airbnb or shopping for your parents or neighbors and earning some extra bucks.

Other online platforms can even provide you with temporary part-time jobs or a few opportunities to resell your old stuff.

Earning money from doing research on the internet is not just limited to selling or reselling things, but with the upcoming latest technologies and startups, you will have plenty of other options as well.

These options include doing research and surveys for big companies, conducting trial-and-error product testing and many other things you could do while sitting at home.

If you want to make money while doing nothing and have plenty of time to pass, then several options would help you achieve the goal.

These options will not only help you make some extra cash, but with some additional money, you could get some gifts or things which you want to purchase in the future.

To apply to companies that are looking for people to give their opinion you need to satisfy their basic qualification criteria.

You need also to ensure that you satisfy the age criteria and the income criteria established by these companies. Even if there are some limitations with your profile, you still must apply to these rules as there is no harm in applying.

A: Do Research for companies online

Wonder is an excellent platform if you are a person who has some basic research skills. This organization invites corporations to research and generally on their platform and pays them certain amounts of fees to get their answers for their research.

B: Earn cashback with the Swagbucks platform

Swagbucks is not a money-making platform but you can save a decent amount of money getting coupons and cashback. This web portal allows users to research online and get paid for their research.

All you need is to get registered on the platform. Next, you need to search the web and start taking the service. The more the number of surveys you take the more reward points you get.

Keep on collecting reward points and then later you can replace them with a gift card from one of the world’s most popular retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

C: Make your opinion matter

Opinion outpost is a platform that allows users to earn money for giving their valuable opinions. This is an excellent platform that pays the users if they are capable of voicing their opinion in public.

All you need to do is take care of surveys and answer some of the critical questions where your opinion is required. In the end no one cares whether your opinion is right or wrong. All they care about is how valuable your input is to them.

D: Register on the User Testing Survey portal

User testing is a great platform if you wish to make some extra bucks by just giving your opinion on various products, services or marketing tactics.

Many international and national friends depend on this platform to gain strategic insights from consumers worldwide for their products or services. You can register on this platform for free and it’s extremely easy to sign up.

Even if you visit the website or try and test a new application, you will get paid up to $10.

You will earn a decent income from this platform if you wish to participate in multiple campaigns. Keep on working for this platform for around 1 to 2 hours a day and you will be making decent money sitting idle.

9: Make Money by Watching Videos Online

Make Money by Watching Videos Online
Make Money by Watching Videos Online

Watching videos would be your best option if you wish to make money doing nothing.

This is actually much easier than it sounds as it involves little efforts and the job is too much fun. If you are a person who spends most of his time watching TV series or movies online, then this is a section for you.

This will not only help you earn some extra money but you could leverage it in your CV as well, getting some additional points, especially for companies related to digital media or the film industry.

Swagbucks is a very popular platform where you could make some extra cash for watching videos and surfing the internet. You will be exposed to very small video clips and AD campaigns that companies want to get reviewed before launching it in the actual market.

If you keep watching such videos, you could earn many reward points, which could be redeemed later from websites like Amazon etc.

If you wish to make your career in the film industry and watching movies is your hobby, then you must consider building your CV related to your domain.

You may begin your career on a small scale by becoming a freelancer. This would involve writing subtitles for various movies and videos available online. T

this way you will not only earn some extra cash but would also create some great industry contacts that you could use at a later phase of life.

Since the job of making transcripts and getting subtitles done for the videos is highly time-consuming therefore, mini movie makers looking for freelancers who could do this job for them.

If you are a professional or an expert in this field, you could earn a decent income while watching videos online and making subtitles for them.

InboxPounds is a platform that works similarly to the Swagbucks platform. The best way to earn cash from this platform is by filling up the surveys and watching different online videos to gain brownie points.

Other options for you would be to review various TV shows and movies available online.

Since you like watching videos online, you would be able to give better reviews about them because of your knowledge in the industry. later you can turn it into a full-time job or can become a freelancer in the same field.

