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How to Make Money Without a Job in High School 2023

Making money without a job in high school could be highly beneficial to cover expenses like buying clothes, clubbing, college fees, and other significant purchases.

Youngsters wish to make money without a job in high school which is much easier in the 20th century than it could ever be, and therefore, you must start the hustle of money earning and money management.

25 Legit Ways to Make Money Without a Job in High School

If you wish to know some of the legit and most effective ways to make money without doing any job, then we have listed out some of them for you here.

All you need to do is first quickly skim through the entire article and make note of 4-5 ways that are most suitable for you and then read about them in detail for the rest of your time before you get started with the Best Doable Options.

1: Make Money with Blogging

Blogging could help you earn more than 7 figures a month; all you need to do is put your blood, sweat, and everything into it. You can start earning from Day 1, depending on your monetization strategy.

Make Money with Blogging
Make Money with Blogging

A few years back, there were a handful of authoritative blogs available on the internet, but with increased competition and consistent efforts, people can still rule the internet by working on niche topics and becoming an authority in a particular niche.

To be truthful with you, it takes at least some good amount of time to gain a high traffic number from organic sources but who cares when it is coming for free! Right.

Below are some of the expected monetization ways you can earn legit money quickly;

  • Using 3rd Party Advertisement (Banners, Posters, Images, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Hosting or other Niche products)
  • Selling backlinks to relevant websites on relevant posts.
  • Approving 3rd party guest posts on your website for some extra bucks.
  • Promoting other people’s products or services via your audience.

There are thousands if not millions of success stories from blogging but no one will tell you about their failure. So keep in mind that this is just another business but we have recommended it because you start it with no or little money in your pocket.

To start a blog, you need a good domain name (Name of your website like and some good hosting that could support traffic on your website. Next, you need to install WordPress on your website and start posting articles regularly.

Once you start gaining some traffic apply to some good ad network and get back your return on investment quickly.

Along with this you can also implement any of the monetization methods listed above and gain more profits from your blog over some time.

Note: Blogging is all about consistent good quality content. Make sure you hit the publish button every single day with a great article.

2: Flip Domains

A domain name is not just a name, it is the identity of your business and everyone wants a good one for them. This is a big opportunity for every enterprise to jump into the business of flipping domain names to earn some money online.

What is domain flipping? How to buy domain names? Where to sell domain names?

Flip Domains
Flip Domains

Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain at a price and then selling it at a much higher price to gain profits. As easy it sounds, actually takes a lot of effort but at the same time, it is a highly lucrative business.

You can look for either an unregistered domain name (hand registers it) or buy an old domain from popular marketplaces or auctions.

You can buy domains at popular websites like Godaddy,, or Name Cheap websites and then sell it to any popular marketplace like Flippa, GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, and NamesPro.

To get the best domain you may think of the following points;

  • Who is your target customer or business?
  • Is the name beneficial for the brand you wish to target?
  • Is your domain name short?
  • A domain must be easy to remember.
  • Make no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Look out for geographical names for local businesses like .in, .ca, .us etc.

Many platforms often have the facility of a domain broker that helps you quickly sell your domains and take a commission of the sales. This is very smart tactics especially when you have a very precious and valuable name in your portfolio.

Many experts prefer to buy domain names that already have some traffic coming to its platform and then park the name to some 3rd party websites where they earn the parking commission from ads until the domain is sold.

We would like to clarify that selling a domain is a tedious job and you must be ready to take the pains and contact the prospects without any hesitation and then pitch your presentation for them to make a purchase.

Also, it is a great side hustle as a domain might sell in days or could even take many years to be sold but in the end, the rewards will be very welcoming.

One must ensure that they are buying the right domain and can use domain appraisal tools like available online but keep in mind that it is just a tool and your appraisal is much more significant than that.

You can also check the past sales of a domain if you are buying an old one to identify the appropriate price you could pay and the profits you could earn from it over several years.

Make sure your ROI is maximum while selling the name and don’t be too redundant to sell it with the emotional sentiment. Look at it as a business and flip the name quickly whenever you get the opportunity to make some profits.

3: Start Selling Books on Amazon

Do you aspire to be an author? Are you confident about your writing and narration skills?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you can start earning right from Day 1. If you have a piece of strong knowledge about something and wish to earn some extra bucks, then writing a book and selling it could be a great deal for you.

Start Selling Books on Amazon
Start Selling Books on Amazon

If you want to make money without a job in high school, you must consider publishing your book and wait for people to react. Starting a publishing routine is the toughest part of this process.

However, Amazon has made the process of publishing eBooks extremely easy for all the users as you have complete control over how you wish to reach out to the target audience and engage them.

Start writing your first eBook and publish it on Amazon kindle. It has the potential to reach millions of people and those people have the opportunity to learn and experience what all you want to convey to them.

Note: Amazon Kindle eBooks are usually priced lower than other forms of bookselling publications.

Although the book’s price is to be kept low the potential amount of target audience on the platform is extremely huge which is a plus point if you wish to make money without giving much effort after the writing part is done.

Many new social media influencers help different publishers sell books online and that too at very affordable prices. If you want to quicken your sales, you may get in touch with some of these influencer’s and get the job done.

