Paramount Coaching Center Courses Fees, Duration Details

Paramount Coaching For SSC & Other Courses Fees, Duration Details
Paramount Coaching For SSC & Other Courses Fees, Duration Details

Paramount Coaching is one of well know name in the coaching world. Here students can get coaching for different courses from the expert. Join them is the best way to clear the competitive exams in one attempt.

About Paramount Coaching Center

The Paramount Coaching Center was established with the sacred purpose of providing quality education to students in various competitive exams such as SSC, Delhi Police, CDS, Deputy Commander CPF, NDA, Bank PO, Secretary, etc. ISO 2001- 2008 certified company. Core members of the best teams, such as B. Ed, adopted innovative, meticulous, and very clear teaching methods that complemented their tricks and conceptual techniques.

They started little by little but experienced rapid growth with strong determination, self-esteem, and diligence. Slowly but constantly, the name of Paramount spread between students from distant places flocked to study at Paramount. There are currently 18 centers, each equipped with the latest comforts, providing students with a comfortable environment for discussing without distractions.

Paramount Coaching Center Noida offers quality education and a good atmosphere. The Coaching Institute has dedicated and supportive teachers. Paramount Coaching Noida provides the best teaching materials during the exam and helps you to score high on the first try. Throughout its article, you will learn about Paramount Coaching Delhi fees, admission procedures, courses offered, and other relevant information.

Paramount Online Test Series

They also provide students with exam series and resolved papers. Paramount Coaching Center is now spreading throughout the country. They have more than 18 centers throughout India. The Paramount Coaching Center creates courses to meet student requirements.

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Course Duration: Until the exam

There are many different types of students. The training center is open from 8 am to 7 pm. They have Fast Track class, regular classes’ option, weekend classes’ option. Course fees and lot duration may vary.

List of Paramount Coaching Centres / Branches in India

  • Agra
  • Allahabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Ghaziabad
  • Gurgaon
  • Hisar
  • Jaipur
  • Kanpur
  • Lucknow
  • My route
  • Noida
  • Panipat
  • Patna-1
  • Rohtak
  • Sonipat
  • Varanasi
  • Zirak Pur

The admission process of Paramount Coaching Delhi

Admission to various courses offered by Paramount Coaching Delhi is done through the entrance or by direct. Let’s now look at the admission procedure for Paramount Coaching Delhi.

Visit Official Website of Paramount Coaching Center

  • Through the application form: the candidate can take the application form, which is available both online and offline at the center, which can be downloaded from the official website of the Paramount Coaching Institute and sent to our corporate office with the required DD.
  • After filling the form you will get confirmation about the date of the test. If you qualify the test you can complete the formalities of admission.

Courses offered by Paramount Coaching Center

  • SSC examination
  • Defense examination
  • Insurance examination
  • Administrative bank
  • Railway examination
  • Bank PO
  • SBI examination
  • RBI examination
  • Police station examination
  • CTET
  • DSSB
  • CPF AC Exam
  • CDS OTA Preparation
  • IBPS Exam
  • NDA Test
  • IAS
  • IB exam

Classes & Courses Offered By Paramount Coaching Centre

Below are Course and Duration Details at the Paramount Coaching Centre Noida

1. SSC CGL Preparation Programme

Competitive Exams – SSC Exams

SSC CGL Preparation Programme
SSC CGL Preparation Programme

Preparation for the SSC examination is done through the following subjects of the syllabus – English, General Science, Maths, Reasoning, Interview skills, etc. They ensure that students have thoroughly exercised all the topics of the above and be fully prepared for the examination.

2. Preparation Sessions for TET

TET test preparation

Aspiring teachers need to go through an assessment and improvement program that can be presented for eligibility testing. Our program has the following areas: Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics, Environmental studies, Child development, Pedagogy, etc.

3. LIC Exam Classes 

Competitive Exams – Insurance Exams

LIC Exam Classes Programme
LIC Exam Classes Programme

For AAO, ADO, and LIC Assistant publications, the following areas are taught: Quantitative capabilities, mainly the following topics / sub-themes, elementary mathematics, arithmetic, square roots of numerical systems, cubic roots, fractional and fractional questions, H.C.F and L.C.M., simplifications, variations, chain rules, relationships, and proportions.

4. CPO SI Preparatory Programme

Competitive Exams – Exam for Police Department

The main criteria of the CPO Sub Inspector exam are English, GS, mathematics, and reasoning. Preparation, English, reasoning skills, mathematical aptitude, general science, general intelligence, general knowledge, the general perception of the surrounding environment, and the world general, numerical aptitude.

5. Test Preparation Programme For Bank Entrance

Competitive Exams – Bank PO

Test Preparation Programme For Bank Entrance
Test Preparation Programme For Bank Entrance

English, G.A., Mathematics, Reasoning, Computer, Marketing, Clerical Aptitude is learned through our classes. Following the examination, syllabus, students get trained through each topic of the above subjects through lucid lectures, clarification of doubts, practical sessions.