Always remember that while charging is for your work, ensure that you are getting an appropriate amount for the amount of effort you put into the work.

10: Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buy and Sell Domain Names
Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is not just a name, it is the identity of your business and everyone wants a good one for them. This is a big opportunity for every enterprise to jump into the business of flipping domain names to earn some money online.

What is domain flipping? How to buy domain names? Where to sell domain names?

Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain at a price and then selling it at a much higher price to gain profits. As easy it sounds, it actually takes a lot of effort, but at the same time, it is a highly lucrative business.

You can look for either an unregistered domain name (hand registers it) or buy an old domain from popular marketplaces or auctions.

You can buy domains at popular websites like Godaddy, or Name Cheap website and then sell it to any popular marketplace like Flippa, GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo and NamesPro.

To get the best domain, you may think of the following points;

  • Who is your target customer or business?
  • Is the name beneficial for the brand you wish to target?
  • Is your domain name short?
  • A domain must be easy to remember.
  • Make no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Look out for geographical names for local businesses like .in, .ca, .us etc.

Many platforms often have the facility of a domain broker that helps you quickly sell your domains and take a commission of the sales. This is very smart tactics especially when you have a very precious and valuable name in your portfolio.

Many experts prefer to buy domain names that already have some traffic coming to its platform and then park the name to some 3rd party websites where they earn the parking commission from ads until the domain is sold.

We would like to clarify that selling a domain is a tedious job and you must be ready to take the pains and contact the prospects without any hesitation and then pitch your presentation for them to make a purchase.

Also, it is a great side hustle as a domain might sell in days or could even take many years to be sold but in the end, the rewards will be very welcoming.

One must ensure that they are buying the right domain and can use domain appraisal tools like available online but keep in mind that it is just a tool and your appraisal is much more significant than that.

You can also check the past sales of a domain if you are buying an old one to identify the appropriate price you could pay and the profits you could earn from it over several years.

Ensure your ROI is maximum while selling the name; don’t be too redundant to sell it with the emotional sentiment. Look at it as a business and flip the name quickly whenever you get the opportunity to make some profits.

11: Earn Money by Walking Dogs

Earn Money by Walking Dogs
Earn Money by Walking Dogs

If you are an animal lover, then you stand a great chance to make money doing nothing then just walking dogs would be an ideal option for you.

In Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, and Canada, people charge from 10$ to 50$ just for 30 minutes of a dog walk. If you have multiple dogs to be taken care of, you might need to take permission from individual dog owners if you could take them together for a walk.

If they allow you, then great but if they don’t, then schedule different walking hours with each owner. All dog lovers will love to do this job and who hates to get money for doing something they love the most.

Before coming to caution, you must gain some basic expertise and skills on how to treat a dog and what is the thing to be considered by taking a dog on a walk.

We have highlighted some great points that will help you gain the professional expertise required to be a SMART Dog Walker. These are;

  • Learn about a dog’s car by spending time at local dog shelters etc.
  • Become a certified dog walker by joining relevant training programs.
  • Check the local government norms and licensing policies.
  • Identify the Prospects to whom you could ask for some work.
  • Get reviews, references and approvals from your past clients.
  • Know the locality very well. (Roads, Streets, local parks etc.)
  • Either create your franchise or join a professional group of dog walkers.

Dog walking is probably the best thing that any college-going or high school student must try as it is great for the fitness of arms and body. All you need to be is professional and proficient in the field with a great love for the dogs.

It gives a new perspective to the mind as you will be spending a lot of time outside, which is a completely rejuvenating exercise. And the plus point is that you will be getting paid to refresh yourself.

If you are thinking of making a career as a dog walker as an industry expert or just as an intern, then you need to remember all the points listed above.

Thus, make sure you have all the relevant experience and skills before you start doing the work as your quality of work will develop trust in the clients and this will lead to more revenues in the future for you and your business.

12: Start a Professional Photography Business

Start a Professional Photography Business
Start a Professional Photography Business

The best way to make money doing nothing is to start your own photography agency. But before you begin, you must have passion and interest in photography. This is extremely important if you want to succeed in this business.

