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July 12, 2020 05:08

LinkedIn faces lawsuit for spying on iPhone and iPad users sensitive data

LinkedIn faces lawsuit for spying on iPhone and iPad users sensitive data

Microsoft owned LinkedIn is facing a lawsuit for reading and diverting on iOS users’ sensitive data and information without their knowledge. This lawsuit was sued lawsuit filed in San Francisco federal court by Adam Bauer.

According to a Bloomberg report, LinkedIn designed its iPhone and iPad application to divert sensitive information. The app uses Apple’s universal clipboard on iOS devices to read and fetch the data.

Apple’s Universal Clipboard app allows users to copy various things like text, images, photos, and videos on one Apple device and then paste the same content onto another Apple device.

Last week a media report said that 53 apps including TikTok and LinkedIn were reported to read user’s universal clipboard content. Then Apple released an update with the latest privacy feature that started alerting users whenever the clipboard was accessed. This shows a popup banner saying "pasted from Messages."

Many developers and app testers of Apple’s operating system iOS 14 found LinkedIn’s iOS application was reading users’ clipboard data a lot. The complaint said that LinkedIn was snooping on user data constantly.

The short video platform, TikTok was recently caught red-handed for snooping users who were using iOS 14. Then the app stopped the practice of reading content on user’s clipboards through Apple’s Universal Clipboard app.

LinkedIn spokesperson Greg Snapper said that the company is reviewing the lawsuit.

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