Although selling books sounds easy but it has its challenges as your firsts set of publications might not do that well in the beginning but you must be persistent with your efforts.

With a decent amount of hard work and continuous improvement in your method of writing, designing, and publication we assure you that you would be making decent money by writing eBooks on Amazon.

4: Sell ClickBank Products

Many affiliate marketers have adopted ClickBank as a platform to pick up the preferred product or service they wish to promote and earn an affiliate income.

In this platform, different product or service manufacturers (owners) upload their products and the commission they are willing to pay to the marketers based on each sale.

They also have to input some of the selling guidelines like the platforms the marketer uses to promote the product links, is SEM applicable, and different other rules and guidelines that need to be strictly followed.

Sell ClickBank Products
Sell ClickBank Products

Similarly, you can create an account as an affiliate marketer or product promoter and choose the desired product you wish to sell from all the available options in the marketplace.

The product range varies from category to category and company to company. Some are selling eBooks while others are selling physical products. At the same time, some others wish to sell their online courses.

After the recent cut down on Amazon commission rates and increasing strict policies of the platform day, many affiliate marketers have shifted their entire focus from Amazon to the ClickBank platform.

Once you have chosen the appropriate product to sell, you will get a link to place either on your blog or push to your audience community for selling the products.

This link has your unique affiliate code attached to it so that you can easily track the number of clicks, online sales, and conversion ratio. Thus, decide the appropriate channel of communication based on different factors and then make good money.

Some of the most popular and widely used methods to promote ClickBank products and services online are;

  1. Create a niche website related to the product niche and then promote that product or service to your audience.
  2. Create a community on any social media platform and then regularly update them with your affiliate link’s latest products and offers.
  3. Create a product landing page on a domain and then promote the product by driving traffic to a landing page using platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other advertising platforms.

Thus, affiliate marketing can be an extremely difficult job when you are new in the business and therefore you must continuously try to improve and hone your skills so that you could make a lot of money online without working for anyone.

5: Earn Cashback Money with the Swagbucks Platform

Swagbucks is an online platform that enables its users to earn cashback based on their purchases. Thus, you can save a lot of money, which is no less than earning.

For people who love to shop online and regularly visit websites like eBay, Amazon, or any other online e-commerce store then you must register yourself with Swagbucks and you will earn a strong cashback on each purchase.

Do you use online streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu then you are reading the perfect set for you not only to save money but get huge discounts.

Earn Cashback Money with the Swagbucks Platform
Earn Cashback Money with the Swagbucks Platform

The best practice for you would be to check if your e-commerce retailer is registered with the Swagbucks platform and then look for any discounts or offers they have for you in your selected category.

Shop freely and save money which you can use for other purposes. Install its Chrome and other browser version extension and every time you reach the checkout page, just click on it once and the coupon will be automatically applied to the product.

Another positive side of this platform is that you can create paid online surveys that could yield the best results for your online research. However, it also works great if you are just looking for a place to get cashback.

Usually, the cashback offers range from 1% to 5%, and for some special products, it exceeds up to 10%. This application is completely free for everyone and it will help you save more which you can use as investments.

Thus, ensure that you are getting the best product price and be a smart buyer in the process of earning money online.

6: Sell Amazon Products

Amazon is one of the most trusted and reliable e-commerce platforms to date and everyone must have bought an item or two from the platform. It has an affiliate section where people can register themselves to sell their products and earn a commission.

The affiliate program is similar to any other affiliate program. You have to first apply to the Amazon Associates Affiliate program. Once you are approved on the platform you get access to special links for all the products or services you wish to promote.

Sell Amazon Products
Sell Amazon Products

Now, you need to promote that product or service to your targeted audience and gain commission per sale. It is one of the best methods to make money without a job in high school.

Amazon Associate Business Model is the ultimate bread and butter for many online businesses whose entire earnings come from this platform as it is highly reliable and the conversion rates are pretty good too.

We have personally seen many online businesses that earn more than 7 figures with Amazon sales and have been doing this over several years. Everyone loves some extra money and all you need to do is promote the product people are willing to buy.

Once the buyer makes a purchase the sale gets updates on your dashboard on a real-time basis and you will get a clear idea about your campaign metrics to understand what is working and what is not working for you.

The best way to promote amazon affiliate products online is by creating a niche site and then becoming an authority in your niche. You need to continuously post quality content on your website with relevant product links.

If you get huge traffic on your platform, then you have a higher chance of conversion, and more traffic will lead to more sales which could generate huge money for you.

Thus, every high school kid who wants to make money online must register themselves on the amazon Associates platform and sell the products in the most efficient way possible to earn money quickly.

7: Start an Online Dropshipping Business

The Dropshipping model is one of the top-performing models if you wish to make money without a job in high school. This business model can generate tremendous income for you without much effort.

In this money-making business, you act as a pipeline between the business owners and buyers and earn a commission on the sales amount based on your agreement with the seller.

Start an Online Dropshipping Business
Start an Online Dropshipping Business

Shopify is a great platform for creating online stores and importing products directly from top e-commerce websites like AliExpress virtually on the click of a few buttons. They have made the entire process of creating a store incredibly seamless and user-friendly.

The next, step would be to gain traction on your website by driving traffic and everything else will be covered by the e-commerce player in-game. They will handle your payment, transfer process, and shipping updates.

