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September 22, 2020 15:13

Leads Gorilla Review 2020: Price, Demo, Features, and Bonuses

Leads Gorilla is a breakthrough technology that finds, lands, & sells your agency services to local business clients for you.

Businesses are adopting online mediums to fulfill their business goals. If you are running an agency or company then you know how hard is to get clients. 

Leads can make or break a business. It might be freighting to spend tons of time, money, and effort on lead-gen tactics that don’t work. 

The modern digital marketing is widespread and is an incredibly competitive one. Now more agencies exist than ever opening their doors for new leads.

Where your agency works on B2B leads or B2C leads, you have to keep the search for it. If you aren’t aware of how to get marketing leads, then I am here to tell you a secret tool. 

I can’t wait to share a tool with you. The name of the tool is LeadsGorilla. 

In this LeadsGorilla review post, I will discuss everything related to this tool. 

So let’s get started.

What is Leads Gorilla?

Before going to discuss anything long on this topic let’s find out what is LeadsGorilla. 

LeadsGorilla is advanced software that finds quality leads, and let you know some local business searching for agencies like you. 

In layman language, it is a tool that discovers hundreds of new leads for you automatically.

As you know hundreds of potential customers and businesses are actively looking for various services. So this tool has an advanced algorithm that finds targeted leads from Facebook, Google, and several other platforms. 

One of the most challenging parts of any business is to find clients. Not only clients for a single time but an inconsistent basis. 

LeadsGorilla is equipped with first-to-market proprietary local lead finding technology that helps you to find leads in near locations. With the help of this tool, anyone can run a successful business and get consistent clients.

Due to this global pandemic and nation-wide lockdowns, you may not go outside and find leads for your business. Now it’s time to adopt new technology and find leads smartly.

This software is integrated with an advanced crawling algorithm. So their crawlers are actively scanning various platforms and search for leads. Once you search for anything it will show you a list of leads with contact information and a quality score. 

This quality score is a unique feature you only find in this tool and works great. Their secret algorithm lets you know the quality score that indicates what is the chance of converting the lead into a sale.

Some other feature includes built-in email marketing technology, multi-platform support, generates customized reports with print-on-demand-ready, and much more.

How Leads Gorrila works?

After seeing so many good things about LeadsGorrila, you might be curious to know how this tool works. So let’s find out.

Step 1 – Choose your preferred platform

This is the first step in getting qualified leads. First, you need to choose the platform where you want to get leads for your business. 

This software supports many platforms like Facebook, Google, and more. Depending on your business or agency you know where your potential customers are. 

Let’s say you have a flower decoration business and you want to search for leads. So the chances are people are most likely searching for your business in Google and Facebook. This way take time to figure out where your potential customers can be.

Please note that I am taking a local business for example purposes. 

Step 2 – Enter your keyword and location

I assumed that you have selected your preferred platform based on your business. Now you need to enter your targeted keywords and location.

Take the above example of flower decoration. Some potential keywords can be “flower decoration services near me”, “flower decorators near me”, “party decoration services near me”. 

As this is a local business you should look for customers nearer to your location. So you need to choose your location based on that.

If you have a business where you can take clients from far locations, then you can choose it accordingly. One of the best examples of this category can be web designing or app designing.

Step 3 – Generate beautiful report 

After filling the above details you would get a list of leads. LeadsGorilla has an advanced crawling algorithm that searches for the best possible leads.

All the leads come up with some additional information like name, email, contact number, and more. This will help you to contact them and proceed further.

As the contact information plays a great role in any lead generation process, LeadsGorilla takes special care of it. Basically, their crawlers search for this information.

Leads Gorilla identifies various key factors with their Facebook or GMB listing (or any other based on your selection) & turns it into a custom report. It will automatically generate a print-on-demand lead magnet report. You can download and keep it for future uses.  

Step 4 - Land the clients with Email Marketing tool

Once you have a list of leads you can reach out to them based on the contact information provided by LeadsGorilla. 

As you know email marketing tools play a great role to contact a huge list of clients. You don’t have to buy an additional email marketing tool for this.

Because LeadsGorilla comes with a built-in email marketing tool. You can send emails directly from the tool and reach out to them. 

This software allows you to save your email templates and send them to clients in the future. You can connect your Gmail to get emails and customize the message according to your need. 

What is the lead?

Many business professionals and digital marketers still ask themselves, “What is a lead?” Believe it or not, the concept and definition of a lead can be surprisingly complex.

A lead is a potential buyer having an interest in purchasing any product or service. A lead may start with fill out a contact form on a website, make a cold phone call to your company, or provide an email address and contact information in exchange for some free resources on your site.

Based on your business or agency the definition of lead may vary. But the fundamental is to drive interested strangers to your funnel page or contact form page.