6. CDS Preparatory Classes

Competitive Exams – Defence Exams

CDS Defence Exam Preparatory Classes
CDS Defence Exam Preparatory Classes

Students who want to sit for this exam will get complete preparation through our program. As per the syllabus, they prepare students thoroughly in areas such as English, general science, and mathematics, develop students with a solid knowledge base, and prepare to take exams with confidence. Ensure that students are completely satisfied with the materials.

7. Coaching Classes For Delhi Police SI Exam

Competitive Exams – Police Department Exam

Coaching Classes For Delhi Police SI Exam
Coaching Classes For Delhi Police SI Exam

The three main criteria of the DP SI exam are Written-test, physical endurance test and health examination, interview, and personality test. Our orientation program aims to prepare the perfect candidate to enter the Delhi Police executives. Our course includes the creation of possibilities in the field of reasoning and general knowledge.

8. DP Constable Exam Tutorial Classes

Competition Exam-Police Station Exam

DP Constable Exam Tutorial Classes
DP Constable Exam Tutorial Classes

Inference, mathematics, and general science are the three main areas of the Delhi Police Officer exam program. Students will be well trained in all the above areas and will be confident to face the exam.

9. DSSSB Exam Coaching Programme

Competitive Exams – DSSB

DSSSB Exam Coaching Programme
DSSSB Exam Coaching Programme

English, Hindi, Mathematics, and Hindi are the main topics of the syllabus of the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board examination. They bring out the students’ abilities in these topics through explanations, rigorous practice, identifying and rectifying problems, etc.

10. CPF AC Exam Tutorial Classes

Competitive Exams – Exam for Police Department

CPF AC Exam Tutorial Classes
CPF AC Exam Tutorial Classes

General Science, Mathematics, Reasoning, Essay in History, Geography, etc. Comprehension, Language testing, etc. is done for this Examination. The tutorial entails building a strong knowledge and performance ability in the following domains: General Ability and Intelligence, General mental ability, General science, etc.

11. CDS OTA Preparation Programme

Competitive Exams – Exam for Police Department

The Combined Defense Services Exam for participation in Officer Training Academy courses consists of two main areas: English and General Science. Chapter descriptions, mock tests, a series of tests, interview orientation, and development of defense personnel characteristics are built into the training program.

12. CTET Test Preparation Programme

Competitive Exams – Preparation for CTET

CTET Test Preparation Programme
CTET Test Preparation Programme

CTET preparation takes place in the areas of development and pedagogy, language I, language II, mathematics, environmental studies, child development, and pedagogy. They make sure that students have strong concepts on the above and are thoroughly ready to face the examinations.

13. IBPS Exam Preparation For Clerk

Competitive Exams – IBPS

IBPS Exam Preparation For Clerk
IBPS Exam Preparation For Clerk

Topics for this IBPS exam program for managed publications include Reasoning, English, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge (see especially the banking industry), computer knowledge, descriptive documents about English composition (essay, accuracy, letter writing, etc.).

14. NDA Test Preparation Classes

Competitive Exams – Exam for Defence

NDA Test Preparation Classes
NDA Test Preparation Classes

Those who eager to serve the country in the security sector will greatly benefit from our program. National Defense Academy test preparation courses consist of mathematics, general skill tests, physics, chemistry, general science, sociology, geography, and current affairs.

15. IAS Coaching Programme

Competitive Exams – Preparation for IAS

IAS Coaching Programme
IAS Coaching Programme

The purpose of this course is to measure mental alertness, assimilation, logical exposure, the balance of judgment, diversity, and depth of interest, leadership skills, intellectual and moral integrity status, And assessing the candidate’s employability.

16. IB Exam Preparatory Sessions

Competitive Exams – Police Department Exam

IB Exam Preparatory Sessions
IB Exam Preparatory Sessions

The following are the main areas of the syllabus of this Exam – General intelligence, general knowledge, and awareness, general mathematical aptitude, general knowledge of English. Prepare students with general and important skills to adapt to exam standards.

Specialties offered by Paramount Coaching Center

  • They are looking for the best ability to get the most out of you. They believe that they are the jack of all trades and not any teacher. Each of our teachers has experience and proficiency in their field and offers only the best.
  • Personalized questions can also be clarified by providing a dedicated space for answering questions. Students can go to a cell to resolve doubts and clarify. The internal publication is a pen added to the cover, and you can be proud of it.
  • There is a dedicated publisher.
  • Contributing to social responsibility is what we seek, and we will feed you. All Paramount students are proud that some of the money they pay for Paramount will be useful to those in need and repressors.
  • The Pahal Scholarship Test is held three times a year and provides free training for 200 financially vulnerable students and widows or divorced women. Blind students receive free training throughout the year. The same applies to students with different abilities to receive grants equivalent to the percentage of disabilities.
  • Also, Paramount operates a children’s house, and orphanages and abandoned girls receive the best education at shelter, love, and monastery schools.
  • Also, a significant amount of monthly assistance is provided among NGOs for the welfare of the visually impaired, the elderly, and orphans. Our team monitors the operation of NGOs to ensure that funds are not misused.