In between, you will earn a decent commission on your sale which could vary based on your niche and product selling price. Dropshipping is a very profitable business model that anyone could start with minimum investment.

Without the extra burden of storing and transferring the products to the users, you may focus more on driving traffic and conversion (Less on inventory management).

The actual product manufacturer lists the product on the e-commerce portal. You come in with an agreement with that platform and make sales possible for them through your traffic and conversion tactics and earn commission on sales.

Let us understand the model with these easy steps;

  • Create an online account on Shopify. (Use the Free trial experience).
  • Select the products from AliExpress that match your niche.
  • List the products on the Shopify Store with a 30 to 40% profit margin.
  • Promote the product or services via PPC, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.
  • Once the customer purchases on your website, you need to buy the same products from AliExpress and deliver them at their address.
  • Gain a 30 to 40% profit margin on each sale. (Prefer selling high ticket products).

The best thing that we like about this platform is that you need not take additional efforts to store and manage the inventory. Instead, you act as a middle man between the buyers and the sellers and earn profits from your lead conversions.

Thus, if you are in high school and wish to make some extra money quickly then learn about Google Ads and the Shopify platform. Next, create your Dropshipping store and start selling products online.

8: Sell t-Shirts Online

Fashion never gets old and every new day there is some latest superhero coming on the market. All you need to do is know what is trending on Google and then make intelligent and good-quality t-shirts that you could sell.

You can start selling in your college itself to understand how people react to your products, and then later, you can create your online store so that you could get reach to a broader audience.

Sell t-Shirts Online
Sell t-Shirts Online

Thinking how to get the design part done for the t-shirt? Don’t worry!

If you are not very good at designing but feel that you have the selling skills, then we can help you outsource the design. You must hire a good freelancer monthly and sell the shirts to pay his bills.

You can head over to online marketplaces like Fiverr and Freelancer, where you could easily hire some graphic designer every month and then sell the design to people and gain some initial capital.

With that initial capital start your e-commerce t-shirt selling store and who knows you could be the next brand of the modern generation.

Thinking about product demand and requirements? Chill!

Think about a pair of t-shirts lying in your closet; still, you were looking for new and trendy styles. Well, you must have got the answer. There is a huge demand for t-shirts everywhere and you must start something of your own.

In this highly competitive market, you need something of your own that stands from rest of the others which you could develop by quality customer service, great product quality, and best designs in the market.

Many online players like CafePress and TeeSpring help small and medium-scale businesses to expand quickly by managing product and logistic part for them.

Thus, essentially you need to handle the business part and all the technical jobs will be taken care of by them (Of course they will charge some commission for their efforts).

Get your t-shirts designed first from any pro-editor or freelancer, then jump to the Google and Facebook ads. These platforms can generate millions of sales for you because of their laser-specific targeting and huge audience base.

Thus, you must try your best to keep yourself updated with the latest market trends and design your t-shirts that quickly grab user attention. Next, you will see your items selling at super-fast speed.

9: Monetize your YouTube Channel

YouTube can be a great way to make money without a job in high school. It is a huge monetization platform for many content creators throughout the world. It has become the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Monetize your YouTube Channel
Monetize your YouTube Channel

Are you someone who loves to make and edit videos? Or Are you someone who wants to show your talent to the people? Or Are you someone looking for the next big opportunity?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then this article section is specifically for you. You can make videos of your genre and start earning from YouTube.

You will find easily content on the following niches;

  • Motivational Videos
  • Prank and Funny Videos
  • Cooking Tips
  • Health and Hygiene Tips
  • Product Reviews
  • Relationship Advice
  • Life Lessons and Goals
  • Educational Lessons and Tutorials
  • Photoshop and Editing Tips
  • Make money tips

Thus, anything you can think of in your mind is there on YouTube. The main idea, however, is the content quality that differentiates you from the rest of the competition.

Your videos must be engaging with the audience. You need to learn YouTube marketing and SEO tricks. You might need to learn how to edit and upload videos.

The SEO part on YouTube includes creating a well-defined Video Title. Use your target keyword in the description and then make some awesome thumbnails to increase your conversion on the platform.

To get wealth on the platform you need to consistently post quality content on your channel and interact well with the audience in the form of YouTube Stories and replying to the comments.

You may also collaborate with other YouTubers and grow well as a community. Apart from this you can give Giveaways, Rewards, and organize small meet-ups for more engagement on your channel.

Monetization on YouTube is extremely easy and the best part is that the platform is free for all content creators and users. Therefore, you need not spend a penny to earn from the platform.

Some popular YouTubers face the camera and talk to share their experience while others use video editing and other tools to make their videos livelier and more engaging.

Below are some common niches you can start working on while making YouTube videos;

  • DIY Styles and Makeup
  • Food and Cooking
  • Life Goals and Hacks
  • Games and Tricks
  • Motivation and Goal Setting
  • Training, Yoga, and Exercise
  • Medicine and Health

Thus, there are numerous available options for you and all you need is a good strategy and consistent efforts to win this game. Now, the tough question comes: how to monetize YouTube channels and make money?

Although there are tons of different ways to make money from YouTube we have listed 3 most used and most efficient ways that could help you make money quickly.