A successful photographer is one who regularly improves his skills as learning is human nature.

Although photography is a very crowded business place to start your business but with the correct mindset and the right attitude, you could make a living at a very fast pace.

To begin with, create a professional website where you can display some of your major works. This might include photographs of some popular restaurants and images of various animals or natural beauty.

Once you have the basic photography skills, you should immediately start teaching them to others so that you can make some quick money.

Teaching is also considered one of the best ways to hone your skills and improve your existing techniques.

Once you become entirely professional in your field, you could start sending printed or Digital copies of your photographs to various clients that you have gained over the years.

This will not only protect your reputation in the market but will also help you to make some extra money than the regular one. Most professional photographers now register themselves on various stock websites and list some of their portfolios for people to buy or download at very reasonable prices.

This not only exposes their work to a vast audience but also builds a massive level of confidence based on people’s interest in their photography skills.

You may later start your own photography blog that could not only help you generate more and more clients but will also help you stay in touch with the love of your life that is photography.

Open photographers at different levels invest a lot of their money and time in the art of photography to leverage their skills and become better people in the art.

A: Conduct Professional Workshops and Digital Sessions

Many professional photographers often conduct various workshops on tools and digital sessions so that they can reach a large number of audiences either online or offline.

To do so you may connect with various travel websites and agencies and ensure your website is up to date. also, discuss some of the packages weeks they have to offer and display them on your website.

B: Become a photography guru

You may also decide to become a social master or a growth hacker that helps small to medium-scale businesses expand and grow online.

In the digital world, many businesses are looking for opportunities that could help them leverage the potential of the online world and you could be the one for them.

whether it’s a digital product or a practical product, everyone needs a professional photographer and you might be the right fit for them.

C: Sell your photos online

In the United States more than 7000 magazines are printed and numerous other publications are available online as well. Similarly, there are many other countries like the United Kingdom, Dubai or India where numerous magazines are published yearly.

Since there are no magazines that are online or offline without any images this in itself causes a huge opportunity for the photographers to send their images to these magazines and publications.

If you are a beginner in the field, then you must definitely start small by joining small magazines and giving your portfolio. Later, when you become Pro in the field then you can contact big brands and publications based on their request.

13: Become a Professional Gamer

Become a Professional Gamer
Become a Professional Gamer

If you love to play games online, this is the correct section because there will be various ways you can make money doing nothing.

Many online platforms will help you get some extra cash for playing games online. Playing video games online is fun and could turn your passion into a full-time income by giving little or no effort.

Professionally, not many gamers make 6 to 7 figures just by playing games online.

Let us discuss some of these ways of earning money while sitting idly by playing games;

A: Start your career as a game tester

This is one of the most chosen methods by gamers who wish to earn money online. Since thousands of games are produced every day, the game developers are looking for professional testing expertise to give them reviews about the game.

Your job would not be limited to just for the bugs, but it would be paid based on your suggestions and inputs.

B Gaming YouTube Channel

Many Youtubers have a dedicated channel where they not only play video games but also do podcasts and live telecasts for their community.

PewDiePie is an online YouTube user who owns more than several million dollars just firing the online video community he has created on the YouTube platform.

C: Use the Twitch Platform

Many Youtubers have shifted their attention to different streaming platforms so that viewers can watch professional gamers play the game online.

Many of these online gamers earn millions of dollars via ads, sponsorship posters, and subscribers. Most of them have partnered with the website and they earn based on the number of followers and the views they get on their videos.

D: Wins Game Tournaments

Many big brands like Call of duty, Fortnite and League of Legends often organize online competitions with huge winning prizes.

This is considered to be one of the simplest and the quickest ways to make money online while playing games, as there are huge prizes at stake.

14: Make Money by Sitting at other Peoples’ House

Make Money by Sitting at other Peoples' House
Make Money by Sitting at other Peoples’ House

House sitters are highly in demand, especially during the vacation season and therefore, if you wish to make money doing nothing, then you must leverage this opportunity for your benefit.