Features offered by Paramount Coaching Center

Since the education sector is a competitive exam, serious students with the means to pay for training never lose the opportunity to gain an advantage over other valuable competitors. However, blind enrollment in a training class is not done by a wise student just because he/she spends a lot of resources on advertising.

Biggest plus point of the Paramount Online Test
Biggest plus point of the Paramount Online Test

They will investigate and make sure that you get the best deal possible and will not take you to a sweet commercial house for a walk. The value of money, most importantly, you should consider the following considerations when choosing a coaching center to ensure you get the best result you want.

1: Faculty

Coaching experience and teaching methods are the most important factors affecting the student experience. Therefore, you should ask about faculty members, especially those who teach your weak topics or topics. A decent training class must maintain a quality education that is accepted by all branches and subjects.

2: Competitive test series

Training classes can help you prepare for strong competition. Therefore, a series of updated tests that thoroughly evaluate the answers are essential. Also, ask questions about the testing frequency promised by your training institution, as you can quickly overcome the fear of the exam as you evaluate. You can check online resources such as JEE, NEET, GATE, UPSC (Civil Services), and banks.

3: Infrastructure and course content

The added value of a training institution is to save the time and effort spent ensuring that it is ready with all the right resources and healthy competition. Therefore, to reduce the time and money spent reading reference books, make sure to select a training class that provides updated and organized materials.

4: Past results

The above results are a combination of all other factors, but only if they are correctly demonstrated. Rather than relying on paid advertising or marketing, look for unbiased results and make informed decisions while choosing a training class. Top rankers with previous results and classroom programs are the main indicators of teaching methods.

5: Teaching method

Make sure that the teaching method is compatible with the learning method and look at the timetable to ensure that the methodology used by the training institution can be addressed. That is, only after many institutions teach the same subject and finish it. Others teach specific subjects on specific days of the week or specific days of the week.

6: Value for money

Do not overuse. The additional amount that can be saved by choosing the right orientation at the right price can be used more appropriately by other resources such as supplementary materials and the All India Test Series.

7: Travel time required

I forgot to say important things, but there is no training that can supplement self-study. Therefore, travel time should be minimized and allocated to self-learning.

We conducted a thorough investigation with all the tools to help you make the best decisions in an essential part of your educational career and make the best possible decisions.

Paramount Coaching Fees Structure

The fees structure for Paramount Coaching center in different cities in details is given below:

Paramount Coaching fees at Noida Centre

  • Academic Courses for SSC CGL center charge Rs 12000 and the course is of 6 Month
  • Academic Courses for SSC CHSL center charge Rs 8000/- and the course is of 5 Month
  • Academic Courses for IBPS Bank PO center charge Rs 6000/- and the course is of 4 Months
  • Academic Courses for Bank Po and other center charge Rs 6000/- and the course is of 4 Month
  • Academic Courses for CTET center charge Rs 7000/-and course is of 4 Months

Why join Paramount Coaching center Noida:

There are many reasons to join Paramount Coaching center Nodia. A few of them are as below:

  • Here you will get the qualified staffs who all are expert in their subject
  • After this coaching chances to get job increases
  • They have a very reasonable fee structure
  • They provide the best facilities to their students
  • Center is placed at easy to reach the location
  • Regular online test conducted to know about the performance of students
  • This is one of the centers for the preparation of job


Paramount Coaching Center is located in Sec-2 Noida. It is a competitive exam preparation agency for government work. Coaching is in Noida, sector – 2, and offers courses such as Bank PO, SSC, CPO, CTET, UPSC. The training institution is run by specialized trainers, and the learning environment is excellent. Students also take regular tests and evaluate performance regularly. Also, the study materials provided by the Institute are wonderful.

There is regular suspicion in the laboratory for error-free learning. It is equipped with all the important resources and features. We have organized a unique chat session where agents can discuss questions and improve thoughts. Also, we offer derision tests that are a rich combination of basic and specific applications. It also provides specific devices and advice for various position tests.

The core is to ensure that you have complete information about the essential ideas that the understudy has previously used for complex and professional ideas. Have an appropriate talk session to understand the question. They help work with the basic certainty that most applicants need. The replacement will be placed where it may depend on his future. The staff will work with the understudy to find the lacking and help you get positive results.

So if you are looking for coaching for preparing competitive exam then join Paramount Coaching Centre in Noida and they help you lot to clear your test.


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