1: Earn Money with YouTube Ads

To earn money with Ads on YouTube, you need to get approval for Google Ads. It is an ad agency that enables buyers and sellers to interchange content and place ads on your YouTube videos.

When someone clicks on your ads or views them multiple times, your account gets credited some amount based on your target location and traffic.

However, to apply for Google Ads you need to qualify with the minimum requirements which are;

  • The YouTube channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • The channel must have completed 4000 minutes of watch time.

2: Earn Money with Affiliate Promotion

If you wish to make money online, affiliate marketing via YouTube could be a great deal, especially when you have a channel where you review other products or services.

You can use this along with Google Ads to increase your revenue numbers to gain more profit.

Once your YouTube channel is ready, you need to join the affiliate networks that relate to your niche and then promote their products to your community.

Some of the most well-known affiliate networks and programs are the Amazon affiliate program, ClickBank, Share Sale, Commission Junction, Impact Radius, etc.

3: Earn Money with Sponsored Promotions

When you have a big YouTube community and a lot of people follow your tips and advice, then you can promote sponsored products in which you can talk about the product or service on your channel.

People will get inspired by your tips and many of them will buy the product or service and the company will give you a commission for their promotion.

We have personally seen many popular Youtubers that do a lot of sponsored product promotions on their channels and have earned a lot of side income from their community with this strategy.

10: Become a Premium Content Writer

Do you have any experience in content creation and article optimization? Or Have you ever written content that is SEO friend and user-specific? Or Have you written an affiliate article for any company?

Become a Premium Content Writer
Become a Premium Content Writer

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes and you have a little knack for writing, then this will be the perfect section for you.

In this section, we will try to explain how one can earn decent revenue by writing for others and enjoy their personal life while earning from home. All you need to do is spend hours of quality time and effort from home.

To be a premium content writer you need to be capable enough to write for websites, blogs, social media, and news channels. A well-proficient person in any of these skills could earn a decent income while working from home.

Anyone with a strong English language command can be a good content writer. Even if your English is weak and you have a strong command of your local language, you may get in touch with any local or new blog website and ask them to give you some work.

The online business is growing at an exponential rate and therefore, you need to start working from day 1 to earn and make your place in the digital world. Content writing fits in this place and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Let us discuss some of the most popular ways to help you make a career in content writing service;

  1. Select the language and niche you are most comfortable about.
  2. Make a blog on your niche and post some good quality informative content.
  3. Create your profile on freelancing websites like Fever and Freelancer.
  4. Approach clients with the link of your blog and start working with them.
  5. Gain some experience and then approach other websites for guest posting stating your experience and projects.

This way you would have a very strong portfolio of work experience to share when you look for big work like a 1-year agreement with websites. Later you can create your content writing agency and hire a few others to work under you.

To get an idea about the rates and charges that various content writers are asking you must do a little research on all the freelancing websites. Start taking orders at a low price initially to gain experience.

Once you gain relevant experience and clients start trusting you, you may increase your price every half-yearly or quarterly based on your performance and client reviews.

Thus, make sure you grind yourself in this process and improve continuously to become the best version of yourself so that earning is high and your work is best available in the market.

Once you have created your presence in the market then, many clients will approach you due to word of mouth and you will get numerous orders. Make sure you maintain your content quality and build long-term relationships with all the clients.

This will ensure that you keep earning even if some issue arises or something goes wrong because they have been trusting you for a long time. Just focus on quality content and timely delivery of submissions.

11: Become a Lawn Mower or Remove Snow for People

If you are a college student and wish to make extra money, this could do wonders for you. People are getting extremely busy day by day and this situation has created tremendous jobs that could be done.

Moving Lawns is one of them where you go to people in nearby places and neighborhoods asking them if you could either remove snow for then or get their lawn done.

Become a Lawn Mower or Remove Snow for People
Become a Lawn Mower or Remove Snow for People

The first step to this is to identify the best people in your community that are wealthy and extremely busy. The next step would be to get them with an appropriate value proposition you have to offer in service.

Most of the time people avoid getting a professional lawn mower as it is extremely costly and could highly affect your monthly budget and here you will come into the picture.

All you need to do is identify the minimum wage you wish to achieve from this goal and then go for the kill. You will make a deal from this.

Pro Tip: Get a couple of clients and work for them at a relatively low price with the best service you can provide, and then slowly increase your price when you have a lot of loyal customers.

Ideally, a professional lawn mower charges between $300 to $1000 based on your lawn area and the amount of work they need to do for the service. You would get the deal if you could develop a better value proposition.

Always try to build good repo with the clients because if they like your service, then they will spread the word to your neighbors and get many new customers and clients.

Thus, this section would be highly beneficial if you want to earn a limited income with customary efforts while studying in high school.

12: Start an Online Tuition Business

Education is an evergreen business; with increased internet penetration,, people are moving towards online tuition and classes. If you are good at your studies, this might work exceptionally well.

First, you need to think about which subject or domain your expertise lies in, and then you need to plan out what all you can bring to the table that others are not teaching.

Start an Online Tuition Business
Start an Online Tuition Business

You have two options now, either teach offline or go for online tutorials. The best practice would be to do a pre-testing offline with a bunch of students and then focus on online teaching because of its vast potential.