Make a list of your neighbors, family members, or friends in your network who are planning to go on a trip. Next approach them with your house and offer sit for them as they won’t want to leave their house empty during those days.

Based on their requirements and the amount of time you will spend at their home, you may charge an hourly fee from $10 to $25 and enjoy the free money during vacations.

Make sure you get an agreement done with them or at least have a clear understanding of the tasks they wish to get done during the tenure you will be spending at home. This will help you against any legal troubles.

Also, take their contact number and some emergency numbers as well, just in case you have to contact them in case of any urgent situation.

If you are doing some additional work in the meantime at their home, such as cleaning it, washing cars, etc. or taking care of their pet, then you must charge them some extra amount for your services.

15: Earn Money by Travelling

Earn Money by Travelling
Earn Money by Travelling

Most of the people often separate working from traveling but for some people, it is the same. We have listed some of the common ways by which you can earn money while traveling.

A: Become a travel volunteer

If you wish to do something for your community and would like also to make your life a little bit better, then you may join an online community or a travel agency that allows you to travel at various places.

This way you will not only be enhancing your own experiences but will also learn about new cultures and traditions that would help you become a better person.

The job requires a lot of effort, compassion, and commitment towards work; therefore, you must speak it only if you are truly dedicated to the work.

B: Travel to teach English

Many professional travel enthusiasts have shifted to countries where English is not the primary language and therefore have made a good living by teaching English to the people of that country.

But before going to any new place you must first understand the traditions and cultures of that country and learning the local language is definitely a plus point for you.

Also, before you begin to teach, you should brush up on your basic English skills to do a better job at the work.

C: Travelling Photography

Many travelers have started a photography business where they create beautiful moments with their photography skills while traveling to places worldwide.

To become an excellent photographer, you need to have a basic understanding of photography skills while you are traveling.

Once you have a good stock of photos, you can list it on various online platforms and stock websites wherein you could sell these photos at a reasonable price.

D: Buy Local and sell globally

This is one of the most common practices that travelers worldwide have followed for ages.

There is a huge market for products that are handmade and created locally. These products are available at a very low price in the local areas and you need to have an eye for them.

Once you get hold of these products, you can sell them in the international markets at a much higher price and the profit margins for you could be significantly higher.

16: Earn Money by Renting Things

Earn Money by Renting Things
Earn Money by Renting Things

If you wish to make money doing nothing at all then renting your stuff might be the best choice for you.

Many professionals earn a decent sum of money by renting their personal and professional space and ending their daily accessories and other things that you could have never considered.

A: Rent your vehicle

Many kids who were born in the 90s remember renting their cycles or other accessories to people for a very small amount of money. The power of renting is highly critical for anyone who is willing to gain some extra wealth doing nothing.

It allows users to rent out their car or any other vehicle for a specific period of time and give them money in return.

Even if you do not own a car or a bicycle then, you can help your friends in front of their vehicles to the people who require them.

In return, you can ask them for a 10 to 20% commission based on the revenue generated and your efforts in getting the clients.

If you find it challenging to get new clients, you can put notices on your apartment in nearby car parks so that users can get in touch with you. This way you can earn a different sum of money while sitting idle.

B: Sublet your flatmates

This is extremely popular in countries like the UK and US where people submit their house to earn some extra bucks.

If you are not the owner of the house you can connect with the owner and let them know that you are subletting the particular apartment or part of it.

If you live with your family but have a very large house that is extremely spacious and could occupy some more members, then you must definitely sublet your house to two people who would pay some extra money to you.

If you are staying alone then subletting will not only bring extra very to your pockets but will also get you some good flatmates with whom you can pass your free time.

C: Rent empty space or garage space

Even if you have a small house with some empty space near the garage or any other area, you should not leave it as it is. You can rent it out to make some extra money from the space that is sitting idle.

Get some clients to check out the area and pitch your specific monthly rent so that they could get a clear idea about your expectations, and you could get the deal going.