Hundreds of people are searching for services each day and you can convert them into your paying customer.

Lead generation is a stage of inbound marketing methodology. There are various techniques to convert leads into sales. Funnel marketing is on-trend and many people are getting qualified leads using this technique. We will discuss in a different post later. 

Why LeadsGorrila & what problem it solves?

Many people asked me why you are recommending LeadsGorrila. There are many similar tools and why we should not use them instead.

Well ask yourself if you have any of the following issues then you are not alone. Check all the below-described scenarios where your answer is YES, I have these problems.

I have confidence that you will have most of them if you are searching for leads. Ask these questions to yourself.

  • I don’t know how to get new leads that actually searching for local marketing services or something I provide.
  • I don’t know where to find search for leads.
  • I don’t know how to contact when someone searching for a service or how to close a deal.
  • I don’t have an in-house team that can drive leads.
  • I don’t have experience in writing business proposals or properly talking to clients.
  • I want to sell a product or service to businesses fast and easy. But don’t know how to find them.
  • I need an all in one solution that does everything for me from finding to closing clients.
  • I am searching for a software that can do all these things for me.

If your answer is YES to any or all of the above questions, then you are in the right path to meet the tool 

I have three solutions for you.

  1. You can try to convince yourself that digital marketing is not for you and you are about to give up.
  2. You can hire a consultant or lead generation expert to drive leads for your business. Please note that the costs of this would be very high and you may not afford it if you are a small business.
  3. A tool that can identify pre-qualified leads, generate a full report with contact details and close the deal.

The first 2 options are not might be a solution and you should not go with them. If you are convinced with the 3rd solution then the LeadsGorilla tool is for you.

LeadsGorilla features

LeadsGorilla comes with many amazing features. So let’s discuss them in detail.

Easy to use

The first thing you would notice after landing on the LeadsGorilla interface is the user interface. This software comes with a clean and easy to use interface. 

Not everyone is tech-savvy and has enough knowledge of operating complex software. But LeadsGorilla knows it and provides a beginner-friendly interface to users.

You don’t have to pass through learning curves and put hours on learning this tool. As you know already this tool is dedicated to leads, you can concentrate on it.

It requires minimum user input and shows extensive reports. So you can concentrate on your business rather than learning the tool. 

Get clients from Facebook, Google, and more

Thousands of people are searching for services and local business through Facebook and Google. You can use them to find your preferred ones using this tool.

LeadsGorilla helps you to find qualified leads for your business from Google and Facebook. This software has an advanced crawling algorithm that searches for potential clients.

I don’t want to take a deep dive into the complex algorithm and figure out how this tool works technically. If you have been following me from the beginning then you have already come through how this tool works.

If you are searching for local leads from Facebook then this is the best tool for you. Just enter your keyword, location and you will start getting leads. The same process can be replicated in Google My Business as well.

Their smart algorithm crawls through each possible corner and lets you know about leads.

View advanced data

You need to enter keywords and locations to get potential leads. You get hundreds of tool that provides similar features and let you know some leads. But what’s unique about the LeadsGorilla?

Wee, it is one of the advanced tools until now to generate hundreds of leads within a second. In addition to that, you would get a lot of additional information. 

Each lead extracted by this tool comes with a lot of additional information. This includes email, phone number, website URL, address, and much more.

Each lead can be saved for later uses. There is a Save Lead button on the right side of each lead. 

SEO is more important than ever and one shouldn’t ignore it. Local SEO helps sites to get ranked on local searches and also features in feature snippets. 

This tool also lets you know how optimized it is to rank in Google. If you have and SEO agency then you can reach out to them and pitch your proposal.

Custom Leads Score

LeadsScore is one of the unique features you only get in LeadsGorilla. After entering the keyword and location you would get a detailed report. You can check the step by step process on how LeadsGorilla works. 

Then you will get hundreds of leads in a well-organized manner. But many tools does this and what’s unique about this software. Crawling and extracting leads many not be a big deal nowadays because technology has grown a lot.

According to the LeadsGorilla developer team, it uses secret LeadsScore algorithm technology to figure out the LeadsScore. This makes LeadsGorilla powerful and stands out from the crowd. 

LeadsScore shows the quality of a lead and how much potential in it to convert. This is one of the best parameters you can see before pitching your service.

Rather than reaching out to hundreds of low-quality leads, you can use the LeadsScore to figure out the best possible leads. You don’t have to do anything at your end as all the things will be done by LeadsGorilla’s advanced crawling algorithm.

It shows the LeadsScore in percentage where bigger is better. It also shows them in the color-coded form so that you can know it by seeing the color.

Advanced Facebook report

Another great feature is the advanced Facebook report. This tool automatically generates an in-depth report that shows how business can improve their marketing and Fanpage.