Many online teaching websites allow students and teachers to register on the platform and then many other students will join your classes based on your teaching style and ratings by old students.

If you are excellent with the students and can earn a good reputation while teaching, then you could be easily making between 100$ to 500$ per hour.

We have listed some standard websites to teach online;

  • Lingoda
  • Udemy
  • Say ABC
  • Magic Ears
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Uteach
  • Tutor Hub
  • Buddy School
  • Cambly
  • DadaABC etc.

Thus, there are numerous opportunities available online and all you need is to get registered as a teacher and start making some extra income.

13: Product Flipping Online/Offline

Many big entrepreneurs who have succeeded online have started their businesses by flipping at one point. It is one of the best ways to earn quick money with little effort.

If you wish to make money without a high school job, you can begin with flipping as a career. This business is not limited to any age, and you can quickly learn it in no time as there is no special technology involved in this method.

Product Flipping Online/Offline
Product Flipping Online/Offline

The idea behind this business is to identify a promising product. Look for the avenues where it is available at the cheapest price. Buy it and then sell it at a desirable profit margin to the market in demand of the product.

It works exceptionally well if you are someone who is witty with people and can promote your products or service to the right set audiences.

Some of the common items that work extremely well and give quick returns while flipping is listed below;

  • Paintings and Drawings
  • Old Vintage Furniture
  • Games and Accessories
  • Power Tools
  • Lawn Mower Equipment
  • Old Arcade Games etc.

The list is endless and you can sell anything with a potential market associated with it so don’t stop yourself and just go for the kill.

Craigslist is a very popular platform where you could get items for cheap and there is the FREE section as well where you could get the items for free since people are looking for ways to get rid of them.

Keep on exploring until you find the gem, do a little bit of repairing if required, and give it a new touch. This has the potential to sell in very high-profit margins as there is almost or no investment involved.

Let us know your experience with this way of earning money, and hopefully, you will be able to earn a decent income following our strategy.

14: Start Doing a Transcriber Job

If you have a good hold over English and it is your 1st language, then this job might help you make money without a job in high school. If you have great typing skills and English is your native, then this is the perfect section for you. Well, you can also deal with such a job if you consider an English course for acquiring skills in the particular language.

Here we have tried to explain how you can earn handsome money with your native language and that too while sitting at home. You can rock the freelancer’s space as there is too many requirements for transcribers online.

Start Doing a Transcriber Job
Start Doing a Transcriber Job

The availability of good transcribers is extremely limited and very few people are proficient enough to get the right job done. Thus, with the understanding of demand, you can get assured that money will lead your way.

The job of a transcriber is to translate content (Visual or Audio) into text form for the clients. An average earning for a transcriber in Tier 1 cities like the United States and the United Kingdom ranges from $15 to $100 per hour.

The amount of revenue generated depends on several factors such as;

  • The overall experience of the transcriber.
  • The number of working hours spent per day on the project.
  • Duration of the project.
  • Relationship with clients.

Are you thinking about getting started and not knowing where to begin the hunt? Don’t worry!

There are plenty of websites where you can get registered as a transcriber and you will be asked to do a specific task based on the client’s requirements. Every time you complete the task, you will be paid a sum based on your skills.

Some of the well-known companies that are proficient in providing this service are Scribie, Crowdsurf, and Transcribe.

15: Become a Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting is a much different game than the usual content writing. It requires 100x more effort and skills to create the best copy that could grab the user’s attention in minutes.

Although plenty of content writers are available online, only a few have gained professional copywriting experience. Therefore, you must leverage this model to make money without a job in high school.

Become a Freelance Copywriter
Become a Freelance Copywriter

You will be working from your home and that too at the freedom of time. All you need to ensure is that you are submitting the tasks on the set deadlines.

This is the best job for you if your writing has the potential and can trigger a purchase pattern among your readers. There are many companies online that are looking for proficient copywriting experts.

These companies will hire you as a freelancer, and you can decide the per hour charges based on your skills and experience & start doing your work.

Once you have completely mastered the art of copywriting and articulation, there is enough name in the market for your work. Also, build your portfolio for clients so that they can trust your skills.

Once everything is in place, you can start your copywriting agency and provide your services to big MNCs annually.

Still confused about copywriting and why this business model is lucrative?

Well, let us understand this in detail.

Copywriting is an art that a person has for writing and articulation which is used by companies in their product copies, emails, and content that they post on various online platforms.

This job requires a strong command of English and a good tone that has the power to trigger purchase behavior among the readers. It is an extremely difficult and completely data-driven job.

Therefore, the pay scale is also great. An average copywriter charges $15 to $50 per hour based on experience and skills.

The most proficient way to establish a good presence in the copywriting business is to pick up a niche and then start working on your website.

Once you understand your niche, you can start pinging others in the related niche and showcase your work as a reference. This will help you quickly get some work and start earning the money.

Once you have worked for many clients, you can increase the hourly rates and earn more income from this side hustle.

Providentially, it is a talent and learning-based skill that can only be learned by regularly training and gaining practical application experience over time.

16: Become a Professional Babysitter

If you are looking for new and professional ways to make money without a job in high school that starting to babysit could be an apt job for you. This will not only help you generate some extra income but you will also learn many social antiquates.