Others often prefer to get in touch with some telecom company that would place a mobile tower on top of your house.

These telecom companies pay some pretty good amount of money for placing these towers on a rental basis. However, these companies are picky when selecting towers’ buildings and locality.

D: Advertisements and Event sponsors

If your apartment is in a prime location where companies are bidding to place their billboards or other related paintings, this could be the opportunity for you. This is one of the countries’ most used methods for earning passive income.

Keep your house as a nearby plot of land that is empty, then you can bring in some extra wealth by leasing the land for organizing some events such as marriages, family functions etc.

Another great way to make money is by renting your place to some coaching institutions where people come to learn skills like dance, yoga, music etc.

Renting your place based on seasonal events and functions could bring a huge amount of money in your pockets even if you are doing nothing at all.

17: Earn Money by Delivering to locals

Earn Money by Delivering to locals
Earn Money by Delivering to locals

If you wish to make money doing nothing at all, then the delivery business could be your best option.

Nowadays, people are extremely busy in their lives and do not have time to go out in the market and buy stock for them. Here comes the role of a delivery guy.

you can become a delivery agent to deliver packages, food items, and groceries to the homes of people nearby for some awesome extra bucks.

A: Instacart App

This application is an online grocery delivery and pickup business that directly provides groceries from local stores to buyers’ houses.

It has an option where the users can request a personal shopper to pick up the item and get it delivered to their doorstep. They allow you to become a full-service employee or a store shopper.

The second one goes to the selected shop with the list of items and picks them up for the buyers to deliver them at their doorstep. It is a highly flexible model wherein users can drop off the items via there on vehicles.

B: Postmates App

This application works on the delivery of food items. They hire drivers from across the place to deliver meals, personal items and other groceries to the people who have ordered them.

If you opt for this model, you will get paid based on the distance covered and the amount of time you waited for the order to complete. The more number of deliveries to make per hour, the more your income will be.

Also, if you get any tips while doing the delivery, the company will not take any percent from the tip you received. The application is highly flexible to drivers as they have the flexibility to either accept or reject the order from the providers.

18: Earn Money with your Hobbies

Earn Money with your Hobbies
Earn Money with your Hobbies

If you wish to make money online, then you need to monetize your hobbies and trust me, there is no better way of earning than doing what you like.

Have you heard of popular marketplaces like Freelancer or Fiverr? These are the platforms where you need to create your profile and offer your services based on your skills and expertise.

You may be highly skilled, but these marketplaces could be extremely competitive for beginners and therefore, the first few sales might take a lot of time. Spend some hours daily improving your skills and delivering the best to the clients.

Once people start liking your work, no one can stop you from making a full-time living while working online. All it will take is your consistent efforts and hard work to achieve your desired goals.

19: Sell Your Old Books Online

Sell Your Old Books Online
Sell Your Old Books Online

Many smart people love to read books, but more importantly, they know how to reduce their cost. This is a very interesting business model. Many people send their old books to reduce the cost for investing on their purchases.

If you wish to make money online doing nothing, then selling books would be your most straightforward option.

All you need is the right set of customers to buy the books from you and the correct amount of skills to pitch that lines about the knowledge mentioned in those books.

The used book market can be divided into two main types.

  • These are the general books that someone bought and would like to get paid by reselling it.
  • These are collectible rare books that have some historical value attached to them.

First, you need to identify the collection of books you have and divide them into either of these two categories. Once you have your portfolio ready, then you can pick your portfolio to various investors or book lovers available online.

The way you lift your books on these platforms will make or break the deal for you. You need to clearly describe the content of your book in detail.

If you’re listing a book on a website, then check out if they allow user photos to be illustrated. if that is permitted, post as many good photos as possible to attract user attention.

You must include the author’s name, the book’s title, and the publication date so that users can get all the relevant information needed before buying.

The images of the book should be as clean as possible because no one wants to buy Bhai and destroy peace.

Most of the online buyers expect the books to be delivered to their doorstep, and therefore, before releasing your books on the online platform you must include the shipping and package cost along with the booking amount.