It will show a list of checkboxes with short tips. You can see where your fan page lags and which areas need improvements. For example, this report shows that your website is not mobile-friendly. 

Nowadays most people use smartphones to search for local businesses. So you need to have a website that automatically changes the layout and fits the mobile display. This is also called as the responsive design. 

Google also started ranking pages based on the mobile view. It is popularly known as Google’s mobile-first indexing. So you can make changes to your website and make it mobile-friendly.

Advanced GMB report

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool designed by Google to help small business owners manage to appear in Google search results and on Google Maps.

Google My Business profile is now appearing more prominently in Google searches and Map results. An optimized Google business listing allows business owners to prove useful business information to searchers. This includes business hours, driving direction, where you’re located, contact number, and much more. 

LeadsGorilla can also automatically crawl and generate reports that show how the business can maximize its marketing strategy and Google My Business. This information will help you to close a deal quickly.

Sort by claimed/unclaimed pages

Anyone can create a Google My Business page for your business. If you have already created a GMB listing for your business and claimed using the verification process then you are good to go. 

But many businesses fail to claim it. If you have never managed or owned your Google My Business listing, then you’re not alone here. There are thousands of listings available in Google My Business and that remain unclaimed in local search and Google Maps.

This is where LeadsGorilla comes into play. After getting the list of leads, you can sort them using various filter options like LeadsScore, several reviews, GMB rating, claimed or unclaimed GMB listing, and more.

You also can find unclaimed Google My Business pages in this software and can sell them to your clients. This can be an easy task you can make money from it. 

The listing also contains the contact number of business or you can easily get the website address where you can get the contact information. Just reach out to them and let them know about the unclaimed Google My Business listing.

Built-in email marketing feature

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell products. There are several email marketing tools available in the market and often expensive.

During the leads generation process, the most important thing is to reach out to clients. As this software-generated hundred of leads, you need to contact that many people.

This often time taking and demands a lot of works. So you might be thinking about purchasing an email marketing tool. Some of the recommended software are Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and more.

If you are using LeadsGorilla then you would get a built-in email marketing features. You don’t have to pay extra for this as this is an add on service. 

As we already discussed LeadsGorilla extracts the contact details of leads. So you can directly contact to the client using the email ID.

Organize campaigns & manage leads

The advanced search algorithm of LeadsGorilla extracts thousands of leads with several other details. You need to enter keywords and locations to get data.

After getting leads you can organize them into separate categories. Let’s say you are searching for “home decorators” and “wedding decorator”. Then you can organize both the results in separate categories for future uses.

This will help you to manage leads and you can easily identify them.

Download PrintReady PDF reports

Another interesting feature is the Print Ready PDF report. After getting a list of leads you can generate a report for this. All the reports will be generated in PDF format.

You can download it and keep it for future uses. If you want to outsource leads then this will also help you to send it to someone.

Training videos

LeadsGorilla comes with tons of training videos. If you are a complete beginner and want to know how to operate this software and these videos will be very helpful for you.

All the videos are made by a team of experts and you can expect the best possible knowledge. These videos will be also helpful to generate more potential leads.

Leads Gorrilla pricing

LeadsGorilla comes with two plans.

LeadsGorilla Starter

This plan includes 

  1. Find Facebook Leads
  2. Find Google Leads
  3. Generate Facebook Reports
  4. Generate Local & GMB Reports
  5. Video Training
  6. Manage Leads Module
  7. Contact Module
  8. Contact 1000 leads per month
  9. Search 10,000 leads per month

LeadsGorilla Starter plan costs $37 (One Time Payment). 

LeadsGorilla Advanced

This plan includes

  1. Find Facebook Leads
  2. Find Google Leads
  3. Generate Facebook Reports
  4. Generate Local & GMB Reports
  5. Video Training
  6. Manage Leads Module
  7. Download PDF Reports
  8. LeadsScore Secret Algorithm
  9. Contact Module
  10. Connect Your Gmail
  11. 30+ Email Templates Integrated
  12. Email Placeholders Integrated
  13. Additional Local Reports
  14. Premium Support Team
  15. DFY  Email Swipes
  16. Find Claimed or Unclaimed Leads
  17. Contact 3000 Leads per Month
  18. Search 50,000 Leads per Month

LeadsGorilla Advanced plan costs $47 (One Time Payment).

Both the plans of LeadsGorilla comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not interested in their plan and want to cancel their service, then you would get a complete refund within that period. 


In this LeadsGorilla review, we have discussed everything related to this software. This is one of the best tools to get thousands of leads and get your potential client. 

Currently, they have a special offer and you don’t need to pay any monthly fees. All the plans are a one-time fee and you can enjoy it.

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