Although babysitting is an extremely popular way to earn money yet many of young professionals miss this in their list due to lack of ignorance or for whatever possible reasons.

Become a Professional Babysitter
Become a Professional Babysitter

Many of us often overlook the babysitting job since we are busy looking at oversaturated and highly competitive job roles while on the other hand there are already plenty of options available which can earn you the same money with little time and effort.

Also, it would add to your side income which you can use as an entrepreneur to do something new and interesting. Now, enough convincing has been done on how this is a very lucrative business model. Let’s have a look at the process of getting into it.

To become a professional babysitter could be grinding initially but the rewards are also high. Let us understand them below;

  • Scheduled work that has flexible working hours and well-paid income.
  • Excellent CV points and shows that you are a highly reliable and responsible person.
  • It could be a learning opportunity for someone who wishes to work with kids in the upcoming days.
  • It imbibes the traits of strength, resilience, and punctuality in any individual.
  • The process will help you make good contacts in the industry you wish to enter, which again works in favor of you.
  • You can get great references from the contacts you have worked for, which could lead you to the opportunity you must be trying to get for a very long time.

Now let us try to understand how one can get started with this job and how to achieve great success in it by making a handsome amount of money.

  • Create a professional expert-level LinkedIn profile with your past experiences, volunteering works, top skills, and references from past employers.
  • Create a professional, good-looking resume and upload it to LinkedIn and another professional network of yours so that it could reach the masses.
  • Make a professional business card and give it to people in schools, grounds, and parks to maximize your presence and visibility.
  • Build your profile by working with people you already know and once your portfolio is ready to get hold of bigger clients.
  • Apart from LinkedIn and other professional networks, you may also add Babysitting to your Facebook bio to increase awareness.

Let us assume you are not getting any work in the initial days, then you must consider getting a DBS check as they can make the process of getting the babysitting work extremely proficient and convenient.

Although DBS checks will help you get the trust of parents in letting you spend time with their babies it will come up with a cost of around $25. You will then become a trusted industry member and could charge much higher than the usual price.

Another simple way to get clients easily is to join a Babysitting agency and learn some basic skills in their training programs but before that try your luck with the locals and the neighborhood.

Several popular agencies around the globe, such as the Student nannies, are entirely focused on helping high school grads get into babysitting work so they could make a little more income than usual.

This is highly beneficial for parents as well because the students can give them professional advice and guidance while taking care of them. They could play with them in their free time, which could be like being paid to have fun.

Another popular website around the internet is the portal, wherein plenty of open babysitting jobs are listed. All you need to do is to register on the platform and apply for the relevant jobs.

The parents on the job portal will mention their requirements and expertise expected from a babysitter. If you lack in some then don’t get disheartened just learn them and come back to rock the business.

It can be a very lucrative business model once you get a hold on it and based on your experience and skills in the field, you might earn from $10 to $50 per hour, which is not bad at all.

To gain some initial experience, you may babysit any kid at your home or neighbors for free. This will help you build the relevant knowledge and skillsets to rock into the industry.

The best way to learn initially is by letting everyone around you know about your service and offer it to them extremely cheap or even free. Once you have the relevant portfolio of clients you may begin searching for people outside of your locality.

Once you have gained the initial experience, you can slowly increase your hourly charges and gain more income. You can start your agency if you have made your name in the industry.

All you need to do is hire some proficient babysitters around you or else train some newbies with your expertise and let them do the work for you. You will be earning handsome money without doing a job.

Thus, making money in high school is again a side hustle and you must try out every possible way to earn and later decide which one is most profitable for you. This tries and fails method will also teach you many life lessons.

17: Become a Professional Dog Walker

If you are an animal lover, then you stand a great chance to make money without a job in high school just by walking dogs and taking care of them.

In Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, and Canada, people charge from 10$ to 50$ just for 30 minutes of a dog walk. If you have multiple dogs to be taken care of, you might need permission from individual dog owners if you could take them together for a walk.

Become a Professional Dog Walker
Become a Professional Dog Walker

If they allow you, then great but if they don’t, then schedule different walking hours with each owner. All dog lovers will love to do this job and who hates to get money for doing something they love the most?

Before coming to caution, you must gain some basic expertise and skills on how to treat a dog and what is the thing to be considered by taking a dog on a walk.

We have highlighted some great points that will help you gain the professional expertise required to be a SMART Dog Walker. These are;

  • Learn about a dog’s car by spending time at local dog shelters etc.
  • Become a certified dog walker by joining relevant training programs.
  • Check the local government norms and licensing policies.
  • Identify the Prospects to whom you could ask for some work.
  • Get reviews, references, and approvals from your past clients.
  • Know the locality very well. (Roads, Streets, local parks, etc.)
  • Either create your franchise or join a professional group of dog walkers.

Dog walking is probably the best thing that any college-going or high school student must try as it is great for the fitness of arms and body. All you need to be is professional and proficient in the field with a great love for the dogs.

It gives a new perspective to the mind as you will be spending a lot of time outside, which is a completely rejuvenating exercise. And the plus point is that you will be getting paid to refresh yourself.

If you are thinking of making a career as a dog walker as an industry expert or just as an intern, then you need to remember all the points listed above.