The book’s sale price should be sufficient to include all the additional packaging and cost involved in listing the book and selling it to the user.

20: Make Money by Listening to Music

Make Money by Listening to Music
Make Money by Listening to Music

Most of us listen to music every day, yet we must not be aware that anyone could make money while listening to music. This profile is also given the name of a music reviewer.

Many production houses and traditional singers often prefer to take advice from music reviewers before releasing their songs to any online platform or streaming channel.

Based on your inputs and opinion you will get paid by these production houses. This way the songwriter or the singer I would understand the public opinion and improve the music for higher profitability after its release.

This will be a Win-Win situation for both parties as the music production house will get an honest opinion from the reviewer and you will earn a decent amount of income listening to music.

You did not have to be a professional in the music industry to become a freelancer. All you need is some past experience and some good amount of info about songs and its types.

Once you learn the basics, you can get in touch with local production houses and voice your opinion to them.

This way, slowly, you could build up your client portfolio and then start teaching to National and international brands based on your experience and level of expertise.

Once you become a well-known face in the industry, you will be paid a very high sum of money for your opinions, and this way, you could create a full-time income source while sitting idle.

Slice these is an online platform where various brands and popular music houses upload their tracks in a room full of music reviewers.

First, you must listen to the music for a minimum of 2 minutes and then start writing your opinion regarding the song. You need to ensure that you write for at least 60 words in a review for it to be eligible to get you your money.

The next option would be to read the trap between 1 and 10 based on your liking and interest. Once that is done, you need to fill out a checklist where you would describe your views about the music and how that could be improved.

Once you enter the submit button, your review gets submitted, and you will earn some reward points or money points which you can use to buy online stuff. The amount of money you will get based on your reviews and ratings will depend on your expertise and experience. The more reviews you give on the platform, the more your reward will be over a period of time.

Make sure you give genuine and authentic reviews to last long in this particular field. Thus, if you wish to become a successful business personality that generates a lot of passive income sources, then you need to learn it.

You need to be the best in the market to earn while sleeping or not even working.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1: How to make money sitting idle?

The ideal way to make money while sitting idle would be to accumulate a lot of wealth over time. First, you must make many assets and start building your empire. Once the business grows, you will definitely get a Return on Investment (ROI) based on your investments.

2: Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?

You can do many jobs that pay you to do nothing.  Yes, you heard me correct, which is what we have covered in this article. You need to enjoy whatever you are doing i.e. playing games or listening to music, and you will keep on earning. Be smart and start earning right from today.

3: How can I make money while sleeping?

There are several ways to make money while sleeping but let us discuss some of them. These include recording videos or lessons on any online platform and you will earn every time some customer buys your products and uses it. You can also make a passive income blog that you write on whenever you get the time, and it makes income for you while you sleep. The list is endless; just start working on your goal.

4: Does any company pay for sleeping?

Yes, there are many companies, especially in the mattress niche, that pays the testers for sleeping on their mattress. You need to be a qualified person to be eligible for this role but the rewards are extremely exciting. The more you sleep on their mattresses, the more money they will pay you. Comfort is a new luxury.

5: What are some of the typical businesses that could make one rich?

Any business has the potential to make you rich, but you must think about its scalability and usage in the market. If there is demand for your products in the market you satisfy the customer problem, then your business will definitely succeed over a period of time.

6: How can I be a millionaire?

You can be a millionaire by investing in yourself and building assets. The earlier you start, the better your chances are of achieving the desired financial goal. All you need is a wise investment strategy and a continuous source of income that could help you become a millionaire in the future.


To make money doing nothing is a dream for many folks around the globe, and this is achievable given that they are ready to put in a little bit more effort and time initially.

Also, many folks forget the power of saving money and then using it in their business to compound their ROI. This is a rare skill among entrepreneurs, and they very well know when and where to spend their hard-earned money.

We hope that this article must have helped you not only find the best option to make passive income online but will also shape you in a way that you could use these skills in motivating and training others.

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