Thus, ensure you have all the relevant experience and skills before you start doing the work as your quality of work will develop trust in the clients and lead to more revenues in the future for you and your business.

18: Become a Professional Graphic Designer

If you have read the section where we spoke about professional graphic designing services, then this section might help you earn a little bit more income by leveraging both skills simultaneously.

The job of a graphic designer is to create professionally stunning images and graphics that catch the user’s attention and trigger sales or actions for the company they are working for.

Become a Professional Graphic Designer
Become a Professional Graphic Designer

With the increased online penetration and multifold increase in the number of users using various online platforms, there is more demand for a professional, well-skilled graphic designer.

Many new businesses are entering into the digital world and trying to leverage the platform more, getting close to the target audience and therefore hiring a right copywriter and a graphic designer could help them achieve their goals quickly.

How can one get started with graphic design? Is it tough to learn?

There is a huge online audience for this skill and a little effort towards learning it could do wonders for you. All you need to do is head over to online tutoring websites like Udemy and Lynda and learn the skill from professional trainers.

Once you have the certification, then approach some local traditional businesses and help them establish their business online. Slowly and steadily build your resume and get hold of some great testimonials.

One may start your work with logo designing and then extend it to other avenues like printing business cards, designing brochures for businesses, banner design for corporates, etc.

Once you get hold of the local clients, you need a platform where you could reach millions of potential customers in no time and here online platforms like Freelancer, UpWork, and Fiver will help you achieve the goal.

Thus, by becoming a professional graphic designer you can gain a lot of side income and later could translate into an agency that works for clients on a contract basis. You can also train other people and hire them under your agency to automate the entire process.

19: Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Every business, be it traditional or modern wish to retain its customers and at the same time gain new customers. Social Media Agency can help you achieve this goal with their expertise and skills.

Many big corporations do not have time to manage their social media accounts and therefore, they look at various options that could help them do the job without much of hassle.

Start a Social Media Marketing Agency
Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Here comes the role of a social media manager and a social media agency. These are platforms where a business lists their requirements and they take care of the remaining things.

It starts from making the social media accounts to handling the accounts to generating leads from these accounts. This is a great opportunity for teens who are looking for ways to make money without a job in high school.

Besides knowing the basic info about different social media channels, one must also have basic info about their ad platforms and how they work in total.

This will give them an upper hand as they would be able to manage and generate leads as well for the clients. Different social media platforms that are very popular these days are;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

If you wish to become an established social media handler and growth hacker, then you need to follow the following guidelines for effective execution of your goals;

  • Gain some local projects to learn the basic skills and information.
  • Handle the clients well and ask them to spread positive word of mouth around their business.
  • Gain testimonials and create a professional website to showcase your past work.
  • Handle more clients with the utmost attention and give them great service at an affordable price.
  • Build long-term relationships with the clients and slowly increase your hourly charges.

Having consistent quality and building trust among your clients will help you gain more work and leads. Also, remember that you should try to provide the best service to the clients to build trust with them.

Once you are a known name in the industry and have gained many regular clients, you may start to build your Social Media marketing agency.

You can hire fresh talent and freelancers under your guidance and then earn money by establishing a successful business model to gain more and more revenues in the future.

20: Become a Professional Virtual Assistant [Work Remotely]

If you wish to work remotely, then the profession of a virtual assistant might be the best for you. Many freelancers are doing multiple things at a time and becoming a virtual assistant would be one for them.

Become a Professional Virtual Assistant
Become a Professional Virtual Assistant

Some of the common tasks that an online professional virtual assistant has to perform are;

  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Booking the calendar dates and times for the client during office hours.
  • Managing client’s email accounts and blog databases.
  • Handling daily data entry tasks.

The best option for someone wishing to start a virtual assistant job would be to gain industry skills such as email handling and database management. Get some certifications done to showcase them in your profile.

Once you gain the necessary skills then create an account on freelancing websites like the freelancer and UpWork etc. and showcase your certifications and training so that you could quickly get your 1st project.

After getting the 1st project, make sure you deliver it on time and get the confidence of the particular client or agency. If they like your work, then they will pitch it to others and you will be the favorite person in their network.

Networking is extremely powerful for any successful enterprise and business manager; therefore, you must try to practice it from day 1.

21: Earn money with some extra Chores

If you wish to earn extra income while studying, doing extra household chores could benefit you. This will lighten up your parent’s mood and help you earn a few extra bucks.

Teenagers must try the exercise of helping their parents with the daily chores with some extra effort and this way when you ask for some money in return, there is very little chance that you would hear a no.

Earn money with some extra Chores
Earn money with some extra Chores

Even if you get very little income for your efforts, you must save the money and use it to build up your business empire in several ways that have been discussed above.

If your parents are extremely busy with office work or they have a firm deadline coming in their way, then that would be the perfect time to offer your services to them and get your to work done smartly.

Prepare a list of jobs you could complete proficiently and offer your service. Also, you may ask them to pay you based on your performance as this will win their hearts and create great respect for you as an individual.

22: Become a Professional House Sitter

House sitters are highly in demand, especially during the vacation season and therefore, if you wish to make money without a job in high school, then you must leverage this opportunity for your benefit.

Make a list of your neighbors, family members, or friends in your network who are planning to go on a trip. Next approach them with your house offer sit for them as they won’t want to leave their house empty during those days.

Become a Professional House Sitter
Become a Professional House Sitter

Based on their requirements and the amount of time you will be spending at their home you may charge an hourly fee from $10 to $25 and enjoy the free money during vacations.

Make sure you get an agreement done with them or at least have a clear understanding of the tasks they wish to get done during the tenure you will be spending at home. This will help you against any legal troubles.

Also, take their contact number and some emergency numbers as well just in case you have to contact them in case of any urgent situation.

If you are doing some additional work in the meantime at their home such as cleaning it, washing cars, etc. or taking care of their pet then you must charge them some extra amount for your services.

23: Earn Money Washing Cars

Do you see a lot of cars parked nearby? Well, the more cars, the more is the opportunity for you to make money online. This business needs minimum investment, and the ROI could be huge.

All you need in a bucket filled with water and soap. Also, carry a cloth to wash and a dry towel to clean the mirrors. Also, you can get some paper towels and window cleaner detergents if you want to be too professional.

Earn Money Washing Cars
Earn Money Washing Cars

Many clients will permit you to use their hose and water; therefore, this business model can get a lot of returns on your time and efforts. Also, they might ask you to use their vacuum cleaners to clear the interiors.

Initially, you may begin with your parent’s car and then smartly start doing it for your neighbors to gain some clients. Slowly, grow your network and start doing it for as many people as possible.

Make sure you keep in mind how much time you are willing to spend in this activity and the amount of money you wish to earn per day. This will help you set the goals and win rewards.

Once you have all the goals clear and clients set then you might include your other friends you are also willing to join the business and train them with the same. You might also offer them some of your clients based on commissions.

This will help them get the work and money; meanwhile, you will keep on earning while they are working.

24: Sell Juice, Water or Lemonade

The drinks market has a huge potential, especially during the summer season. This allows you to make money without a job in high school by selling drinks near gyms, bars, grounds, and nearby malls.

This is an extremely fast-selling business but you need to get hold of some initial inventory like juice bottles or lemonade material etc. Once that is done identify a great location for your business.

Sell Juice, Water or Lemonade
Sell Juice, Water or Lemonade

The main point for getting success with this model is to identify the best location and the correct price point for your target audience. If you have done your research correctly, then you will earn a decent income from this side hustle.

Initially, you may start selling outside your junior school to your friends and teachers until you gain some initial capital to shift near a beach or someplace with a huge crowd.

Some initial sales will also help you boost your confidence in selling and enhance your skills as well to take over the market over some time.

25: Monetize your Hobbies

If you wish to make money online, then you need to monetize your hobbies and trust me, there is no better way of earning than doing what you like.

Have you heard of popular marketplaces like Freelancer or Fiverr? These are the platforms where you need to create your profile and offer your services based on your skills and expertise.

Monetize your Hobbies
Monetize your Hobbies

You may be highly skilled but these marketplaces could be extremely competitive for beginners and therefore, the first few sales might take a lot of time. Spend some hours daily improving your skills and delivering the best to the clients.

Once people start liking your work, no one could stop you from making a full-time living while working online. All it will take is your consistent efforts and hard work to achieve your desired goals.

article must have helped you not only find the perfect business opportunity for you but will also help you to develop and become a better human being.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1: What is the TRUE worth of $10000 for a high school student?

It is a decent sum of money for a high school student but you cannot call it a lot of money. However, this could become a lot of money if used wisely. You need to invest the money in assets and then generate more money for you to live a wealthy and stress-free life.

2: Can we save money before the age of 20 years?

You must start saving money right now. Your age doesn’t matter because saving money for hard times could benefit anyone. However, smart people distribute their worth in different sections. Some chunk of their money goes under savings while they undergo for building assets that could generate more money for them in the future.

3: Can anyone become a millionaire at the age of 22 or 23 years?

Compounding is a very strong financial concept; every entrepreneur or budding youngster must learn about it. The answer to your question is yes, you can become a millionaire at the age of 22 or 23 years but it depends on your current assets and investment strategy.

4: How can a teenage boy look rich?

A teenager can look rich by taking care of some very common things. These include avoiding messy dresses, avoiding bad hairstyles, and looking professional while talking to others. If you maintain a high reputation in your group, they will start looking for you as a rich person.

5: Is it possible to earn a lifetime of income while studying in high school?

Yes, that is possible and many youngsters are earning a lot of money by adopting different strategies mentioned here. Some of them have become well-known social media influencers, while others are working hard with their offline business. It all depends on your efforts and targets. Earning money is not complicated by growing money is the real part that could make you rich.

6: Is it easy to make money for a high school student?

Trust me, money-making is not an easy job, but it is a doable thing. If you wish to make money, there are two options, online and offline. Offline, you can start providing locals with some standard service like car cleaning, house sitter, etc. Online you can start to teach classes or even create your website.


To make money online without a job in high school is a dream from many youngsters and this is something that is very much achievable given that they are ready to put a little bit more effort and time.

Also, many students forget the power of saving money and then using it in their business to compound their ROI. This is a rare skill among entrepreneurs and they very well know when and where to spend their hard-earned money.

We hope that this


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